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 Sep 2015
I drink until I forget my name but recall yours
I delete your contact but memorize your number
I hate myself because loving you was easier
I deny your love and you deny mine
I cry because you said "this is the last time"
and smile because you said that countless times
 Sep 2015
Bassam A
All my prayers with you..
No doubt that you are strong..
You are the land of all love seeds....
The source all of good deeds...
Yes you can do what ever you please ..
Darling, we take honey from the bees ..
Please ignore the critical, they are all political
Clime on my shoulder and see the light
With or without me, you breath the freedom despite
Forgive me if I fail...
I know your heart is not for sale.....
Stay with me ...
You are the best gift from
the one who created the love tale
 Dec 2014
Bassam A
Its early
to celebrate      
with a mood
to congratulate!

Might as well
say farewell
to our past memories
that we tell

Lets start within
before we begin

Forgive and forget
our sins of the past
and make a new wish
to a start that will last!

Lets Boast with joy
and Play with our toys

Lets not cry or sob
but keep our job
while we focus on
the New York ball DROP!!!
 Dec 2014
Bassam A
By noon... the sun was shining hot
putting out an additional flare

I started to take off my shirt
and sat on a wooden chair

You can feel the sun spike the earth
I was also running out of air

Being tired and quite exhausted
Like chasing after a hare

I stood and picked myself up
almost needed hospital care

Standing away waiting for her
for something to start the flare

I needed some kind of love message
or arms that do care

It takes sugar to be sweet
One look at her hair

I needed my sweet love now
or else I'm quite in despair

Each one has a favorite thing or two
a sweet thing about their pair

For me I like my love to be
where if I need her she is there!!

Otherwise what will happen to me
If I won't get my juice and pear

My heart will be in alert mode
till it runs on just thin air!

— The End —