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Dreamer Jun 2020
My heart still goes thrump at your name,
Which is very dangerous.
Dreamer Jun 2020
I don't get tired how many times
I look at you be it day or night
Except during results time
Dreamer Jun 2020
My brain questioned"How can you let them go unhurt after they made you bleed ?"
My heart answered with a smile"They were selfish that's why they made me bleed while I loved them that's why I let them go unhurt""
Full of love
Dreamer Jun 2020
The word cheated didn't bother me
What bothered me was it was you.
There is also tomorrow
Dreamer Jun 2020
In childhood, after seeing horror movies
I used to be afraid to look in the mirror
But now after combing my hair
I am afraid to look in the mirror
Gaining age is not always a good thing
Dreamer Jun 2020
Combing your hair after three days
Dreamer Jun 2020
Here comes the season where I miss you the most,
I still remember your taste whenever I close my eyes while my nose missing your smell ,
that coldness of yours still lingers in my fingers.
Ahh!! That midnigts where my heart used to go trump trump when I used to go on tiptoes as silent as no to have a glance at you with the fear of being seen,
But as always after seeing you I used to forget everything  while only remembering your taste and meltingness in my mouth.
Little late
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