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I forget the feeling of life rushing past me,
ruffled hair and stinging cheeks-
I forget the wonder of standing bare-***** in the face of overwhelming possibility,
relishing the shivers slipping down my spine,
laughing wickedly in the face of a glaring happiness,
the reflection of your essence crystallized in your eyes-
I forget the warmth of a summer wind marrying the sinking sky,
of open hands spilling the secrets of Earth, me by your side.

But I forgot to say I loved you
And you forgot to stay
I am a warrior.
Stronger than her demons.
Braver than the darkness.
And she whispered to the moon
“You promised
to stay wild with me.
I didn’t know then,
the wild would take you
so far away from me.
Don’t worry my love,
I’ll carry your secrets until you return.
Distance doesn’t break our bond.
Forever is still to come.”
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