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Psychedelic spokes
Spinning out from
An undetermined center

Periwinkle powdered
Spines that invite
Me to feel

Making a point
At my prying fingertips
From smooth to prickly

Quaint you are
When your fragrance
Murmurs a tone of earth  

A lotus of the desert
Silently beaming through
A plump body

An infant
With little

©Copyright 2014 Written and Edited by Racquel Davis
I want to be
wrapped in your arms
how the tree's branches
intermingle with the wind;
how the peaks of the hills
tumble over
one another's shadow at dusk;
how mist clings to dew
on grass wisps
whistling a good morning tune
back to the roosters' song at dawn,
the silent clap of two hearts
amidst the storm's handshake
with forest fingertips,
complimenting eyelash bats
and butterfly kisses
under the Moon's pupil;
how the stars trip
over their two left feet
and come crashing down
into your atmosphere
intertwined with mine.
When I'm with you, I feel like a child
Just like a wee little child
Whose very best friend is you

If you must ever leave me,
leave a trail of breadcrumbs
I'll make it to that place where you're leading me to

When I'm with you, I feel like a puppy
Warm and fuzzy, playful, trippy-jumpy
Whose very best friend is you

If you must ever leave me,
I'll be lost and sad and lonely
So I'll wait and wait and kiss your face when that day is through

When I'm with you, I feel like a posy
Sweet and fresh and in your hands
Who wants just to be held by you

If you must ever leave me,
I will wilt and shrivel away
So come tend me in your garden when the spring rosebud is new
...for my very best friend is you...
I would blame it on bad timing,
A wrong decision
Or something.
A conjured future with precision,
A huge almost. How disappointing.

But the sad thing is,
It wasn't even an "almost"

It was something I wanted,
But it wasn't in your mind.
It's heavily highlighted;
Our stars were never aligned.

It has been over 200 days
Nearly one year of hurting
What a waste
Repeatedly swaying

It's a great lesson
I am never meant to be rushed

Day 299
And I am still healing
I broke down
But I'll keep trying.

Life is given you should use it properly instead of going and turning into something your parent aren't proud of. Be your own person don't let anyone change you. Remember you don't need anyone to be happy. All you need is your family.
I am not telling you want to do I just do want anyone to be hurting beacuse of the choices they have made
When helping people without a self-centered cause,
Righteousness shines to its true potential.

If not thinking about how that deed satisfies you,
Your soul is on the right path to grace.

Always aid individuals without greedy intentions,
And you will glow through virtue.

The virtuous person dedicates peace to everyone,
Helping just to assist people in a world of imperfections.

When integrity stands tall in a holy way,
God will offer you light in the afterlife.
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