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Claire Marie Dec 2016
The blackest of nights
Were never quite so dark
As to extinguish
The stars.
Claire Marie Dec 2016
Though darkness surrounds
Me and threatens to drown
I'm not overcome.
Claire Marie Nov 2016
Genuine Quick-witted
Island, Italy, Illyria
Shipwrecked, cross dresses as Cesario
Disguised, becomes Duke's loyal page
Viola loves Duke, Duke loves Olivia,
Olivia loves Cesario, but Cesario is Viola!
Sebastian, Viola's brother, survived the shipwreck, too!
  Sep 2016 Claire Marie
Erin Suurkoivu
The sting of raindrops,
a thirst for outdoors.
Dusk, and the
whisper of leaves,
a certain silence. The evening hangs
still. I want to observe the
moment of change,
the discovery of strength,
a joining.
Featured along with other fine poems in my poetry collection, "Witch", available on Amazon or through Lulu.
Claire Marie Sep 2016
I love you as you are
Not as you ought to be.
I'm imperfect too,
As you will see.
The weight of mistakes
And brokenness
Is too much for one
Alone to bear
So Christ sends us friends,
And confidants,
With His Love to share.
True friendship has shown me the tender love of Christ.
  Aug 2016 Claire Marie
Xander White
Silver sparkles
Lost in a sea of purple fabric
Hair singed straight
Face painted
Laces stealing my breath away

Bittersweet, the hug
From an oft-absent father
The sinking feeling, unsatisfied
Without a clue as to why
Dread mounting, anxiety shouting

“You’ll be the prettiest girl at Prom”

Matte black
Broken by a silver bowtie
Hair combed back
Neat and orderly, obscuring
The sea of butterflies I hide

Euphoric, the hug
From the lady I’ll escort
Bright flashes in my eyes
Thumps of congratulations, I am
The lucky man to take the prettiest girl to the ball

“May I have this dance?”
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