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StarMan out in the great beyond
How you touched us all with your luminous song
The wondrous echos of your voice fades only in the presence of time
As the man who fell to earth
You left a mark
On each of our down trodden hearts
StarMan out in the great beyond
Always here and never gone.
In remembrance of David Bowie on the one year anniversary of his passing.
A moments magic excitement
of a daring plum sunset
passes into a verdant grey.
A seconds glorious heartbeat
moves on searching eternity
painting the forest dull once more.

© Pagan Paul (2016/2017)
Lord of Green series, poem 10
 May 2016 Christina Jackson
For tears that fall
On hollow cheeks
When the weeks feel like years
And the years feel like weeks.

And you sit by a grave
Where the roses grow
But the rose that you seek
Is buried below.

You have my heart
Heavy with sorrow
For the velvet rose
With no tomorrow.
Absolutely over the moon (if a little shocked) to see that this piece made the daily.  Thank you all so much for your comments - I promise to reply to you all individually at some point soon.  It was an extremely emotional, difficult, but ultimately cathartic write. Dedicated to our wee Shane, who we will never forget ***







I spent more time,
Adding up the things that,
Made me happy,
I hadn't realized,
The most important problem,
Was forgetting to subtract,
What was making me sad.
The days pass me by
I wonder where you are

I look out my bedroom window
Do you see the same stars?

Its raining here in Naples
The sky is sickly grey

Is it sunny in Vermont?
Enough to chase your thoughts away?

Do you ever think of me?
The love we used to share?

Do you find yourself crying..
When you realize Im not there?

Does the world seem to stop
When i cross your mind?

Inside are you wilting?
While on the outside your just fine?

Does the night come on so cold..
You remember the heat from me?

Does the morning come to soon..
And you realize we were just a dream?

I will forever love you
Even though we have seen our last

I will forever love you
Even though you've taken a separate path
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