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I write not for me, but for you.
I share what’s in my heart, in hopes it reaches yours.
This love of mine will never die in vain.
If only words could really express,
What it is we’re all trying to say.
We write because we know no other way.
We write because we all have something to say.
For words are only words, until they're perfectly placed.
They wait patiently, not knowing where they’ll go, or what they’ll say.
We all write because we have something to say, it comes from deep within.
Yet sometimes we don’t know where to start or when to end.
We’re all dying, pleading, the same things.
We just use different words, in different ways, to reach an end.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
She lives her life a lie,
hiding behind bruises and black eyes
All she wants is for people to know who she truly is inside,
She's so afraid to leave but wants to believe that what she has is worth the pain.
She can't seem to find a way to escape the sadness within her heart.
If only she knew there were people out there that would help her start a new life.
© 2015 Christina Jackson
Yes I realize the title is a "disturbed" song, but it totally fits.
One hundred and twenty-six days-
I thought I was strong enough
What the **** is the point of thinking
you have free will when this poison touched
my lips again?
After 126 days-
I convinced myself I was okay, that I could
"handle" just one drink
But one turned into more-
and I've had enough in my lifetime...
© 2016 Christina Jackson
there is nothing profound about my relapse, these words are just words..and nothing more.
You opened your eyes for the first time
and saw my face for what it truly was-
Full of light and hope and love.

You haven't witnessed the lies and
horrible cries of the world just yet.

I'm here  under the cover of night,
to protect you from everything
wrong and vile in this life.

The subtle cries and sadness you have
yet to endure.
Is everything I will shield you from,
and more.

My beautiful child, life hasn't cursed you
with a sense of overwhelming pride,
or blessed you with infinite joy.

So innocent and lively, I'll be ****** if anyone
ever takes that away from you.

My sweet child, there is nothing I wouldn't
do in this life to protect you.

The minute you came into this world, I knew
I would always love you.
© 2015 Christina Jackson
For my beautiful niece that was born on April 2nd 2015 <3
May the wind be my breath,
and the rain be my tears.
May the thunder be my madness,
when you are in fear.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
When you lose the motivation
to keep breathing


The apathy settles in
Like an old friend
Unwelcome, locked doors
keys thrown aside

You tried

You feeling nothing anymore
it's all been a lie
© 2020 Christina Jackson
That sweet illustrious
scent of barreled
wood smoke

The aroma radiating
through the air
into your nostrils

A desire to sip
that sweet nectar

I crave the warm
blood rushing
through my veins

The alluring feeling
when you've had
just enough

It chemically
changes the brain-
And you're happy

For a few short hours

I feel incredibly alive
I feel real
I feel happy

Then all fades away-
and disappears.

Oh whiskey, you understand
me so well.

You are a dear loyal friend
© 2014 Christina Jackson
I've been waiting breathlessly to speak with you again,
but I'm at a loss for words, wordless again.
This never happens, as I always have something to say.
For unknown reasons, you've left me speechless again.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
Probably, most likely not finished yet, don't know!
All my life I've searched for love-
It is only in the recent years I have
ceased searching and continued working
on myself that I have had many
opportunities surpass me by.

I am not a slave to the love I give
nor am I slave to the love that
is given.

I will not succumb to a perpetuating
misogynistic fool that only wants me
because I want what he thinks is real

I am not a follower of faith, nor a lover
or guided by "Gods" misguided ways

You may be offended by this statement
but please remember we are all
individuals and different.

Practicing spirituality in several
different ways.

Each of us with our own opinions
Never forgetting the rhythm of
our heart beats

No opinion nor religion can surmount
the fact that consequentially-
we are HUMAN.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
I'll wait, whisper and wait.
Whisper in your ear, please
tell me all the things you want me to hear.
Glued to my seat, superglue, my feet,
won't move.
What have you done?
Please remove me, from these shackles;
from these chains.
All I've ever wanted, is you out of my brain!
How am I to obtain, that hidden goal,
without your reins.
Reign of terror, running through my veins.
What constitutes fear? and what about pain?
All the pain you've left me in.
Did you think of the consequences?
And look what remains.
Nothing, nothing, I'm ashamed.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
blah needs some work, at school right now so didn't really edit it nor do I give a ****.
To think such thoughts
of she and him

Makes my mind-
Spin and spin.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
I'm a walking contradiction
because I love
what can be said and
done with words
But I've always believed
you can express
much more, silently
and through use of actions
than you ever can, when using words.
Do you see what I mean?
I'm using them now, but
they'd be worth much more
If they were words spoken
from the eyes or from the body
A secret language, we all desire to understand
Body language, a beautiful mysterious gift, to "man".
© 2013 Christina Jackson
Worrier of the world
We reap what we sow
Forget the answers to
questions once asked
Plea for forgiveness
Holding on tightly,
As if it were our last
Clinging to the brink of death
We remember to forget
We remember to forget
You can’t escape the inevitable
It won’t last
We get lost in metaphors
and allegories and rhymes
None of which make any sense
History repeats itself everyday
We remember to forget
We remember to forget
The blinding bridges
The winding pathways
That led us to demises
we never knew existed
Before reality hit us
Like a ton of bricks
hidden in a sock
We’re all lost, lost
In a tangled web of all the lies
we've been told
The eyes we peered into
Weren't the windows to the soul
But an open doorway
To secret realms we had
yet to explore
We raged fires on and on
Into the dead of night
We remember to forget
We remember to forget
What future truly lies ahead
For all of us, we’re borrowers of time
leaking off the mysterious invisible clock
The hands are broken, and we simply forgot
All that ever was, will eventually be lost
Never to be found again, buried so deeply
Bulldozers will be summoned to unearth  
The secrets we shoveled into the ground
Some long lost years ago
We remember to forget
We remember to forget
So we can all rest peacefully
when we finally lose our heads.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
Dearly beloved,

You are an ancient painting filled with radiant colors of wondrous beauty, pleasurable for all to enjoy, yet my hope is for I and I alone to explore and endure. I wish you could see what I see in you. You're afraid to love because you don't think you have much time left, but what if you're wrong? What if all of this is just a test of your strength and when you finally let go of all that is making you suffer you will begin to heal and grow anew. You can only hold on to pain for so long before it devours you whole. It's a senseless practice, practiced every day.  You eat up the darkness as though it's your last meal. You aren't disposable or recyclable, you are the embodiment of love and grace. And so I ask you this, why so fearful of loving and being loved in return? Would you rather not have been truly loved in its purest form of elegance and chaos, or take the latter and not be loved or love another at all? We have been denied the right to remember our past lives and whom of which we have loved in those lives. Our days are spent searching and scouring the planet for each other again, without a clue or definitive reason why we are searching, only an insufferable pull that shakes your bones. Knowing you must do this and you'll feel whole again. Yet we do it endlessly until our hearts can no longer endure the pain we have afflicted on it. Self infliction of our own convictions that we truly believe there is someone out there solely meant for us. Someone we fully connect with on a spiritual, mental, and physical level. A thought so deeply ingrained within us that we torture our hearts and souls until we are left with nothing but scars and empty valves and all the blood drained from our lifeless veins.

I wish you could understand you are the light by which sparks my soul, my heart, and inspires me to wake up every day and breathe life into my lungs. This ache encompasses the entirety of my being, and without you I don't know that I could carry on without losing the fundamental tools and skills in my brain to function on a day to day basis. And when I tell you I love you with all that I am and all that I will ever be, I mean what I say. I am not saying it for sake of saying so. These roots you have planted within me run deeper down through my core, implanting a strong hold, blooming leaves and budding flowers as our love grows. Don't you know my dear sweet love, you are everything in this world I could ever ask for or wish to be. You are the mirror reflection I gaze tirelessly in to everyday and I wish not for another mirror, I'd shatter every last one of them if you weren't the image looking back at me.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
Needs some editing and a little work
There lies, at the hour of separation-
A brief moment where your thoughts
collide into one convoluted jumble of
remorse and a deep presence to understand
the feelings of emptiness
which currently reside at your core

The taste of leftovers, leftover
on your lips-
Begging for a reunion
A longing to recover
and a sensual desire to reminisce

The brush of barren skin against yours
Leaves and imprinted impression on your body
As the clay molds its shape into form, and color
Or lack of color-

The expedition of nakedness
The emptiness you're left with
When the untying of  fingers
who were once clasped so tightly together

That feeling; Evades you
Slowly dissipates into uncharted territory

A vulnerable sense of direction-
Terrifies you, makes you shake
in your bones

You begin to understand, when
someone parts from you physically
all feelings fade into a memory,
a moment one could never return to

No matter how tightly you hold on
You can cling and claw at the moment
never to end

But you can never get it back

It's as though you've entered a dream
A weary existence
It poses the question
That what you've experienced
was ever even real to begin with

If you're lucky enough, or rather
unlucky enough, depending on the
given situation

To replay, fast forward, and rewind
Those fleeting moments in your mind

Whether or not you're capable of such abilities
precedes any notion that regardless of what you do
You can't be the "you", you were five, ten, fifteen minutes ago

Life is the clay, constantly molding, shaping
reshaping and reforming itself with each day.

Every second, minute and hour

Eventually you'll dry up
like a dead and wilted flower

You'll be just that

A ceramic piece of art
Forever lost in the echos of time and space

Shadow-less; in a world filled with shadows
© 2014 Christina Jackson
There comes a time in ones life when certain things that once mattered so much, don't mean anything at all. And you ponder the truth beneath your bare and naked bones, when your soul can only endure so much before nothing matters at all. There is only so much a person can take before life engulfs them in the shadows of who they once were. I believe in beauty, and I believe in pain. However, when the two collide, you succumb in weakness like a knife plunging directly to the heart. If not for the little beautiful things in life, and if not for the immeasurable pain we go through that causes us to die inside, over and over and over again. What then, would life be without strife? And what then, would life be without knowing that beauty live's in each of us, and we haven't a **** clue how to let the beauty shine so bright? Eventually it blinds those that couldn't handle your flaws or your imperfectly perfect life. Those absent eyes pierce directly through your soul, and you haven't a clue where the *******'re going or what to do. You're left with nothing but the painful and bitter truth of being human.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
The title of this prose is also lyrics in The Killers song "Human". Just some thoughts rambling about my head when I can't sleep.
A shadow was cast upon the moon
Red, orange, yellow
faint hints of maroon

Majestic in sight
circular in form

A wondrous event
For all to bear witness

Such a lovely sight
that continued on
into the hours-

Of a late April night

Almost as though all
the fairy tale books
magically came to life
© 2014 Christina Jackson
His eyes; I peer into an abyssal mystery
Of sweet love, but no, not sweet misery

He's an orchid, blooming inside of my heart
She sits and counts. pondering upon
how many days until he'll finally part

Oh love; I'm tangled up in you
Heavily intoxicated
On just the very thought of you
© 2014 Christina Jackson
My heart is drenched
in the drunkenness-
Of all the love I have
And all the love I will
ever give to you

As if the wind
blowing through
your hair wasn't
It too moved me
like a tornado.
Its beauty disastrous
yet over ever so

Leaving behind
remnants of
sunny days
and clear blue skies

My love for you will
burn a million suns
until no suns are left
to die a bitter
© 2014 Christina Jackson
Her hair; like fire
glistened in the sun
When I think of her,
three words enter my
Fun, fun and fun

Beautiful without, and
so within
A loving mother, daughter,
Lovely as she was, when time
and our final day has come-

Love is the medicine
and laughter, the cure

Keep family near, love them,
with all you are-
Now and here
© 2014 Christina Jackson
Dedicated to my wonderful aunt peggy who passed away a couple of weeks ago. <3 <3 <3
Process the transformation
Rooted deep within
your souls conformation

Your heart is the beacon
The soul your core

Light up the world
and burn all those doors

You've kept shut
for far too long

Open the windows
Release your light

You are strong
You are love
You are full of might

Just be

Release your light,
cast it upon everything

With all the strength
you hold inside

© 2013 Christina Jackson
The never ending battle
Between good and evil
Whom will prevail?

In the eyes of the hopeless
Holds and endless rage
For eternity
our minds trapped inside this cage

This answer you seek
a beautiful glass box
and In it carries a key
Oh could it be,
but the key of destiny?

Thousands of years
We've tried to find
A lost secret
That forever binds
Man to mystery
We've been colored blind

A mere mask
will uncover thine
Beyond those grand trees
Hides a path so wide
One man alone could never ride

That precious word we call time
Doesn't exist on this climb
A fight for morality
Our battle for the like minds

Many a tears we've reaped  
To no avail
The truth we are here to seek

© 2012 Christina Jackson
You are the universe, the star dust flowing from within
Such beauty radiates from your iridescent skin
Glowing in the sunshine, welcoming everyone in
So inviting, like a doormat with a wonderful saying,
You are the flowers, the trees, and the leaves, infinitely swaying.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
My sweet darling love
It's time I lay my head to rest
off into dreamland
where I'll keep you
within my treasure chest
locked safely away
Until tomorrow brings
yet another beautiful day
knowing I keep
your heart and my heart
in the same place
It's time I drift into infinity
and get some much needed rest
© 2013 Christina Jackson
I long to feel your skin upon my skin.
To taste your lips upon my lips.
Illustrious, sweet
I'll be waiting
© 2013 Christina Jackson
Have I lost you-
Am I incomparable
to another loving soul?

Please, lover of mine-
Where did you go?

This death is seeding
itself, in my garden-
and I haven't half
a mind to reap what I sow

Please, lover of mine-
Where have you gone?

Rest is dwindling into
Evading my lofty sense
of observation

Do you love another so-
Where did you go?

I need you-
I must know.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
Such beauty she radiates.
Glistening, glowing.
Into the sun, she melts away.
Rays so bright, but you
cannot look away.
Such beauty she radiates.
On the darkest of days.
Always smiling, yet
something has changed.
And nothing's the same.
Such beauty she radiates.
But is she worth the pain?

© 2013 Christina Jackson
Those ivy vines wrapped tightly around my mind
Won't you let go? Have you no decency to shut the door this time?
Invading my every notion, those words trapped me in a spell
A potion set in motion, a chemical reaction
Then ****, you will appear. Now won't you just disappear?
Politely excuse yourself from my realm of thoughts
Cause you know, I have doubts'. A swirling catastrophic
mountain of them raining down on me. Flashing clearly
of warning signs. Do not enter, do not enter this mind
Proceed with caution, for fear of what you might find
An imprinted impression of fluent atrocities, dripping
leaking with regret and remorse, for what I cannot forget.
Similar to a slowly seeping tea bag, letting me taste little
by little, but never too much, all at one time.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
Countless miles away
my love has strayed

To the vastness of open roads, I've prayed.
Only to find you riding along

Singing all those lovely songs

Throw away my pride
wash it out to sea

The only love in the world I need,
is the love that you've so freely given to me

Now fearing tomorrow,
for our time here is only borrowed

It is not ours to keep

I'm oceans deep
and miles away

I need more time
I wish you could stay

Please don't go
I haven't said all the words
I need to say

A lost unforeseen
magical wand
Hiding somewhere
Far and beyond

Time is a precious commodity
Not enough hours in the day
to keep these tears from floating away

I'm oceans deep
and miles away

You've wandered along a hidden path
covered in deep mossy
disappearing tracks

Please come back
won't you stay?

Insufferable time
Just give me one more day...

© 2013 Christina Jackson
A shadow was cast
unto the foothills of our past

It shall not last

A veil waiting to be unveiled
The cover of covers
Blanketing our eyes,
waiting to be peeled

Until every rusty nail
has been removed

It shall not last

The fortune of others
Our freedoms
our fight for free will

You cannot hide
Nor evade us

It shall not last

In the end
The free of mind
will prevail
© 2013 Christina Jackson
And new callouses formed-
hardening the once bloodied
and broken skin

Roots broke through
old dirt
now renewed

Part the seven seas
The veins of earth,
need to breathe

We've come undone,
time to reweave-
the fabric of ourselves
hath been redeemed.
©2020 Christina Jackson
literally just gardening today so bored i want quarantine to end
All of these days
all of these nights
so many people
sit alone
feeling empty
If I had
one wish
I would
take away
everyone's strife
put it in a box
call Pandora
and tell her
to come get
her **** back
we don't
want it
greedy people
really should have
listened to his brother
never accept gifts from Zeus
for they'll always hold thunder
© 2013 Christina Jackson
Really don't know where I was going with this
Fire by night
Ice by day


In each and every way

So alluring
I wish she would stay

Oh doesn't her scent, drive you insane

She wanders and strays
Through the darkest of days
She fumbles and sways
Trying to find her way

A heart so broken
Beyond decay

So many lovers have slipped away
Should she leave?
Or should she stay?

Passion rages inside

Oh does she try to find
A heart so gentle
A heart so kind

So close to losing her mind

She sees the pieces begin to fall,
so elegantly into place

And in that moment
She's finally found her way

© 2012 Christina Jackson
You are the soul, that resides within the soul of my soul
You've pierced this once tormented heart
and I can finally let go
You are the heart, that resides within the heart of my heart
Merging into one collective heart and soul; Intertwining within the roots
I now so joyfully call home
© 2013 Christina Jackson
Insecurity; breeds inferiority.
Empty, cold and broken.
What's lacking now, forever hopeless.
Those eyes; encompass my soul.
A mirror is what you see.
My looking glass, it's so tempting.
It's what you'll never know that perplexes me.
How could you not? In a world so isolating.
What your future holds, terrifies me.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
Quite possibly, not very sure yet, this is probably not finished.
When the leaf bud sprang and blossomed
I had always thought I was getting what
my heart infinitely wanted.

The sea of brown elevated my confidence
to masterful ancient artful levels

Though it wasn't you that had the mark
of the devil

You were a servant of the skill through
use of intellectual endeavors

Craving the red stained sweetness of
this rebels varying medieval
edible lips

All along the wood planked
Was a tactical move
one could not so easily forget

© 2014 Christina Jackson
Still messing around with this one, it could go on and on and on. Don't know where I want it to go though.
Anxiety meds take control-
over my heart, brain, and soul.

In these past few months-
I haven't yet learned how
to take control.

The mind is a beautiful
thing to waste.

And I have wasted
away slowly, day by day.

I'm finally seeing a therapist,
and that has made all the
difference & no judgements
have been made.*

© 2016 Christina Jackson
I don't want to wait for a sign from the universe anymore, what if they're aren't any signs?
I don't want to wait for a sign for you to tell me you love me, cause what if you really haven't all along

And I've been sitting here like a fool, just waiting for you to tell me what's going on.

I don't want to wait for a sign anymore; my heart has searched, only to turn around, look back, and walk straight out the door.

I can't wait for a sign from the universe anymore, what if they're aren't any signs?

And you've been searching and searching, but you couldn't find, that one sign.....So you gave up
turned your back on love, you thought the signs were showing you things.

Though you fear the signs themselves have already revealed what you've held deep inside for years.

I don't want to wait for a sign from the universe anymore; I already know what I want, I just don't know what I'm searching for.

Every choice I'll ever make
the answers are already within me
I'm changing my perspective on life
Cause' I'm tired of waiting for destiny

© 2013 Christina Jackson
This deafening silence
Kills me slow

You’re killing me slowly
Parts of me are deteriorating
devouring me whole

The chemical compounds
in my brain are screaming-
So frighteningly loud.

My mind won't power down.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
Do you love me?
As I love you?
So deeply it hurts-
And the knots in your
stomach won't go away
And you lie in bed at night
Wishing and waiting
For the one you love
to love you the same
And all you feel is pain-
Pain for your heart and soul,
knowing they love someone else-
And your heart hurts and you can't
breath anymore.
And all fades to darkness
and all you're left with
is nothing but empty spaces..
2014 Christina Jackson
You give your soul to someone you hardly know
You gave it all away without knowing
Deep down within the core of your core
You had to have some inclination

A life built upon a false obligation

That giving your all to someone
was a terribly flawed observation
© 2014 Christina Jackson
I see the sky slowly melt before my eyes
As I sit upon this wall, contemplating it all,
contemplating it all

The moon arrives slowly through the fog
A sweet smile appears, only she's not
smiling at all.
Contemplating it all, contemplating it all.

The shadows appear taller as darkness falls
Contemplating if the stars align for cause
or just because.

Contemplating it all, contemplating it all

Little night lights appear as sunlight begins
to fall

The world stays beautiful through it all,
through it all.

The ugliness doesn't disappear, but the
pain fades little by little
through it all.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
Bless me father for I have sinned;
over and over, and over again
© 2014 Christina Jackson
I never did like 'good nights', you see-
They always seemed like goodbyes to me

So instead I say 'until next time',
and all is right for bedtime.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
"If there ever is a time your heart is restless, think of me. The lyrics, the melody flowing through you like the wind on a warm summers day. May it bring comfort to your heart, and peace to your soul. Think of me once more, as the song moves through you, forevermore." © 2014 Christina Jackson <3 A beautiful song to go with this <3
You are the universe that lives in my heart, the stars that reflect in my eyes and all the galaxies infinitely flowing through my soul. Until the end of all my days, it is you"
© 2014 Christina Jackson
The disappointment in her eyes- Rang like a million
church bells, over and over again.

Everything stopped- Frozen in time
Nothing made sense.
Ash and Urn, the unearthed dirt is crumbling now.

Laughing and sighing all at once.

The cathedral spoke to her in whispers,
Sweet whispers, and the shivers ran deep, deep
within her- down to her spine.

It was as though God was speaking to her through the *****
that echoed throughout the hallowed aisles- He spoke, but silently
wept, he wept for her; to understand why she had to go through all
of this again.

Why, is the question she's asked herself-
over and over and over again

The pastor spoke compassionately, with love
in his voice.
He always choked up, in between verse.
For he knew her, and her family's strife.
He too wept, for the once wonderful life, they
all so recently had.

Before that day- Nothing seemed to matter
But now it all faded away- into nothingness

As she wept her silent tears, God promised her
nothing would be the same, "oh sweet child, you have to
let go; rest your fears. You can't keep living and carrying around the pain. Oh deep and genuine pain, give me everything and I will release you. From those shackles, those rusted chains.

And she sighed, knowing he would do just
as he had promised.
She then let go of it all, and nothing was the same.
He walked with her, side by side.

The pastor spoke the last words of his sermon
As they threw ash to the wind- all of the sorrow,
need not burden anyone anymore.

I release you, please take off those chains-
You no longer have to worry, ever again
© 2014 Christina Jackson
Dedicated to my wonderful aunt Peggy that recently passed away. For she was beautiful in every conceivable way.
I know you
I know your soul

Deep down into the darkest corners
of your pain and strife-

I have searched and found,
there is magic in your eyes

The type of magic you see
gleaming from a newborn
just discovering the world
for the first time.

Ancient melodies flow through
your bones as if the universe
is speaking through you-
In cosmic foreign tongues.

Your heart speaks to mine as if
we've known each other for
millions of lifetimes.

There is a comfort in knowing that
I will always carry your heart within mine.

The connection between self and soul,
is something only spoken in fairy tales.
It is wondrous and fantastical.

The magnetic pull of the earth
is constantly bringing me back to you.
As if no other existed before, and no
other will exist after.

There is only the here and now
All we have is this moment and
this breath of life.
The air traveling through our lungs, the
blood pumping in our veins-
It is all we have.

We are all living on borrowed time
and you are timeless.
In all essence and glory
You are the reason I keep drawing
breath from these often weakened

The pain you feel travels through
my heart and soul-
As if lightning has struck when
you run into an existential wall.

I know you
I know your soul
It lives within me
You are part of my daily breath
and it will never leave me.
© 2015 Christina Jackson
Please excuse me for this
I am not especially articulate
In the art of relationships
© 2014 Christina Jackson
So endless do these words pass from fingers, to lips.
Carefully strung letters, flowing from hands, to tip.
Eventually, we'll all get the hang of this; well, life that is.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
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