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3.5k · Jan 2013
Nightclub (prose poem?)
A veil, placed upon your eyes, somewhere behind them, a deep hidden mystery, lies just beyond those lights. A gentle look, glassy eyed, this night, this night is flying by. Sweat, liquor, regret; this place reeks of years and years of bitter tries. The lies you tell, masked with red. A shade of black, changes to dread. Deep inside your heart, you always carry it within.
Laughter, pain, I can see it on everyone's faces. Beautiful, everybody in here, glistening, glowing, covering up what's really surfacing. Just let it out, until your ankles bleed. You can feel the music, running through your veins. Euphoria, it kicks in. She's hiding, over there in that corner, waiting to let you in. All these cold dead hearts, none of which beat the same. But we're all sitting here, standing here, coincidentally all on the same page.  We came here looking, searching for something to fit, to fill that empty place called emptiness. We hope and hope, heels clicking on the cobblestone. Laughter, music, it fills the air. But there's something, something missing here. There auras, there energy, bleeding colors, wash away onto pavement. And we don't know why, we don't know why we're all still here, dancing, laughing, waiting to disappear...blend in with the strobes, the flashes, and grins.
He's waiting right over there, waiting to let you in. Her eyes covered, hidden, and you can't see the want, the look, the pain she's in. Fifty shades of him, of her, of I. When will this end? Dawn's just around the corner, and no one's left but him.  Sitting, wondering, thinking, he can still win. In one mere movement, you'd uncover her whims. Everything, everything she wants to bury, resurfaces again. Her eyes; they leak with hurt, with lust, with want, but you can't see it. Remove them, just take them off and you will see. Everything you ever wanted, is hiding right here, deep inside of me. Off to the left, under the breast, is where you'll find me. You've been holding the key all night, won't you just unlock me?  Sunglasses, it's no wonder there so expensive, but these, these were free.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
I had a better title for this, but it would have given away the mystery of it! I hope you enjoy. My perspective when I go out to bars, nightclubs, etc.
3.4k · Mar 2013
Sunrise sunset
Douse them
Spark the match
Ignite the flame
release it
unto everything,
They forgot
  I must remind them
what it's like
make them remember
everything beautiful
about life
For what is life
without sparks?
For what is life
without fire?
They forgot
and its been a while
Spark the match
Ignite the flame
forever burning
from within
© 2013 Christina Jackson
2.7k · Mar 2013
Love will be my guiding light
Revealed to me on the darkest of nights
Ever a reminder of brighter times.
All the hurt and all the pain,
will eventually fade away.
My wounds may never heal
but I will not let them stray
I will not let them wallow away
Forever I'll remember, all of those days
I spent bruised and scarred.
Torn and tattered, but not once
did I shatter! not once did I break!'
Everything in me, made of stone.
You cannot break, the unbreakable.
You cannot muffle this flame within'
Try as you might, but you will never win.
The strong, they'll prevail in the end.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
2.6k · Jun 2013
You draw me in, like fire on a cold night.
Comforting, warm, bright.
Your smile; gentle, loving, kind.
Wont you be mine?
© 2013 Christina Jackson
2.5k · Feb 2013
Material world
Trapped in this material world;
All these material girls, possessed by their possessions
Trapped in this material world;
nothing I want, and nothing more
All these people, all these things
What are they really?
but just things,
and trinkets
and rings.
I'm Trapped;
Nowhere to go, nothing to give.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
2.4k · Oct 2012
Remember me
The days seem too short
The nights much too long
All those nights I cried,
only just to rest my eyes
Oh don’t you weep
For now my soul can truly sleep
Remember me, just remember me

Basking in the summer rays
Wasting away those lustful days
Remember our songs
Those lovely songs
We’d sing together all night long
Remember me, remember our bond

It's been quite some time now
Since I've seen that smile
Brighten up those eyes
'Cause I'm always here but never there
Just a whisper
and I'll appear
Remember me
Just simply me

All those yesterdays
Tomorrows never to be
Yes, that clock
That clock continues to ring
and a dream never dream t
is a dream best kept,
hidden deep inside
Time oh pesky time
Don't you always seem to slip by
Remember me, remember my life

Gaze away Oh beautiful star
How I wish you weren't so far
You must not seek
what it is that's blinding thee
That trickle of light
You see
It's slightly out of reach
Won't you just remember me?

© 2012 Christina Jackson
2.2k · Feb 2013
Past, present, future lover
Dear past, present, and future lover,

If we never meet, please, I want you to know this. Wherever you've been, wherever you may go, just know I always loved you, in this life and in the last. Each day I wish and wish for you to come and take me away. I just need you to know, if I should die before your eyes meet mine, your heart, don't worry it'll be alright. All those nights I've spent wondering what you'll look like, the way that you'll taste,  a deep sadness fills my chest. You; are what's missing. My lost puzzle piece, I've been searching and searching for countless years. It still aches, this beating heart of mine, it aches for you, for your love. It long's to know every inch of you, every scar, every freckle. In my heart of hearts, I really hope you get this message.

I hope your hearts not as lost as I, just as empty, just as broken as mine. Our hearts, they know we belong, whoever you may be..These blood pumping hearts know, a mere signal will alert us of each other. The moment our lips meet, our hands touch, a blazing fire set's flame, those coals burning deep within, will rise from the very ashes of our cold dead hearts, and rekindle again. Into the most beautiful of fires. A symphony of lust and love and desire, a longing to know every part of one another. I can't help but notice, we've been wandering for far too long, our path's may have already crossed, but that moment wasn't meant for us. We'll have ours, eventually. And I don't care if we meet the day before we die, as long as we got to meet, that would satisfy my heart's desire. I suppose if we'd already met, I'd like to apologize, to tell you what a mess I was in, a mess I was. She's not who I am anymore, I've swallowed the key and locked the door. She ceases to exist....forevermore.

This blister, it continues to ache, gets rougher as the days without you grow thinner. My love, oh my love, where are you? Please come find me, just tell me you're on the way. That you'll be here soon and your flight's been delayed. I'll meet you in the middle, unless you'd rather call it halfway? We'll sit by the moonlight, and wait for the sun to grace us another day. Forever in your arms,  hopefully I'll stay.

All those stars I've wished upon, one of them must be you. Gently placed, before my eyes. I nearly found you, but you've been disguised. Hidden somewhere, I simply cannot find. To a land unknown, even to space, even to time. This 3 dimensional world, is beginning to grind, my very teeth, into sharper lies. The words cut with bitter premise. I need you here and now, I just need to see you smile. To know that glimmer in your eyes is because of me. I'll deal you out in aces and spades, gamble my heart, to find what remains. I know you'll find me eventually...someday


                Your past, present, and future lover.

© 2013 Christina Jackson
2.2k · Jun 2013
the fruits of all evil
the root of all evil
A deep shadow cast
within the garden
of Eden, my past
I cannot forget
I will not last
Was I?
From living a life free of lies
Of unfocused feelings
focusing on my cries
Why? Why? Why?
What have I done?
A forbidden fruit
in the garden of Eden
Where the root of all evil
Grows and grows
until every apple has been eaten
© 2013 Christina Jackson
1.9k · Oct 2012
Unspoken misery
At night I sit and ponder
It leaves my mind only to wander
I miss you, how I miss you so
I don’t know where you went
Or where you’ve roamed
These days just don’t seem as bright
Without you by my side
Deep down I’m crying, dying
I miss you oh how I miss that smile
Time and space exceeds this place
Bless your troubled soul
I’m with you wherever you go
If you’re out there
I hope you can hear me
As the day’s fade on
Don’t worry
I won’t forget our wrongs
I'll always remember our rights
I won’t forget those alcohol-induced nights
Forever I'll remember the laughs we shared
I miss you, oh how I miss you so
How I wish I could make things right
I’m so sorry about that night
You never even knew
What it is you had coming to you
Your heart slowly stopped
And so graciously you went
I think a part of me died
When you left us here that night
I’m so sorry I couldn’t help you
I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix your strife
The world was just too much
For you to face
Each and every day
Oh how I wish I could see you
Just one last time
Always at odds
You couldn't handle all your flaws
Can you hear me? can you hear my calls?
I wish you didn’t have to go
So many things you've missed
Numerous memories I'll never know
We didn't get to celebrate
I'm finally an adult
I can order a drink and toast my love to you
I just know you'll be so proud
When you see me in my cap and gown
Don't you worry dear
You have nothing to fear
I hope you see Jerry and Jim
Both smirking with a devious grin
I miss you, oh how I miss you so
I'll keep you locked within my heart
Until the day I part

In loving memory of my wonderful cousin Josh
© 2012 Christina Jackson
The rain pours heavy on my windowpanes; it is only through the darkness that I realize what pain truly means. The sorrow, the lack of luster in everyday that has changed and I fear for those who do not yet know what madness life brings. It is nothing yet everything to understand what suffering brings. The state of darkness looming upon wake, and when the dreams of your subconscious mind come to life and haunt you day by day, I fear for those who do not yet know real pain. The loss of someone you love being ripped away, so abruptly; worse than a Band-Aid on fresh wounds, so terribly worse than seeing someone you love fall deeper and deeper into the chasm of their own demons, like a well you’re drowning and eventually succumb to frightening disdain. One realizes that everything in life isn't truly the same, change is the only constant in this delirious world of contradicting facsimiles.

You have nothing but hope and faith in this world of detriment. And I hope someday you find what you're truly looking for, whether it be love or the meaning to life. But never forget who you truly are, regardless of the pain and the tears that washed away the innocence of your years and fears. I am truly sorry for what you have endured, but I cannot look back anymore, nor ponder upon those heart wrenching fears you called my own, of which I cannot call my own. You must own them like cheap records, and let them die in the night like the decades of musical loss and dying discords.  You must find yourself in this beautiful world, never give up on everything wonderful. For you are worth much more than words, much more than anything I could ever endure.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
1.7k · Dec 2012
Words that rhyme with 'days'
My heart's ablaze
I'm so amazed
cluttered in clichés
in a daze
I'm dismayed
too many long driveways
Life's fortes
as we graze
upon the gaze
in a haze of haze
trapped inside this maze
our voices phase
into the next of days
Oh did we raise
with utter rephrase
glancing sideways
into stairways
how I hate your ways
as much as I hate causeways
too much decay
along the edgeways
inside the hallways
my heart strays
on into Sundays
and Tuesdays
I hate the weekdays
they're gateways
into other days.
© 2012 Christina Jackson
Pardon this poem for not making much sense, practicing wordplay. I chose a particular word, such as the one used here, "days", and use any word that rhymes hereafter. You can choose to continue until you can rhyme no more, or add in another word and keep it rolling. Like I said, it's only for practice. I highly recommend using this website when you do these exercises.
1.6k · Nov 2012
Her hair flows into thickly currents
Withering through my mind
Grasping my emotions
Like the tides
And waves
of the ocean
Pushing farther and wider
And faster
Never a miss
She tugs at my heart strings
So beautifully a violin
She holds on to her hopes
And dreams
Forever wishing she could win
We all soon find out
Life is like a game
We all must play
To reach an

© 2012 Christina Jackson
The tide rolling near
the soldiers stood
at attention
saluting the rise
of the eyes of the
oceans salty clear
arms as she
plummets into sand
ripping apart
the grains
taking them with her
as she expands
her encompassing mouth
into it she swallows
all the little soldiers
standing at attention
saluting the ocean
waiting for her
© 2013 Christina Jackson
1.3k · Nov 2012
Lovers quarrel
Months of anticipation
thousands of minutes waiting
only seconds ticking on the clock
Speckles of light
shine from your eyes
as you come closer
your lips touch mine
so gentle and sweet
passion turns to hunger
and your touch makes me quiver
distant memories of butterflies
enter my mind
dazed and confused
our bodies entwine
into a sweet symphony
of sweat and desire
your body atop mine
moves so graciously about
your hands so smooth and strong
time seems to move all wrong
protected like a wall
you grasp me tight
never did we wish to end this night
a kiss goodbye and off you went
taking a piece of me with you forever to keep
I long to feel your touch
night after night
but you and me
cannot be
we're a million years too late
and time is not the same as fate
we were destined to meet
but this love can never be

© 2012 Christina Jackson
1.3k · Oct 2012
misplaced love
Reminiscing about you
Oh the things that we used to do
I will never forget
So brief the time’s we shared
But nothing was more beautiful
Nor did any moment that followed
Feel as right as when I was in your arms
Two years have passed
since I've felt your embrace
I can still remember
the way that you taste
So vividly a picture
Forever lost in my mind
I will never forget
How we felt when we traced
Every outline of every shape
we had ever graced
Such magical moments
Our bodies so perfectly entwined
How remorseful of me
That ever aching thought
that “we” could ever be
It was selfish of me to think
You would actually choose me
I really hope your life is now filled with joy
No matter how far you are
or wherever you go
You’ll always be dear to my heart
My only hope is that you haven’t
forgotten what we were.

© 2012 Christina Jackson
1.3k · Jan 2014
Subconscious duplicity
I would love nothing more
than to wake up next to you,
and see the first smile
part from your sultry morning lips
Sleepy eyes staring back at me
As you gently wrap your warm arms
around my curvaceous naked hips

I would love nothing more;
than to never be awaken from
this unattainable dream
I've been living in
© 2014 Christina Jackson
1.2k · Jan 2013
Can't think of a title
Insecurity; breeds inferiority.
Empty, cold and broken.
What's lacking now, forever hopeless.
Those eyes; encompass my soul.
A mirror is what you see.
My looking glass, it's so tempting.
It's what you'll never know that perplexes me.
How could you not? In a world so isolating.
What your future holds, terrifies me.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
Quite possibly, not very sure yet, this is probably not finished.
1.2k · Nov 2012
No hope
The rocky embankment
Pleas the cries of the waste less
Buries the lies of the bank men
From the very mouths faith bred

© 2012 Christina Jackson
1.2k · Oct 2012
Silent Heart
He looks from afar
ever searching her face
He can't find her anywhere
in this crowded place

Forever he'll wait
longing to feel her embrace
So cold a shoulder
So broken a tune

Will he ever know?
He's too blind to see
her ever aching need
doesn't belong to thee

She's already spoken for
to one of another
I don't think he knows
She carries a lover

He silently waits
She dissipates

© 2012 Christina Jackson
1.1k · Dec 2012
I wish you knew
I'm always waiting
forever here
and I can feel you
I can feel it
and it hurt's
my heart breaks
I don't know what to do
and I don't know what to say
I want you so badly
but I'm afraid you'll run away
I feel like nothing
nothing that I say
Will ever go my way
I'm screaming for you
and no call in return
I can still feel you there
Your breath against my ear
and it hurts
it hurts to know you'll win
Maybe one day
I won't feel you anymore
and maybe one day
I won't be in so much pain
And maybe someday
You'll really know
But not today
'Cause I don't want you to run away
Maybe I'll always be  here waiting
and maybe you'll never know
If this love could have grown
But I can still feel
Your hand upon my chest
as my heart
flutters and frets
and I don't want to forget
I don't want to forget
Your lips against my neck
And I can still see
that nervous smile
when you kissed me
for the first time
I thought my heart
would leap from my chest
And I don't want to forget
I don't want to forget

© 2012 Christina Jackson
Originally written in 2009
1.1k · Feb 2013
These ancient feelings, run deep to the core.
Roots overgrown and broken, renew thee once more.
Transcending, through time and space.
I'm merely a vessel, just waiting to open its doors.
Release me into this cosmic infinity, and send me home.
Mother earth, so lovely you are, but your people are drones.
Thoughtless amphibians, waiting to conform.
Please just take me, take my soul; let me come home.
So many beautiful breaths I've breathed, in this magnificent world.
So many wonderful night's left to adore.
Though I love this planet, I'll be happy when I've finally gone home.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
1.1k · Jun 2013
Past-tense poison
A lonely wistful embrace
on the days I remember
peering up at that chiseled face
A dashing fellow masked in disguise
Hidden beneath a beautiful surface
Wrapped within a tangled web of ghastly lies
I gazed long into the mirror and wondered why
Too many nights I laid on the pavement, waiting for my demise
Looking up at the vast and empty skies
Cluttered by clouds and all the city lights
I didn't understand why you were doing this, I didn't know why
You used to tell me this story, while your eyes focused in on my thighs
An unsettling feeling would succumb in my stomach, like a plunging knife
Your words cut thick, through the withered skin I once called my life
I learned how to live without the shackles of your inner strife
Do not mistake me for being weak, I was never yours to truly keep
Like a prized possession on a shelf, only to be taken out when your own monsters became
too much for you to dwell
Your future is bleak, filled with all the false promises you'll never keep
I hope you're happy locked inside of your cage
Where no one can reach you and feel the wrath of your rage
When you come of age and times get weary
Remember me, and remember my furry
You are nothing but a demon
trapped inside of a body
slowly rotting you with its venom
And when your clock stops ticking
you'll finally know what it's like to have your happy ending
© 2013 Christina Jackson
1.1k · Dec 2012
Why do you make me cry?
Hidden between bread and
four turkey slices.
Hold's a delight so wonderful,
I can't describe.
Some bitter, some sweet.
Oh they're sure a treat to eat.
Red, White, Vidalia sweet.
My tummy screams, heartburn,
it begins. Prilosec OTC, not again.
Those **** onions, they always win.
© 2012 Christina Jackson
lol @ this poem, sorry for the corniness of this! Had to throw in a funny one.
1.0k · Feb 2014
The storm
By all accounts, he was everything one could dream a lover to be.
By no account, was he what she was seeking in her delusional reality.
A trustworthy advocate that would suffice for a suitable and comfortable life.
None of what she wanted, was everything he was.
The eloquence in his words, echoed volumes in her head
She wrote of fantastical fairy-tales
All that was and ever will be
Shattered, broken
and dead.
© 2014 Christina Jackson
1.0k · Oct 2012
Oceans away

Oh my heart strays

Into the depths of the deepest blue seas

My mind wanders into the vast galaxies beyond

I ponder, what love is.

Take me Love, Take me

Please Love, Don't break me

Understand I'm always here, but never there.

Searching, ever searching for that one special love

Share with me your mind your body and your soul

I'll feed our love like fire

Forever burning in my heart

Love; is a journey

Ever surprising us

Our hearts forever entwined

Whole and one.

© 2012 Christina Jackson
Originally written in 2006
1.0k · Oct 2013
I want to feel your heartbeat
against my barren skin

Skipping and racing
as your lips brush tenderly
against my lips

A moment frozen in time

Forever held safely
wrapped within the warm embrace,
of your loving arms

© 2013 Christina Jackson
1.0k · Mar 2013
Float's my boat
I want to float
on a boat
towards a
sea of your love,
and ride
the waves.
I'll hold on
tight, don't
worry, I won't
release these reins.
This trip
is so long
and I keep
how much farther
I must go
to reach you.
But I paddle on
hoping I haven't
missed the signs
of you and me
written up in the sky.
This sea is so grand
as your heart
it withstands
the gusts'
as they dance
bringing me
a little bit closer
to the shore
I've longed
so long for.
So many
passing ships
but only one
holds the beacon.
Striking match
makes flame
Finally revealing
you truly are
the yin
to my yang
© 2013 Christina Jackson
1.0k · Nov 2012
Fire by night
Ice by day


In each and every way

So alluring
I wish she would stay

Oh doesn't her scent, drive you insane

She wanders and strays
Through the darkest of days
She fumbles and sways
Trying to find her way

A heart so broken
Beyond decay

So many lovers have slipped away
Should she leave?
Or should she stay?

Passion rages inside

Oh does she try to find
A heart so gentle
A heart so kind

So close to losing her mind

She sees the pieces begin to fall,
so elegantly into place

And in that moment
She's finally found her way

© 2012 Christina Jackson
994 · Jun 2013
Flowing stream of thoughts
As of lately, I've been lost in translation
in this transcended state of thought
every thought running into one another
Impeding on the clarity of my perception
Leaving me in a state of panic
Searching for something slightly out of reach
As the needle threads the weave
My mind entangles the threads into
a mass insanity of run on sentences
Leaving me nothing but breathless
Left in a state of weak existence
Wrapped within the roots of the
stem of my thoughts and they
grow into shadows of monsters
trying to break free from the dark
but they cannot reach the other side
The light, it seems much too far
to carry on. This train wreck
of distortion is slowly seeping
into my soul. Deafening the
voices at my beck and call
A tragic winding road of
memories keeps bringing me
right back to the same place
I just left and now I'm right
back where I started again
A streaming flowing river of
never-ending thoughts
Always escaping me
Just there long enough
to hold on to a string of words
that hardly make any sense
Am I dreaming or is this death?
I cannot recall ever lying down
on that bed. Resting my head
where all those demons dwell
The lump in my throat fiercely swells
and the smoke filled coughs mask my cries
Repairs the dreadfulness of my daily life
I cannot escape this restless mind
It won't let me rest, it won't power down
The switch is broken and I've lost my crown
along with all the jewels I once possessively possessed
My mind is wandering somewhere
and I haven't a clue when It's due back
© 2013 Christina Jackson
I've always been a **** up
The black sheep with no luck
I've always been afraid
of the things I didn't understand
I've always been the reject
the one with messed up hair
plain black kicks
I wore baggy jeans
miss-matching socks
I just didn't give a ****
I've always been invisible
until I opened my eyes
Realized I was the master
cloaked in disguise
I've always been quick with the pencil
The grammar, the words, the lines
My rhymes, an ever flowing river
Sick, sicker, than the eyes that reside
deep down, buried inside
And I always loved the boys
until I was used as a toy
Got the **** beat out of me
for no ******* reason
But I'm still here, still breathing
and you can't get rid of me.
I always thought I could fix my own problems
I used to drown the anger, the sorrow, in a bottle
***** bottle, pill bottle, rolled up joints of marijuana
All through my lungs, my veins, my brain
My liver, my stomach, torn up; Trust me, I know pain
I've always been the one with patience
You thought you could just crumble me up
throw me away
But I won't go away
I've always been the one who's waited
waited for the right moment
When I should have told you, just **** it
All the laughing, all the tears
Well I've waited, and waited
and my time is finally here
Those words didn't break me
Those words ******* made me
You can never take that away from me
Look at me now
I came, I saw
I conquered
© 2013 Christina Jackson
This isn't directed at anyone specifically! Sort of wrote it as a rap/freestyle, something like that, it is what it is!
958 · Sep 2013
I'll wait patiently my love
I’ll wait patiently my love
Until the day finally comes
Where our eyes finally meet
Within them, they’ll inflame,
like the burning Sun.
Until the day finally comes
I’ll wait patiently my love
When our hands finally grace
and intertwine within each others
Grounding roots into the earth
And together we’ll grow as one
I’ll wait patiently my love
As the moon awaits the sun
And the sun awaits the moon
Our love is never-ending
And always beginning anew
With each and everyday
I’ll wait patiently my love
Until the day I finally
meet you
© 2013 Christina Jackson
950 · Mar 2014
The Jokers Tale
When the desire to become a poet,
outweighs the desire to write poetry

You are no longer a poet-
Rather, a fond lover of artistry
© 2014 Christina Jackson
947 · Feb 2013
She walks, like madness in the night.
Never quite knowing, if she's been steered right.
She runs, on eggshells all day long.
or hot coals, whichever you'd prefer to call them.
She knows she's fading, distantly anticipating.
Where she'll end up, no one quite knows.
She walks, down by the seashore; moonlight, it disappears.
Patiently waiting, for a place to call her own.
She sits, underneath the starry night sky, wishing, waiting, to reappear.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
Not finished, still working on a couple lines to add to the end!
Doors open; Infinitely swinging both ways.
I've been waiting breathlessly to speak with you again.

But please don't come, if you cannot stay.
I'm at a loss for words, wordless again.

And please don't promise, if no promises you're willing to make.
This never happens, as I always have something to say.

Please just love me; simply because you know my name.
For unknown reasons, you've left me speechless again.

For now, hope is all I hold, in this hopeless abode.
Forever resting, in this empty home; I call my heart, the roaming gnome.
© 2013 Christina Jackson
I couldn't make up my mind which way I liked it best, so I'll let everyone else decide.  Both of these short poem's I took from a longer 3 page prose poem. I just enjoyed them more apart from the longer version.
939 · Mar 2013
Word to the wise
Out of these layers of existence
Your presence, is much reminisced.
Out of these layers of existence.
I beg to forget, but never regret.
Shed these layers, peel away
the scars, the years, the tears.
Out of these layers of existence
You don't have to hide anymore,
there's nothing to fear; terrified of those
true colors bleeding onto the page
and melting into the floor.
Frightened to let go, but remember
what you'll miss. Don't throw away
everything you've ever lived for.
Out of these layers of existence
take off the mask
rewind the time
forget those hateful words
just live your life
remember the strife
just live your life
not enough time
don't let it slip
© 2013 Christina Jackson
As I sit and stare-
The water motionless,
yet moving along
I gaze upon eternity here-
With white rip tides,
gasping for air
I sit and stare-
The waves endless
in shape and form
Life pummels toward you
without a care-
© 2014 Christina Jackson
934 · Mar 2013
To whom it may concern
Words aren't enough
I'm silently drawn
by your invisible touch
as if your soul has wings
and it could reach me
fly to me, from distances
near and far. You are,
a gently blowing breeze.
Oh how you captivate me
fascinate me, satisfy my
never ending curiosities.
An unsuspecting suitor
Come to me, wild as nights
fierce melting sky
Melt with me, into the sand
into the darkness
Laugh with me, oh laugh
till the moon says goodnight
Hold me, oh hold me tight
Kiss away those sorrows,
as the sun begins to rise
I saw infinity when I
looked into those eyes.
I  swear I saw life itself form,
when those lips parted with a smile
Come with me love, won't you just stay a while?
© 2013 Christina Jackson
923 · Nov 2013
Hear me roar
"I live, each and everyday to the fullest, not fully knowing if the decisions I'm making, are wrong or right.
However, I live, because with each new day, brings a chance to turn those wrong decisions into redemptive rights.
Not all in life is as sweet and delicious as apple pie. There may be bitter batches at times. Though always remember, everyday upon waking, be infinitely grateful you've been granted a chance at new life.
Don't waste it, make your mark. Grace the world with your imaginative mind. Regardless if the world disagrees with what you've done so far.
Always remember and never forget, that it is your life. Live it in kindness, and always be mindful of your words. Have a voice, be confident, spread your wings and soar"
© 2013 Christina Jackson
The sea resides within your eyes
A ripple of hope radiates
from your muttered cries

The forest echo’s such harmonies
of your faint and distant sighs

You can't hide forever-
behind half truths and half lies
© 2014 Christina Jackson
907 · Oct 2013
The heart song <3
You make my heart sing a wonderful tune
I'm forever entranced in the rhythm
Played so beautifully a violin
Strumming and humming
Lost in the musical notes
My heart is singing your name
Calling to you, hoping you can hear the ring
© 2013 Christina Jackson
892 · Nov 2013
You are like a cave to me

Dark; mysterious
Often times dreary

But I love you all the same
that'll never change

I promise
That'll never change

Cause I love you all the same...

© 2013 Christina Jackson
891 · Sep 2014
Her hair; like fire
glistened in the sun
When I think of her,
three words enter my
Fun, fun and fun

Beautiful without, and
so within
A loving mother, daughter,
Lovely as she was, when time
and our final day has come-

Love is the medicine
and laughter, the cure

Keep family near, love them,
with all you are-
Now and here
© 2014 Christina Jackson
Dedicated to my wonderful aunt peggy who passed away a couple of weeks ago. <3 <3 <3
886 · Nov 2012
Only the young men know
As the story goes
Only the young men know
These secrets that follow thee
This deceit that reckons thee
A forbidden passion
Reserved in rations
These secrets beckon she

For all the ships
In all the seas
Only the young men know
The dreams she used to
So it seems
You deny her screams
That ever longing need

Only the young men know
The story that is told
She once had a lover
Then she carried four other
If only did you know?
That her love soon bode

Only the young men know
These secrets that heed thee
These secrets that follow thee
Into the deepest of trees
A hurt, so threatening

Only the young men know
What her future holds
And so, she must know
How much promise it hold's
If only could she learn

Lost In the mist of the night
She soon earns her light
Shinning so bright
No longer afraid
of what lurks in the night

And as the story goes
Only the young men know
These secrets that live in thee
© 2012 Christina Jackson
840 · Nov 2012
Wherever you go
I go
Where your heart went
I do not know
When my eyes were wet with tears
You were there to wipe away my fears
Nothing can compare to the love we shared
This love blossomed
Into the prettiest a rose
And died the sharpest of thorns

Where you went
I’ll never really know
You were the half
That made me whole
My deepest sorrows
For you will only know
Time will only show
If I’ll be rid of this
Nothing can compare to the love that we shared

© 2012 Christina Jackson
835 · Apr 4
The reappearing act
We all have demons-

The difference between,
you and me-

I choose to feed them.

They live rent-free,
unwanted guests trapped
in the abyss of my memories

I cannot hide
it's all in my mind

separation of church and
There is no redemption

Last call, fist fight-
getting over the words
inside of my mind

I must be dreaming
it's all deceiving
©2020 Christina Jackson
stream of conscious
835 · Jan 2014
Daydreaming of other worlds
She sleeps in a meadow
Fields of blossoming flowers

The scent carries her away

She isn't here, nor there
or anywhere

She sleeps under diamonds
Shinning so bright
Always disappearing
on the clearest of night

Daybreak awaits her
She tries to run away

The roots of the flowers
They grab hold


You cannot run
You cannot hide from me

Lost in her own world; all alone

Nothing good could possibly come
of her returning home

© 2014 Christina Jackson
830 · Dec 2013
The old and bitter truth
I have a lot of insecurities and self doubt
There are a lot of things that I don’t particularly love about myself

The way that I would second guess most of the decisions I made
The way that I used to prowl about,
and devour every man that made me feel like a ******* without pay
I often times sit and ponder about how insufferably
rich I could have been, if only I had been using my ****** head

These insecurities and self doubt,
They live in me like the blood that pumps through my veins

It’s not as though I've lost my pride
Or the emptiness I feel deep inside
It’s like a blade, without the sharp tip
plunging into my heart
And the tears swirl beautifully down the drain
disappearing, and turning into a drought
A river bled dry, of all it's renowned glory
and distasteful self perpetuating doubt

The fruits of my labor are not regrets that I wish to take back
Rather lessons that I've learned
While stumbling along the wrong side of the tracks
© 2013 Christina Jackson
829 · Nov 2012
Oh don’t you stare
At that raven black hair

The twinkle in your eyes
Reaps of its own demise

That glimmer
Is a faint smile

Hiding behind
Hindered lies

You can’t seem to find
The hope that’s buried inside
The faith
That keeps you alive

You try and you try
It dies

But you can’t seem to face
That one day soon
You too will be a waste

© 2012 Christina Jackson
825 · Feb 2013
Doors open; Infinitely swinging both ways.
But please don't come, if you cannot stay.
And please don't promise, if no promises you're willing to make.
Please just love me;  simply because you know my name.
For now, hope is all I hold, in this hopeless abode.
Forever resting, in this empty home; I call my heart, the roaming gnome.  
© 2013 Christina Jackson
782 · Jun 2013
Inner guidance
-"Someday I'll love myself, every bit of myself, but not today, today doesn't belong to me..."

"Sweet child, everyday belongs to you, every single one of them, they're all yours.  You are to use them wisely, every one of these beautiful, dreary, sad, wonderful, and scary days...My dear naive one, you breathe the very essence of life, deeply kept safe and tucked away in the corner pockets of your soul. Everything you've ever needed in this life, has already been given to you, open your eyes, you aren't dreaming. Awaken what is true to you; open your heart, free your mind, let go of insecurities..Free the light that's been trapped for so many years, just let go, let go..."

-"But what if I'm too afraid? What if I can't achieve all of these aspirations I have? What is it you presume is holding me back?"

"Listen child, it's not about the "what ifs", you must know and understand, they don't actually exist. You've put them there, barricaded yourself in, and quite frankly, you're so lost you've forgotten the way. All these walls, all this stone, you must dismantle it, slowly, stone by stone, day by day. Be patient, and you will see, everything will fall into place, slowly but surely. Take your time, be kind to yourself."

-"You see, all this stuff I've been through, it hurts, it all still hurts. I know it's in the past now, but just how do you expect I get over all of that?"

"Someday, sometime soon, and it may have already happened, but it'll occur to you that all of this suffering you've had to endure has gotten you to the very time and place you are now. It's all for a good reason, though you may not see it so, it is true. Everyone, they're all here for a reason, all of you serve a higher purpose. However, I don't hold the knowledge of what that is. That's up to you to figure out."

-"I'm, and everything isn't the way I thought it would be, I'm just not happy.."

"I think you've been missing the point, happiness isn't something that can be held in the palm of your hand, it's a feeling, a beautiful and wonderful feeling. I know, not all is as it seems to be, life is very deceiving at times. Some people will trick you, break you, and just hate you. It's up to you, don't let all of those discerning people get you down, they don't matter on your path. They don't walk the same road you do, and never will. So forget about it, and move on. Don't wallow on the little things. It's not worth your time, and that, I can confidently tell you, you won't have enough of...Are you beginning to understand?"

-"I think I'm beginning to..
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