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I want to fall into myself - to leave should’s, must’s,
and need to be’s scattered inconsequentially in my wake.

I want to dive deeply - to loosen my shoulders,
relax my arms, and slacken my griping fingers.

I want to uncoil my imagination - to revel in a crystal night sky,
a cool breeze, and a pink moon rising.

I want to meet the nomad - solitary, suspended in a sky-borne
playa, and blazing a trail to infinity.

'In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.'
- Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays
The real gold
Doesn't come cheap
The real gold
Couldn't be harder to find
The real gold
Is what you choose it to be
The real gold
Is neither normal nor weird
The real gold
Is within
The real gold
Has to be dug up
The real gold
Is found with trust built up
The real gold
Rarely lies
The real gold
Tells all
The real gold
Has no shame
The real gold
Seldom hides
The real gold
Still cries
The real gold
Yet wakes up in happiness
The real gold
Does not need loving to show love
The real gold
Remain friends
The real gold
Is a pillar
The real gold
Destroys none
The real gold
Creates many
The real gold
After a lifetime achieved
Or found on first glance
May it stay
Twenty pounds a day
was the price to pay
Monday through Sunday.

The only way
with no leeway
to sit beside my mum and pray.
Over a month of daily hospital visits
Worth every penny
Aren't private hospital car parks great !
Laying in bed
The ground vibrates
A huge jolt of the house
An earthquake that felt forever
Silence in this room
With out fear or doom
Not losing faith praying strong
Trusting the walk in grace
Focused on the word
Count blessing be happy
Not more holding on to life lesson
Learn grow and progress
my sneses are in overdrive
like a car driving over a big sped bump

i look to the left
outlines of claking clikers await me

i look to the rite
there bulgig eyes dare me to make the fist move

i like to wisper sweet nothing's into they're ears
like "mr claker yuo are so powerful" or "scutle away with me to ******"

but then i had the truly terible reelisation
they doo not have ears...
hello this has bean a long time since i wrote on hear i was so busy with my crab s and then my love for them sparked the inspirateen for this peom please like comment and suscribe
Turn out the lights

and let me drown

in passion's darkness.

Play blind

and read my body's braille;

find me in pieces

letting fingers

paint designs.

Crawl beneath my skin and

fill my hunger.

Mold me, make me

malleable and melting

as you permeate my senses.  

. . . And l will trace you too,

traveling across your uncharted map.

Darling you are my ocean

my new country, each inch of you

touched and tasted as new routes

are discovered and pinnacles climbed.

Close your eyes

and feel the tickling of my unseen hand

through the darkness

of this forever night.
DAD... DAd... Dad... .... ... dad.
It's cold out here.
Please just let me in,
Even if it's for a second.
Dad, please... why is the door locked?
Why won't you let me in?
I know you're there, with her.
I don't want to be out here.... Please.

DAd... Dad... ....
It's dark out here
Please don't go to far,
Stay near me!
This started off as fun but not anymore
Please don't leave us out here,
The words are no place for children...
Now she's crying, please don't leave!?!

Dad... ....
You no longer come and get us,
I didn't want to go back anyway.
But no explanation, no reason why.
You hit us, swore, let him hurt us badly,
Why? That's all I ask.
I see you've got a new family now,
You treat that little girl so well...
What make sure her so special?

... ....
I'm eleven years old and you stood there like a coward,
I spoke my mind, the truth.
Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I shouldn't have a voice!
You and your dad told me I was worthless, a failure, a *****
You crushed me that day, tore away my confidence...
A man who was supposed to love, never loved me at all...
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