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Dreamer Feb 2018
She was like a cigarette. I put my lips on her, and suddenly I was immersed in her devine taste. Like a winston cigarette, I ****** her blueberries. Never in my life I felt that great. However, she vanished like smoke and ashes from my life and I was left with stub. Initial couple of days, I felt so tormented. However, later I understood, it was never love between us, it was only an enslavement, merely an addiction
Dreamer Feb 2018
And, tired for some time
possibly shutting eyes will do
before strolling another mile

Honey, sing me a children's song
much the same as you
with a touch of bitterness
And a touch of adoration that is true

I'm done with the falsehoods
the sweet ones
that gets pushed
into my throat consistently

They say
salvation is available to be purchased
while the spirit bites the dust
a noiseless demise
I'm heaving each second
while vision
breaks down in my breath
for what isn't right

what's more, what isn't doesn't make a difference
until the point when I quiet my fevered head

Honey, sing me a bedtime song
much the same as you
I know life is short
What's more, trusts are so few
In any case, I'm never excessively drained
to escape away with you
under the blue moon
sing me a children's song
much the same as you
something so genuine
something that relieves
Dreamer Jan 2018
I went to visit her yesterday...she had grown much beautiful and lively, her heavenly eyes, angelic voice, she is still the most beautiful girl I have ever seen... I told her I had to soothe my heart ache that has been spreading all over now.. she stayed silent and did not even mourn over my pain... she was standing right in front of me physically but I missed her.. it felt like she was not even there... the girl I loved and planned to cherish my whole life with... I felt helpless so I went home to drink the potion of off her pictures like I always did.. and like every other time, the potion covered the wounds but never healed them...
She left my heart scarred, my life discolored and my faith blemished.. despite everything, I have no complaints, no regrets and no worries,, cause my love for her is like a flowing river, that just knows to flow.
Dreamer Oct 2017
My soul is parched
Searching for an ancient knowledge
That has been engulfed
In a deep seated, widespread modernization
When poison introduced to the body is being uplifted as medicine
Forgetting to heal
What has been damaged within
As the body speaks to the soul
We are mostly inclined
For an immediate gratification
We have sought to fulfill the physical
But never the internal
Fear may be one of the many factors
In search of light
One has to be blinded by darkness
As Friedrich Nietzsche once said
"If you gaze long enough into the abyss
The abyss will gaze back into you."
How terrifying would it be
To see these monsters
Wearing the same face as you..
Dreamer Sep 2017
Lost amidst the darkness
I feel most of the times
May be for once I should take the risk of holding "it" or letting go myself
Towards the one dimension way
Hoping i get to meet you
and hug you
Then the visual of dead soul masquearding living smashes my head
I have so many things to do
And what if
What if you deny meeting me?
For I m the reason for brutality you faced
I ve become so dead from the soul
That I don't even have the courage to accept that I m a criminal
A criminal moving freely and who is being loved by people who is actual reason for all their tears
I ve the guilt burning in my chest
And i wanna let it go by coming to you and saying you sorry
But they would never know why i went and shed their tears for me
I m reason for her tears and also for her living
If i tell her she would get hurt
And if i dont she would even more
I know one day all six of us will be having a dinner
And you would tell girl why did you go
They would turn at me
Asking why did i do so?
The question i can't answer neither then nor now
Sooner or later they will abandon me
I truly deserve so
Let me make them smile a bit for now
Only if words didnt come out through
Only if What i thought didnt come true
you would be here disturbing me to write
But i bid you farewell wrapped in white
You would not allow me then
So right now
I'm sorry
I love you
Dreamer Jul 2017
On nights like this
Nighmares are fierce
Memories of yours clear
When i am twisted in sheets
Its hard to breath, So
On nights like this
I want someone to hold on
So scream out for
My first ray of hope
with all I can
And baby
Its your name that come
All along my twisted tongue
The night after you left
I woke up so broken
The only place to put the pieces
Were the bags under my eyes
And within these hurt
I still love you
No matter what it does
I will never repent you
Dreamer Jun 2017
At times I dissipate in the mist of loneliness

Invisible surrounding overladen by haze

Cacophony of unknown voices resonate

Smiling friendly faces appear intermittently​

Soon disappear behind the shadowy clouds

I feel trapped in the moments of twilight

Before the beginning of the darkness

Standing in the middle of a mass

I often feel like a figure without a shadow

An unnoticed and insignificant soul

Wandering lone in a spatial hollow

I feel dead among the innumerable faces

Surviving on this crowded planet

I feel extinct in the world of mechanical friendliness

Where  each step is measured and valued perpetually

I am a little twinkling star lost in the vast galaxy

My gleam obscured by other luminous giants

Eventually the mist of loneliness is unveiled

By my passion for ink which allowed the sunshine

To brighten my dismal days of solitude.
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