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If you must know the truth
There are those just like you
Going through their struggles too

In this you are not alone

In this vast conspiracy
That is life to you and me
Daily knocking to the knees

In this you are not alone

If you find your needing help
With difficulty to work it out
With the cards that you've been dealt

In this you are not alone

Problems that daily confront you
Others have the same ones too
Under the sun there's nothing new

In this you are not alone

You find yourself at the foot of break
More wrongs than rights, mistakes you've made
Where there seems no save in this giveaway

In this you are not alone

You often feel like calling quits
As the world you're in no longer fits
Making no sense in all of it

In this you are not alone

Mark this moment down as truth
No matter what you're going through
You have me beside of you

In this you are not alone
Love in garden rose
Her little hands twining tight
Heart rapt in tendril
There's a person deep inside of me
That goes against all I believe
Only does what he wants to do
Do you have someone like that too

It's the sin in me that's troubling
As I blindly follow where it leads
You'd think that "NO" is what I'd say
But far too often that is not the case

After all these years I should know
Because it looks good don't make it so
As the guilt sets in after all
Another trip, another fall

There's a part of me that knows whats right
Though I too often side with the other side
Who can save me from this wretched life
Praise be to my Savior Jesus Christ
Romans 7:15
And I write.
I write about everything I did and regret,
I write about everything I lost and missed,
I write about a darkness that's lurking in my head.
And I write.
I write about stars, space and bliss,
I write about the nights I spent sleepless,
I write about the internal extraterrestrial intelligence.
And I write.
I write about stolen kisses and awkward hugs,
I write about sharing a bed and drugs,
I write about drunken *** and whisky jugs.
And I write.
I write about literature and poetry,
I write about Sexton making out with Bukowski,
I write about Akhmatova painting Dostoevesky.
And I write.
I write about music and lovely symphonies,
I write about Tchaikovsky waltzing with Vivaldi,
I write about a world where we dance as we please.
And I write.
I write about childhood lost not forgotten,
I write about battered women and abused children,
I write about you and them. I write me every now and then.
And I write.
Nothing's left
That's worth my breath
I fought and fought
To stave off death
I wrestled demons
You couldn't see
becoming something
I shouldn't be
I cut through sinew
I splintered bone
Despite the company
I suffered alone
You said you cared
I thought you knew
I'd never survive
Without you
As skin was tested
blood bloomed
My will was bested
denying doom
I saw it hung
behind each scene
Your heart unshackled
Your conscience clean
Love fits so neatly
back on the shelf
My final desire
To erase myself.
Just struggling with mental illness and heartache, this isn't a goodbye.
A princess with a broke heart.
A prince with impeccable smarts

A princess  who could never trust
A prince with tremendous lust

A princess that wouldn't fall
A prince who knew it all

A princess who fell in love
A prince who knew nothing of

A princess who would weep
A prince  fast asleep

A princess that carried lies
A prince with ocean eyes

A princess who was dying
A prince that was felt like he was flying

A princess stuck in her dreams
A prince with High esteem

A princess who finally had enough
A prince who acted tough

A princess who spilled her guts
A prince had slept with the *****

The princess who said a eight letter phrase
The prince who would never be just a phase

A simple girl who fell in love with
A  complicated guy who just slipped by
Wrote in my beautiful grandparents room
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