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C Jun 2015
It's quite fascinating, you see I always thought I just idolized him or the idea of him. He was my newest prize added to the collection. One day I realized he was different.

I admired him from across the pool, he was laughing pretending to be all macho and buff, and of course he had to make the biggest splash when he plunged into the pool to play water basketball with some younger kids.

I captured that moment and will hold on to it forever because right there I couldn't get over how lucky I was to be with him. I finally knew what you were supposed to feel.

It's almost like the time I felt completely infinite, like my time on Earth could never come to an end. Cruising down the highway, 95 or 93. A throwback came on the radio and we both just burst out singing no matter how tone deaf we sounded, it was music to my ears. The melody was completely off but that didn't matter. What mattered was that I felt like nothing in this world could have made that moment any better.

I think that's when I fell for him.
C Jan 2015
An average college dorm bed creaks as I am pulled against your warm body with your hands caressing the crease my hip bones.

Our pulses are almost in sync but as usual I am a bit more nervous.

I roll over and see what I have been waiting for, perfection.

I need to call the doctors because a smile like that could cure cancer.

If the Earth could stop spinning now would be that time.

Safe and wanted, what unfamiliar feelings churn in my stomach.

Just as I begin to feel like I am going to loose my lunch. I am embraced by your arms and you look me into the eyes and say, the three words, eight letters I never expected to hear.

My nausea dissolves and I kiss those lips because I can't find any words perfect enough to match yours

That would be ideal, but it's hard to roll over and feel that perfection when we are 182 miles apart.
C Sep 2014
drink, drank, drunk
hello there
what? you like Mumford and Sons
let's get out of here
wow, this is a comfy bed
wow, you're attractive
wow, that's a lot of Jack to finish up

kiss, kiss, kiss
truth is erased when mixed with alcohol
funny, isn't it

wow, let's do this!
your hands are so soft as they brush my face
and you sweep the hair behind my ears
kiss, kiss, kiss
wow, this is fantastic

Facebook Status; Relationship: .....
that's not my name
who is this girl

not again.

Good Morning :)  
alright... Hey, there!

why am I always #2
side chick
this *****

his eyes show me that everything is alright
he wraps me up and I know in that moment
he speaks the truth

then the stories come out,
low self esteem and complicated life issues that still
are left as a mystery to me

he drinks to cure the numbness
but it only leads to more
I want to help
but can't find the words

new day.
he smiles and once again reminds me
everything is going to be okay
I believe him

drink, drank, drunk
wow, I am used
I am number 2
he only wants me for one thing
how could I do this to myself again
I let myself slip up again
that poor girl
the girlfriend
the girlfriend that isn't me
all these voices flood my head and repeat the obvious

no one will ever love you.

all my self respect dissolves into my tears
I am alone.
I could make him choose?
what do I even say?
when I am with him all my problems seem minimal...
why would I leave that feeling to go to waste....
oh right, because being number two is disrespectful to myself.


Then I see his smile and I am conflicted
why me?

why me?

self respect or a cheater...
"if he cheats with you, he will cheat on you..."
my friends make this clear
the answer seems obvious
it should be easy to choose...
yet why am I having such a hard time
letting go.
C Jun 2014
is this real life?
                             is this...real life?
is it.
                             yes, why wouldn't it be
is this real life?
is this real?
is life real right now?
like you are actually here?
in my room?
with me?
there is no way this is real?

                      this is real life
                   kisses me
                      was that real enough for you?

for now, yes.
C Jun 2014
"what's your favorite whale?"
"killer whale"
he laughs, "...and you're favorite shark?"
"whale shark."
again he laughs, looks at me and says, "your favorite whale is a dolphin, and your favorite shark is a fish....impressive."
I nervously laughed too
he softly kissed me
innoncently and pure
everything was okay
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