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Joseph Bucci Oct 2015
Blank stares ahead
So unengaged
No thoughts provoked
Make me enraged

Only the vines
They see swinging back
Are traveled and torn
By this cumbersome pack

No one dares question
Is this the best?
Monkey see monkey do
"Well so says the rest"

Can't define their ideals
Politics are chatter
Philosophy's a dead game
Complicated things don't matter

"Nothings black and white"
Yet oblivious to nuance
Forget the golden rule
What matters is my wants

Refusing education
Unsalvageable hypocrisy
These hive minded animals
Undermine our democracy

So extraordinarily capable
So grossly unwilling
These apes don't realize
That it's us that we're killing
Joseph Bucci Jan 2015
I guess my heart pounding against its cage, and the cold on my cheeks are good reminders that I'm still not invincible, even if my only one weakness is you.
Joseph Bucci Dec 2014
Hands up
Body rigid with anticipation
My gut pulls down
Stronger and stronger as I go up
I can see the top
So close but so far
I decided to take a risk
And try my luck at this ride
I inch over the peak
And then I

Screaming with adrenaline
Impossible not to smile
This was the thrill I sought
My gamble payed off
But then the tracks flatten out
And overcome with disappointment
I realize
It's all already over

All that can happen
When I spend 3 minutes
Talking to you
"My friends can come too"
Joseph Bucci Nov 2014
The night's silence
Drowned by screaming

Where I should see darkness
I see smiles and tears

I'm so tired
But I'm allowed no rest

Just constant torture
From the ghosts of the past

My body may be still
Yet my mind is running

Days, months, years go by
But my clock ticked only once

My heart knocks on my chest
To make sure I don't go

My prison
Joseph Bucci Oct 2014
A new set of lips
That curl into a smile
Every time my eyes fall to them

A new pair of eyes
That meet mine
Every time I decide to glance

A new spark
That gives me hope
That maybe I can love again

Yet she seems too nice
The kindness she radiates
Makes me cower

She's too pretty
Her beauty consumes me
Not with awe but with doubt

Just as I was too sure
That the last one was for me
That she was the one

And if that last one
Could fool me with "I love you"
Why would someone new be different?
Joseph Bucci Aug 2014
I used to think it was an emotion
This feeling you got about someone
Much better than happiness
A perpetual state of bliss

Then my world overturned
There's much more I learned
As my emotions grew complex
And myself more perplexed

When your trust is broken
And the relationship is just a token
With love comes jealousy
And hate and pain not ecstasy

As everything they say
Can twist you the wrong way
Yet through all of every game
You love them all the same

This contradictory insanity
Consumed every inch of me
It shook me like thunder
Every night, I'm forced to wonder

After endless thoughts
And countless ideas fought
I came to a conclusion
Not proven, yet well rooted

That love is not a feeling
But a state of being
Where your heart is completely bare
Vulnerable to every tear

She's free to make it sing
To bring joy to everything
Or provoke the darker notes
And life shall don a bitter coat
Joseph Bucci Aug 2014
Because after everything you did
All the fights
And all the insults
All the broken promises
And all the lies
All the short retorts
And all the K's
I still love you
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