Angel-like rain castle
27/F/Over the moon    I smile so people don't loose hope
Jackie Mead
56/F/United Kingdom    I love running, lifting weights, I am a wife, mother of 3, Granny to 3 and a Newly published Childrens Author Follow me on Social ...
Lure Pot
24/M/Facebook: lurepot.hp    I'm young- So, I sing of youth Every niceness is beloved So, I would like to be nice...
G Rog Rogers
M/Los Angeles    ----Poetry, Lyrics, Musings, Quotes---- ---Freelance Writer, Poet, Novelist--- --RocknJazz GuitaristComposer-- Options Trader *G Rog Rogers on Facebook* ©2017 All Rights Reserved by Archive Secretariat General ...
Daniel Scelle Monyei
17/M/London    I am Daniel Monyei . I am 5 feet 10.The third son amongs four boys.
Lior Gavra
I hope to inspire others. New book available NOW on Amazon. Check out my book's website at:
Kainat Rasheed
19/F/pakistan    I'm muslim , a pakistani . I must be a reader observer , learner or a creativity creater ... less a writer ... but its ...
56/F/California    William Shakespeare quote Life is as tedious as a TWICE -TOLD TALE Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man
Fredrick Njoroge
26/M/Abington, MA    Kenyan|90s|Undergrad(B.S)|Employed|Poet|Fitness|Music|Movies|Humble|Honest|Quiet|Wise|Good Vibes *ALL POEMS COPYRIGHT OF FREDRICK NJOROGE AND ARE NOT TO BE USED WITHOUT HIS CONSENT* *LIKE MY POEMS AND I WILL LIKE YOURS ...
122/Two-Spirit/hell, you know already    only love poems and other complaints
Celeste Briefs
17/F/Colorado    I am a fifteen-year-old seventeen-year-old with no life except for the fantasies in my head and the words on my paper. I am a hopeless ...
Book Thief
F    Tensile anxiety, finally embracing the means to move out of bounds & challenge my depths. Passionate about the land. Final words by Liesel: I have ...
42/Turkey    I like poems.Poems are my dreams.I am a poetr.I and poem are very good friends.I have ten poetry tecnichals.Everyone is a human.My poems says life's ...
Cynthia Henon
112/F/WA    I am a devoted student of poetry and yoga.
Stephanie Stoychevska
F/Where the roses wilt    ,,Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again,,
Dr zik
50/M/Pakistan    Profession: Doctor, Educationist, Columnist, Translator, Essayist, Poet. Under publication books are SIMPLE WORDS (English poetry) and RAH TAKTI ANKH (Urdu poetry). Positive criticism will be ...
Rachel Ace
24/F/Valencia/Spain    My biography is like poetry.
Butch Decatoria
43/M/Las Vegas, Nevada, USA    "The thing about love is that we come alive in bodies not our own" - Colum McCann (Let The Great World Spin). The beautiful contradictions ...
M/Mesopotamia/Persia    Poetry was invented in Mesopotamia...
Ashly Kocher
32/F/Pennsylvania    I write when I'm inspired. I try my best and hope my poems touch someone's life. ❤ my writings are raw and usually unedited. All ...
20/F/New Zealand    "You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you"
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