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  Oct 2019 sassybutsweet
Francie Lynch
As a young man in love,
I was selfish.
I walked with you,
I shared food,
I slept with you,
It was my insatiable thirst;
Desire, and
I needed to gulp it,
At any cost,
For survival.
Perhaps you felt likewise.
I didn't know.

Now, being older,
Which I do
Out of love,
I do for you.
  Oct 2019 sassybutsweet
Sometimes I wonder if you’re waking dreams
Are about me
Because my wondering thoughts always
Wonder their way
Back to you
  Sep 2019 sassybutsweet
Setting  you free
letting you go
sentenced me
to life
  Sep 2019 sassybutsweet
You asked me
if there ever was a moment
when I wanted to leave you,
and truthfully,
there was.

But not a day has passed
that you didn't cross my mind.

People say that in this world
we are all just trying to find
true love,
one of a kind,
and all it takes
is just one glance,
but I believe it's much more
than a lucky chance-

countless moments...

each one a memory
frozen in time

all these moments,
like a mosaic
(too many to count)

in this enormous amount
all I see
is the big picture
and it is the most beautiful artwork
I have ever seen.
That is the art of falling in love
I never felt deserving
or enough
for love.
So, I let
my mind break my heart,
before you get a chance
to break it.
  Jul 2019 sassybutsweet
you make my heart ache
sweetest, deepest, truest pain
loving you just hurts
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