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She is a poem of his heart
He never disclosed
In front of anyone.
  Jan 2022 sassybutsweet
Can you give me a bear hug
for the lonely walks taken?

Can you give me a tight hug
for being strong?

Can you give me a hug
for all that I am?

Can you be the hug
that I never received?

A hug ought to fade away
all my silent tears.
  Dec 2021 sassybutsweet
Laura Duran
I'll walk behind you
I'll lead the way
I'll walk beside you

When you are frightened
I'll be brave
When you get lost
I'll light the way

When you're lonely
No need to cry
For I am with you
Day and night

I'll see you through
Your every endeavor
I'm with you now
And will be forever
  Dec 2021 sassybutsweet
Maria Mitea
a knock on your door

  open the door

tonight the presence returned

let the steps lead you to the other side of the door

make your way
trough the light of rocking branches, nursing little buds
in the distance
the snow caresses their sleep
the wind
from time to time
is shaking the remnants of fright

  shards of crystal on the floor

no and yes

when you hear a knock on your door

open the door

consider the invitation
life it is a long road one that we must take
decisions they are there ones that we must make
each and every bend has a different turn
which way is the right one. something we must learn

each ever corner leads a different way
lead you on the right track.  or take you miles away
its the road of life one where we all go
where the road will take us we just never know

its a road we travel that just has to be
what is round the corner we just never see
we must  learn to cope what ever comes along
a long and winding road we have to drive along
  Dec 2021 sassybutsweet
Edmund black
Your beauty shines through
When your roses are in blooms
Remember your worth.
There’s a difference between desire and value. See anyone can desire you for the moment, but if they value you, you'll notice the difference in their approach in how they treat you. Yes, its nice to be wanted, it feels great, but I'd rather much be valued. It's more powerful and heartfelt that way.
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