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Indeed there are solutions
though temporary
and superficial
to the dark wave
the deep soul
kickshaw on dark matters
heaviness where light would be
more appropriate
Triggers, head down, keep
moving though
The trees actually
were never silent
and deepdown she is waiting
something to happen
someone who sees
A solitude her life grey skies
blue sunsets the horizon
shall always be out of reach
Glimmers of light
on the dining table
all set and she is
strong, tall, kind
to him. Moving
like a butterfly
setting the table
using the crystal glasses
Not to impress him
it's the job she's just
fit to do. To please
him to see him
without expecting
anything in return.
In that house with that man
There was a kitchen and a view
There was another moment in time
another version of me
Because the real version came out
in Mexico and Argentina when
learning the language the culture eating
Dulce de leche
Dulce enough to be truly happy
Enough leche to never want to go back home
On the airport my heart truly hurts
A wave of black of sad of knowing
the end.
The long driveway up to
the farm has these big trees
bending across
filtering the sunlight
into diffused thick green intensity
only mildly shining through
the hugging branches
it is like diving underneath the
surface of a pond covered by
duckweed mysterie glows in rays
Wear this say that
No not that
Ow just smile
And I do
Because I want
to beĀ 
a day at the time
but time flies
and lost in moments
of desolate loneliness
not the beautiful aloneness
that makes one want to
listen to sad songs
and just cat-curl in bed
but the one that hurts
that makes the songs
just mordacious
that makes the bed
just empty
To see the rainbow
At the end of the street
It is just a room you know
But near you
We can go for a walk
Change perspective
Hold the world
And each other maybe
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