To open the mind
I light a candle
To bring about change
I open my heart
To resolve my doubts
I examine my own
Judgmental contradictions
Then and only then
Does peace and tranquility
Have a place to dwell...
Traveler Tim
new depression in the ocean
coming our way, that's so uncertain
this rain -

it can pour down very heavily,
then I won't come and sit pining for you
here, by my window, lone in the storm;

it can blow mildly across the land,
losing its passion down the road
and then I won't come, there's one more
thing I can get drenched in, besides -

it can wheeze and whistle down in the wind
drizzling past like the waters of blessing
then I won't come, there's one more
thing I can bow my head to,

or it may not rain at all, all wind and no zest
and then I won't come, there's one more
agony to savour, besides,

your love
I've been reading Faiz and so...
I feel like a child unable to give up hope.
Come inside.
It will probably start to rain soon.
I know I'm not the best shelter.
Endless self indulgence,
And selflessness with an end.
I can't bring myself to be productive,
What a production.
Too old to be old enough for this.
I'm sorry I'm not strong enough to be the villain.

I can dish it out,
But I can't take it.
You can tell me how vile,
I already know that I am.
 Nov 2018 CA Guilfoyle
You talked about the hours
I know what you mean
Two cocoons spinning around each other
Waiting to be born

Nothing personal was the agreement
After awhile

It gets lonely
With nothing else to do but be inside

Not wanting to hide
Or collide
Do we really have that much time?

Two cocoons spinning
You became a butterfly
I became a moth
You flew west
I flew north.
The title is one of my favorite Bob Dylan lines from Your Going to Make Me Lonesome When You Go...
 Nov 2018 CA Guilfoyle
Two outs
Two strikes
It's all over now

There's a line drive
Down the right field line
One run scores
Two runs score
******* in the bottom of the ninth
On a hot summer night
And childhood
Never  dies.
 Nov 2018 CA Guilfoyle
moon child
"I'm an open book"
She says

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