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 Jun 2022 CA Guilfoyle
In the afternoon quiet
With the turtle dove and breeze
In simultaneous Being..
There comes a recognition
Of open Totality
And the experience of
Nothing to surrender...
 Jun 2022 CA Guilfoyle
Jeff Stier
I’m a friend of darkness
lock lips with it
in a lover’s embrace

I mourn the dawn
beg favors from the twilight
hold every hope
in my uncertain hand
for a day when the sun won’t shine

And I know
by my wayward feet
by the tremors in my hand
that darkness creeps silently
up to my borders
crosses every line
and will someday defeat
my meager defenses

I have prepared my retreat
a forced march
to the grey Pacific
where everything in my life
and begins

The solemn swell of the waves
a fitting harmony
to that last sweet song.
 Oct 2021 CA Guilfoyle
Wk kortas
See that
under the cow?
That holds the stuff of life,
so pick it up and drink, just don't
kick it.
 Oct 2021 CA Guilfoyle
Wk kortas
the moon, and stars
As love-tokens; I give
you dirt from near this undisturbed
rose bush.
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