I met a man with a bean moustache
All I could think of saying was Gosh!
You have got a bean moustache
Then he grew a green bean beard
Which everyone thought was very weird
But can you guess, he didn't stop there
Next he grew asparagus hair;
With compost in his cauliflower ears
He grew potatoes for years and years;
Out of his pockets sprouted leaves
And strawberry plants grew in his sleeves
Then much to even his surprise
His brain turned to cabbage,
Which sadly led to his rapid demise

messing around with my grandson

When it comes to matters financial
we all need an ounce of sense
They say a fool is very soon stripped
of his pounds shillings and pence

And if we borrow we have to be sure
we can pay back what has been lent
or else we get in a muddle
with our pounds shillings and pence

Diddlers thieves and con men
can cause us immense expense
so don't let them get their dirty hands
on your pounds shillings and pence

We come into the world with nothing
with nothing away we are sent
but in between it's handy to have
some pounds shillings and pence



drunken in my pockets,
the day whispers to the trees that
pin to you, albatross
of a wind-swept sea loosening
feathers and heart-beats in
short, death-caught seconds.


gorgeous girl of height,
your caves are bright mysteries
your light an elephant's graveyard
of grey.


bitter note of earth,
you anchor birth
to our eye sockets, unwrap
mint and honey from the hills.


uneasy mistress,
dark daughter of sight,
sunk into all the corners of the world
you break like string,
you break and i break with you.


vignette of ivy-coloured dreams,
sunny trail, you break my heart and
glue it back, sigh and sigh like a viking raider
conjured out of porcelain
and rose-water.


warrior of distant planes,
dense harbour of a lonely city,
landscape of water, unravelled
in an instant, a velvet
ribbon tied into a bow.

"where night is...the swallows return or a hut near a lake"

in the castle of our love,
windswept fortress of
ashen grey, where the
four poster bed rests
on wooden floorboards
and the windows have
no glass,
roses wind around our
bed and their petals
blush against the oak,
and our dreams press
to our lips,
i can believe that
romance and passion
will sweep us, breathless,
to paradise, that this
glowing happiness was
a promise we'd never
betray, as your arms
fold me in the morning
of the dusk, my limbs
stretched out and your
slinky legs wrapped
around mine. red rose
of me in the ashes, red
rose of you sinking
into the night.

A close read
reveals that
I am nothing
but a rough draft
riddled with

a work in progress
watered down by
superfluous adjectives,
non sequiturs, and
smothered verbs.

Love is an editor.

She courts me
with a pocket of
sharpened pencils,
blue and red.

She marks me
up meticulously—
dele, stet
dele, stet.

Decades punctuated
by intermittent edits.

Sunlight slanting
through an hourglass.

Her hair as white
as the final page.

When the end comes,
will she love me enough
to give me another pass?

I, ripe
a-wait dreams,
legends, storms~
In song, become
girl, with voice, hair,
lips, let me ex
press to you the welling,
welting of
the cardiovascular.
Precipice of a
smile, sultry swirl of
cloud before the
wet. Orange
skies cut to
red. Brok
en clocks because maybe without time they'll get here before I

I love you relentlessly,  the way death inches toward all of us,
As if I  held Eons in my closed fist,
and all the world went black,
I alone
held All the emptiness,
In a bag thrown across my back,
even the blackness was empty,
And it was mine
I would sit suspended in the void.....
For your voice,

Being can wait,

When I hear you,
Like the tide rising in the Hudson
Silently conquering the staind concrete barricades, swallowing the beaten streets and behemoth carcasses of capitalism ,  only then would I calmly  lift each
Let the eons rip through the nothing and
Slowly drip
From my lips
To your eyelids,
Like a kiss,
I would return all of the light to you,
I would only wake you,
While the whole world slept

We will walk through the universe.

Once we reach the outer gates of
The cosmos,
we will walk......
until we become
something else

If time ever
Calls you a liar..
I will deny time-
if time ever takes your mind,
I will defy time-
become as elusive
As silence in this kingdom
If time tries
To forget you-
I will set the clouds aflame
With the songs
Of your lifes story,
Then when rain falls it will be wrapped in fire
Rushing down to earth like a vengeful tide of tiny comets,  
and screaming your name into infinity.

Tonight I am unfamiliar
With loneliness
I am here
And you are not...
And yet
I will never forget
walking from the park..our son swinging from planet to planet
Through infinity
Each of his tiny hands in one of ours headed
west down Malcolm x
toward Broadway,
falling in love with the broken day..

In the chamber of unspoken words,
Where cold truths often hide
whose doors oft go unopened,
knowing stories of human lovers past whose love
surely died from  
the fire,
whilst two losing lovers joust
in  a house of hope and life..
yet they light
That house afire
and watch it
burn down in flames
Of desire and shame,
And although it
Rained many seasons since,
And the winds come in
stronger than any seamans hands,
I can still smell the dank musk of dying cedar
......tonight I am unfamiliar with being human
Because from what I've heard...I have seen everything..
Humans are lonely....
I have never been alone...
And when the darkest of the ancient infinite emptiness embraces me....
Even there  in that unfathomable space  
where neither silence nor Angels have traveled.....
I will not be alone.
I existed,
Just as cloud
Always leaving
Never arriving,
As a
I was a tree , watching days
Walk silently across time
I have forgotten loneliness
And longevity
as "humans" are prone
To fear the days raging on....
These days I
Cannot be human....
I am the cloud,
I am the tree and it's leaves,
Losing through seasons,
Yet my roots like fingers I have driven
Them down deep below the skin
Of the breathing earth..
Aging willingly
A tree, giving
It's leaves, hoping
To be crumbled
and shattered beneath the back
Of some child playing
under rays of sun
That were never mine or yours..to hold...or, to own,
Our lives as well we borrowed,
both mine and yours,
a face in an infinite crowd...
Only knowing what comes before tomorrow ,
I am a cloud,
I am the stone beneath the cloud,
I am also the tree beside the stone..
And as long as there is this
Infinite ending always at the feet
Of silence,
I will never be alone.

she like me..
she hate me..
she loves me..
she distaste me..

i try to make her smile..
she makes me sad..
i wish to be happy..
she makes  me mad...

when she smile..
when she prays…
always makes me..
full of courage..

she is my inspiration..
we live together…
never felt apart ..
from each other..

although carry ….
so much pain..
never makes….
any complain..

all the success ..
all the fault..
deep buried…
in my heart..

one body one soul…
feel forever…
never think to be apart..
reason  whatsoever…

       deovrat - 26.06.2015  (c)

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