If the endless invoked me
I would leave these days.
Without me -
the solidarity of hidden deserts
Under unfounded skies
Will still be resting,
If I remain
Amidst the swaying morning,
by earth-
Inside your space,
Only my hands-
Dark as shadows of holes in
In the walls behind heaven
Seconds dripping,
billions all at once...
Trying to keep every drop of you
-in my hands/
But you are a quasar
Even breaking atoms,
collapsing everything /
And lowering yourself
back to earth,
inches, equal aeons /
Here in this place
-Where no one ever goes,
I watch the universe
In my palm, I witness
the strength of megallactic clouds-
I am alive,
Because I snatched only the essence of the galaxies
bleeding /
your skin is perfect,
No man could ever touch you..
You having been born of tears,
Of the endless face of God,
Racing back/
Down through
Darkness' unnamed
And unnumbered,
Rushing down
Leaving every empty space
Stained with the fingers of your
Flames while you
escape heaven/
I will reinforce.
Every constellation,
Else the ether
could never hold you,
for a moment /
Your skin was placed superbly on bones
and flesh, Veins, endless ...
And all the tender entrails ...
in its time,
Sat suspended ...
Remember ...My love-Forget
all other things-
But this:
When your eyes finish....finally
...It wont be day ...
nor December,
There won't be rain,
And stars will not descend
From the space from which you came
...you woke up in childhood ...
You have learned to dream in mirage of minutes,
Be Silent in the shaken shadows
Of hours..
just once you were called by the finite-
But do not be afraid,
My love-
Because the caverns of my heart,
were forged in the thickest charms
In darkness
In the unchanged
Spaces of gods thought
-I'll tell you now ...
Spill everything,
from your fury down
inside me,
Because my emptiness can not be filled-
when there was a real light,
in the days of the day -
I sat with the wicked /
In kingdoms, where light can not pass!

-In repentance,

I will save a calm battle/
Until every atomie of my skin has perished
I will rage against the black angels-
In the clouds Behind your eyes -
Until the ice,
Until innocence...
When they lay you in the empty space,
soon you will be the bones,
and the flesh unexcited.
The unexpected veins of the earthstar,
Your scent goes away from the moon-
Your breath on my skin is gravity/ only you could be born once...
as a single kind of dust drifting with Silence/yet, violently Bubbling,
and Spinning-Recklessly /
Endlessly, forever!
My bright eyes hide darkness as a shadow in the day
A shadow growing longer
Cast now upon city sidewalks and bank building walls
A shadow of my soul
A face growing weary from the weight of the world
I want to love
But living is hard enough
I've got to lose
I've got to lose

I only know of impossibilities
Just the fact that I breath and I feel
Defies all the logic I knew as a child
But all the wonder is leaving me now
I can only be disillusioned
As eyes see from years of history before
Its a hateful world
Full of failure

My dreams are always strongest when I'm awake
A thought to hold into
When my strong hands need a reason to believe
A thought of morning
A night slowly creeping on vericose veins
I want the day
But my day can seem so long
I've got to lose
I've got to lose

I only know what I'm taught
So teach me not to feel
Let the world I work for
Let these days become unreal
The night is antiquity
Its been around longer than the day
And even the brightest star that shines
Still fades away
flowers and weeds on my doorstep
I haven't thought of it for a while
comes ivy creeping on the floor
that I know that I know

they say there's a war in my backyard
i haven't fought a bit for a while
I needed something I could die for
that I know that I know

that I know
what the flower has
what makes a lonesome life more beautiful
as it turns the world is cruel
that I know

buzzard and crow have perched out
on the tree branch underneath my window pane
as it pains me now to look out
and see the crow gambling

that I know
the hand he has
what makes a lonely life more beautiful
as it turns the world is cruel
but flowers grow
flowers grow
no weapon formed against me shall prosper,
I am not the flesh,
without ears I hear,
without eyes I see,
without touch,
the voice that speaks is not mine,
it is me,

back, forth,
right, left,
up, down,

coming now from inner-space,
before the body,
speak without the mouth,
without hands
I hold love, and I hold truth, and I hold knowledge,
I was born of the light,

in, in, in, in,
out and out,
front, back,
side to side,
up, down
in and out

I am here
but I'm not

in and out
I don't need a time machine
to take me back to that moment
The songs takes me back
back to when I was trying to
figure out myself
figure out life
I get lost in the songs
close my eyes
I am content to just pretend
that I'm wild and free
and yes that I am young again
The songs take me back :)
Happy Friday HP :) xoxo
I fed on
the pain
swallowed it

before it
devoured me.
the day is as long as you are tall.
the sound of positive encouragement
is never remiss.
 Jun 12 CA Guilfoyle
Well, there's my pain,
I never thought to think
of it again,
and pain's a gift,
it lifts you up
from the midnight hour;
it cannot be given,
only tracked down,
discovered somewhere
within this maze, this prison
by which by choices
I have made;
and when I move,
like now,
I'm searching for something
to give to you,
like the silence coming
yonder, but it is far
from grief, my friends,
my lover, and all you others;
pain brings relief
beyond time
for there is no wonder,
there is no crime,
only the quiet of dark nights,
to ponder the anguish
where once only
the loneliness existed.
Keep on rocking in a free world, my friends.
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