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No Nahme Sep 2020
In this cold world
Let us build a sanctuary together
A warm place
For us to embrace
Finding comfort in the arms of each other

Now that the right one has come along
I know where it is that I belong
No Nahme Sep 2020
Let us go with the current flow
On this path, watch us quickly grow
Vanquish any demons of doubt
Ease your mind, we'll figure it out
No Nahme Jun 2020
Watching the moons
dance on the water
with fog
rolling in over
the lake
On a cold crisp
quiet night
Missing quiet peaceful winter nights
No Nahme Feb 2020
You are the perfect host
And I am a virus
Invisible like a ghost

Let me infect you

I will raise your temp
Shorten your breath
And take you to meet death
Well.. ****
No Nahme Feb 2020
Want to tell the truth
But the words are hard to find
And harder to say
Words. Are. Hard.
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