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Penang, penang, penang,
Piining, pining, pining,
High humidity,
or arid mountain-tops,
And love, to homemade gentle kisses,
grasping at the eternal,
Katmandu fires imagination,
A meeting place,
Or fascinating connection,
Sleep and awe,
With quieted emotion,
Driven into souls,
And held,
Nicely anticipated dreams,
Give way to unpredictable realities,
And soft promises.
to the lake..
to the hill
to the sky
to the sun
and the day..
these color
that which I am...

“Day is done, Gone the sun,
From the lake, From the hill,
From the sky.
All is well, Safely rest,
God is nigh.”
What do you find..?
Discomfort rampant
Freedom under lock and key
Passionate dark discourse
Desperation on borders
Spiritual aridity
Wonky and heady proposals..
That's enough..!
What of a new finding
Coming from simple
Recognizing that in which
All findings appear..
Simply that...
In our early innocence
We live with appearance
Appearance of an
Amazing plethora
Coloring our innocence
We are doves..

Then we forget as
Appearances declare
Their independence
Introducing the ego
Dove to Serpent

Then the discovery
Serpent is what Dove
Does all day long
Serpent is Dove in action
Dove is Serpent at rest...!
"Be wise as serpents, innocent as doves.."
is an overtone of
the quotidian..the everyday
the is said
"same old same old.."
seemingly there is belief
of an inequality
showing up on occasion
and labeled as exciting or
not so exciting..
the root of our boredom
as with our fears and angst
is the concealed culprit:
an unquestioned belief
in a life lived in separation...
Deadliest to kiss,
From deep seas or coral reefs,
Bright colorful fish.
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