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 Oct 2017 Bianca Reyes
Melissa S
A victim becomes violated
Does not matter how
It feels like every room in their
house has been broken into
We pay too much attention to
Who did this or even why
Passing blame on this or that
We lose focus...
We forget about that person
Living inside the house
Don't lose focus of the victims!!! Sorry just something I feel very strongly about!!
 Oct 2017 Bianca Reyes
 Oct 2017 Bianca Reyes
I dream of the night

That I'd sprout new wings

I'd then take to the sky

In search of new things

I'd flap them hard

I'd crest over the moon

I'd map out the stars

I'd claim the boon

But the wings, feathers they shed

More till first sun's beam

I'd falter back into this shell

Till it's time for a new night's dream
He lived by 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop'
I caught on and adopted
And when I started I couldn't stop
I wouldn't stop it
 Oct 2017 Bianca Reyes
 Oct 2017 Bianca Reyes
I could listen to you talk
From midnight to morning rush hour

I would watch the headlights pile up on the 101
And the sun climb up the horizon
To the hum of your voice
Hearing someone else say it feels nice, but it kicks in some confirmation bias I think. I shouldn't be kindling this.

October, 2017
Love means complete acceptance of a person....this means accepting both the goodness as well as the bad qualities of that person...these two qualities make up a person and are can't love the goodness and absolutely hate the bad part...then that can't be doesn't have any terms or conditions.
"For all have sinned
and fall short of
the glory of God..."

Romans 3:23

Jane woke up
In a strange bed
Liquor on her breath
She lit up a cigarette
She knew that
it was death.
She watched him
Put his pants on
Before he went to work
She thought
He was a loser
She thought
He was a ****
She walked out his doorway
Back out on the street  
She now had $60
So she went out to eat
She observed the customers
The waitress and the cook
How could
She keep on living
With the guilt
She felt - the *looks?

They all knew her business
Her clothing said it all
So they sat in judgment
Nailed her to the wall.

She left with shame
Surrounding her
There was no disguise
She left with face
A flaming red
Tears burning
In her eyes
She walked by an outreach
Walked in with
Other knaves
She felt she might
Find some help

The sign said, "JESUS SAVES".

Sue woke beside her hubby
In a nice suburban home
She went and made
Him breakfast
He came down
Well groomed.
He went to
Good employment
He had a sterling past
She put on her makeup
And went to Yoga class
Then the doctor's office
Her tests negative again
She filled out the
And thoughtlessly
Took their pen
Then she drove
To Wal-Mart
In a hurry
She was late
For her next appointment
For the lunch
Which her friends ate
She went in to
Meet them
That's when
She saw Jane
She looked with derision.
That "***** *****" again.
She consumed her salad
"The girls" laughter
Met Jane's ears
That's what caused
Her face to blush
That's what
Caused her tears.
Sue drove home.
She cut cars off,
Not thinking it depraved.
Jane walked in the outreach
With the legend

Two very different women
Died & went to God
It was then
Something happened...
Definitely odd!
Jane went before
The Father
He looked at her list.
All the things
Which she had done
All the marks she'd missed
But He then
Acquitted her!
He hugged her with love!
For to HIM
Her page was blank
For He saw JESUS' BLOOD!

Sue then stood
Before Him
He looked at
Her short note.
All things done
Were what
The angels wrote.
How she'd transgressed
Her husband
By taking him
For granted
How she'd taken
The doctor's pen
And other things
She wanted
How she and her friends
Had laughed at
A girl in pain...

That the woman's guilty
That much was
Quite plain...

So Jane was then succored
Sue went on bereft
Jane stood on the right hand
Sue stood to the left.

For Jane was FORGIVEN
Her joy had no end...

Sue eternal torment
Because she was


What's your stance,
My people?
Will you stand or FALL?
For God is always watching
And He judges


(C) 10/2/2017
Sin is simply an ancient archery term for "missing the mark". Not making the bullseye.

It doesn't matter what you've done in life. You've MISSED THE MARK! Only Jesus Christ lived a sinless life! He gave it up for YOU! PLEASE! DON'T THINK BECAUSE YOU'RE A "GOOD PERSON" YOUR ETERNAL DESTINY IS IN HEAVEN!

If you haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior ALL your transgression will be counted against you! You will go to Jesus' "left hand"! And your doom will be SEALED.

Is Christianity a "fairy tale"? Do you want to take the chance it ISN'T?

I HAD the experience of Salvation. I SAW the hand of God touch me! I know that I know that I KNOW IT'S REAL! HE'S GOD! AND HE DON'T TAKE NO GUFF!


♡ Catherine
One day
Take a walk in my shoes
Don't forget to put your rose colored glasses on
It will give a whole new meaning to the perspective of life
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