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 Sep 2017 Bianca Reyes
Slowly, it starts.
Seeping through the cracks. With heart
clawing up my throat,
you dance on the tip of my tongue;
your voice 'round mine like flesh on bone.
With your reflection sewn to my feet I cannot escape you.
You are weaved fabric from a familiar land;
a veil that strangles and blinds.
But there will come a time
when I will bite your silver tongue from my mind;
f  l  a  y
             y    o    u    r
                                s      k      i      n
from my bones.
I will be heard
(the ringing in your ear)
"You were never welcome here."
The voice in your head can be beaten.
Life is an adventure
Brand new every day
If you take with you that attitude
As you are on your way
You never know the comes and goes
As you step foot outside
Life is an adventure
Relish the surprise

Life is and adventure
You take at every turn
Where you find around the corner there hides
Lessons to be learned
In every situation
In every give and take
Life is an adventure
You make along the way

Life is an adventure
Pull the curtain to the side
Let the darkness escape or get out of the way
Either or, let in the light
From all that you see to the farthest of reach
You need to make up your mind
Life is an adventure
Let you adventure shine
Who would love me
When I've got nothing left to give
Who would love me
When I'm a broken pitiful mess
Who would love me
When I've given up my dreams for the man with money
When I've given up poetry because I'm too afraid of the truth that spills from my fingertips
Who would love me
With my broken aching soul
Who would love this
This thing
This being
Who would love this
Stupid mess
I've become
 Sep 2017 Bianca Reyes
You ask me a query,
You ask, "Where Are You, Honey?"

I have an answer for you,
I say, "I'm inside your heart, honey."

You let it extend, your doubt,
You implore, "But why is it so hazy?"

I fire a ******* in response,
I say, "It's hazy because you're lazy!"

You smile but get perplexed by now,
You ask, "Will you stay if moving on I fail to?"

I am mature and couth,
I say, "I find no reason good enough to not to."

You wonder to yourself,
You ask, "Where from I got you?"

I remind you that I came back,
I say, "I consider it my responsibility to imbue your life with the brightness,
The light lacking in your life,
And to provide you with warmth,
So that you are free from your shivers,
And so that you can be my wife,
I want to fill that void in your day,
Maybe I was sent back only for you,
On your mother's recommendation,
And so wise was her receptivity,
I know that I am a man of my words,
Surely I will make it large for us,
And you are such a hardworking lady,
Our children will have it healthy,
And they will surely have it wealthy,
The wealth won't just be material,
But they will be taught fine civility."

You now ask me your final query,
You ask, "Who will be their tutor?"

I smile and simply end this discussion,
I say, "Obviously, me and you."

Even you are satisfied by now,
You smile & say, "I love you, honey."

I hear what I have been longing to,
I say with a broad smile, "I love you too, honey."
Another response to the poem by Pooja Shah:

My HP Poem #1664
©Atul Kaushal
Yes I will journey quite some
very long tortuous distance
just to be positively right there

Later in time I'm sure
I will travel many long
treacherous miles
to then most definently
be somewhere

Possibly shortly thereafter
I will most probably then
leave and you most certainly
will not know or
even really care

Maybe I will go
to a distant place
very afar so that
it is then surely
without doubt
absolutely elsewhere

Why when and where the Spirit
a warm pure breeze always
and once more again
and many times over before
me will beckon and then
me should send?

Truly I am most surely
not possible even
slightly ever aware

Am I sure I will know
when I in time
arrive that place
once more again

That place the
promise of liberty
will find home
there to flourish
prosper and grow
quiet but strong
in a brisk but gentle    
prevailing wind

That place where
I finally am able to live
and breathe in peace
If I perhaps
be possibly capable
and might still can

A place that will
allow me simply
and only most hopefully
then maybe perchance
to freely stand
a Man.


 Sep 2017 Bianca Reyes
Clutch tight the tail of the sun.
Shed your tethers
and take that ride into the next.

Redeem the possibility
of limitless tomorrows.
Because today was meant to happen
and yesterdays were never meant
to weigh you down.
 Aug 2017 Bianca Reyes
Poetic T
Enveloped within retrospective
memories of you, I will never
fade the recollection of our time.

But words followed me, birthing
new emotions. Your words were
poignant on a heart of sorrows.

I thought pain wouldn't dilute on
my reflections, I thought I would
never feel beyond you.

"You set me free,
                *"A heart gradually heals.
To watch or not to watch.
That is the question;whether it is nobler in my mind to suffer the feels and emotions of addicting shows and yet be so in love with them.
To watch, to cry.
One more episode and only sleep will help me to end.
The heartache and the thousand cinematic shocks the writers are obsessed with.
‘tis a consuming world with everything I wish.
To watch, to cry. To cry-- perhaps too much. Ay, but it's worth it.
For, when watching these shows and knowing what feels may come, when we have shuffled off this depressing factor, we must not forget the humor that makes happiness last oh so long.
To watch characters travel the depths of space and time.
The detectives prove wrong the proud men and even the relationships and love ‘tween the main protagonists.
The insolence of the hiatus that even patient fangirls cannot take. When we go on great adventures with a hobbit and a ring. Who could bear the long wait? To punt a sweat is a weary life. To discover world's unknown from books or shows. We travellers never want to return.
Our fangirl hearts burn and even still
We would rather bear the tears we have Than live in a world where there are none.  Thus Fangirls are not cowards, not at all
Thus we are heroes so very proud
So we proudly say take flight on the enterprise with Captain Jean Luc
We bare our lights sabers alight
And lose ourselves in the action
Go we now happy as could be-- off to fangirl forever 
To be normal? Ha! Never.
I forgot I had written this, so enjoy!
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