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brandon marc Mar 2016
i know it sounds crazy how I could
drop something I loved
so fast.
it made me happy
at one point in my life,
but it soon turned around.
I cried, and compared.  
all it turned out to be was just fun
for a period of time.
brandon marc Mar 2016
2 personalities
an outgoing, loud talking teenager
a quiet, art loving  young adult.
I could party the night away
sit in bed with tea and a movie.
I'm a people person always with something to talk about
I'm a writer to tell my notebook everything and keep it inside.
whether It's an introvert or extrovert day, those are my personalities
brandon marc Mar 2016
Spent over an hour with her
on the phone.
Didn't feel like a waste of time.
Her laugh made me laugh,
her smile did as well.
Who knows where our relationship
is going? but,
at the moment
I like it
just the way it is.

— The End —