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B May 2019
She is a lioness
in that party dress

She looks fine like wine
Lets intertwine
B Jan 2017
Maybe time heals all wounds;
its what they always say,
but your heart is ******* up,
you're just not okay.

Maybe you're hurt. You're hopeless.
Try to let the right one in the door,
but every time you're more careful,
is an even deeper cut than before.

Maybe it's a game of conquest,
you just use and discard.
You wanna make it good.
You gotta make it hard.

Maybe every warm body
is just another empty shell
no matter how many
you're alone in your hell

Maybe was your true love
now she's just an ex
You try to get over it,
with some mindless ***.

Maybe it helps the ego
but the heart yearns for more
but it hurts like hell
it shakes you to the core.

Maybe next time, things will be different.
you'll learn from your errors
one step forward
away from altruistic terrors

Maybe you'll find someone
Someone who will take care of you.
When you're feeling happy,
or when you're feeling blue

making a comeback
B Nov 2015
When you told me that you loved me so much
and you couldn't bear the thought of losing me,
you cried when we ended it because
you had too much going on in your life
and weren't happy with yourself.
But I just sat there and
I went on with my life as if nothing happened.

B Oct 2015
You try to turn me into someone I'm not.
You take the most out of me and tell me
it's not enough

I try to speak my mind and you throw me down.
You do things from your heart and then turn it into a weapon.
I do what I can and you treat it like you I treat you like dirt.
You expect too much.
I cant do this anymore.

Next to you I feel I'm all alone.
B Jun 2015
Anger is the spark that ignites the flame
It can fuel ones passion
and turn into art
It can burn quickly through ones emotions
and turn into self destruction
Burning through the soul within
B May 2015
I have no idea what to write about
The fuel in which i need to write is torture
My soul no longer torments me
B Apr 2015
They say
death is like sleep
without dreams
so this
must mean
I die every night
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