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Aya Domingo Mar 2017
Our bodies share the same age,
Not separated by much months, yet
I believe I have yet to find the gold
That runs through your veins,
Or the bright youth that lines your soul.
Can you help me find the rose-tinted glasses
You see the world through?
Will you tell me how I can radiate with the sun's blessings
As you do?

We have been surviving the same bullets,
But by ourselves.
Yet, somehow your wounds seem to heal faster.
I watch you get up and go while I still tend to my own.
Oftentimes I have to reach far to keep up with you.

Despite the unkindness of circumstance and proximity,
Somehow I feel that I have held your hand through it all.
And sometimes, in the small moments of reality
That peek through the stage lights and camera flashes,
I feel you hold back.

And in that moment, we are just seventeen year olds again.
Just that, nothing more.

Can I be eighteen with you too?
170211 ; for l.c.
Aya Domingo Jan 2017
I have found out that
Home isn't always a where,
It is a who: you.
a haiku for you: l.c.
Aya Domingo Dec 2016
You are the closest I've ever come to seeing space up close.
With the multitude of galaxies in your eyes,
And the way light bounces off your honey-hued skin,
I'm convinced you were raised amongst the stars.

Did you not spend your younger days hitching rides on passing comets,
And catching asteroids like fireflies in the palms of your hands?
Are you sure you didn't take a bite out of the sun
Leaving its embers stuck between your teeth?

I think the universe is smiling right now,
Knowing that a piece of it is safe and living here; glowing ever so brightly.

And if my chest is an open window,
I know that it's you pouring through it.
for h.j.s.
when all my curtains were drawn, you came into my life like a ray of light. thank you.
Aya Domingo Nov 2016
they say the moon hasn't been this close to us since 1948.
after hundreds of cycles and phases, maybe it waited for just the right moment
just so you and i could share this one.

it's gravity pulls me closer, like the tides that separate us both.
but tonight, it's sliver fingers interlock mine with yours
and i feel the warmth in my palms even as the cold whips around me.

i feel like i could just pluck it right out of the velvet night
and hold it in my hands for a moment before i give it you
in all its full and glowing glory that reminds me so much of you.

i'm glad that we live under the same sky.
i wonder if you are looking at it the same time i am.
because for once, you don't seem so far away anymore.
a poem i wrote during the night of the supermoon.
Aya Domingo Nov 2016
your hands are too rough
for a boy with a heart
as soft as yours.

let your soul and spirit flow
from your eyes and from your lips
it's okay if someone notices.

you can learn what it feels like to fall
gentle and warm in the hands
of someone else. mine are always open.

you don't have to be scared of breaking open;
i will hold you so tight that all your broken pieces
will come back together again.

the person you were before this
is still living in you, hiding behind your eyelids.
i'm sure he likes the view.

you are a hurricane.
you are the universe in full force.
you are loved and loved and loved.
for l.j.h.
Aya Domingo Nov 2016
For a moment,
We were both here.

Some part of me knew when you arrived.
The sun burned a little hotter, the moon lingered a little closer;
Flowers seemed to point in your direction.
I could feel the wind change its course whenever you laughed.
But while you swam through clouds and crowds
I could only watch from afar as I had to push past the forces
That pulled every part of me to where you were.
But you were here. And that was enough for me.

How funny that the streets I can trace like veins in my body,
Were so new to you, strangers to your eyes.
But for that single, fleeting moment,
You walked through them, not minding the newness of scenery,
Leaving your trace with every sneakered footstep.
I hope the city held you like I would.

My language must have tasted different on your tongue.
The words were as foreign in your eyes as yours were in mine.
For the first time, I could see your fingertips piercing through the barrier,
And God knows how close I was to connecting mine with yours.

Our stories were finally synced,
Finally on the same page.
I didn't mind that I was one word in your book
And you were a whole chapter in mine,
I was just fine with being any part of your story;
Even just for a moment, even if I wouldn't be a part of it again.

Now you are there.
And I am still here.
But I look for you in every thing I see,
Wondering if you saw the same.

And then, you are here again.
But just for a moment.
for l.c.

you may be a foreigner in my world,
but no stranger to my heart.
Aya Domingo Sep 2016
The days were longer
The sun lingered
Hotter, closer, brighter,
As if it were burning
With passion for you
With the want to hold you
Maybe that's why it kissed you
Just a little bit more
Than the others
Poem 1 for my Creative Writing project :)
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