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Feb 27
Into the universe we place our trust.
Closing our eyes, holding each others hands and falling backwards into us.
Flowing through the milky way,
unbothered and bathing in love...
All of this happening so quickly just from one simple touch.
A sacred act...
An electric attack that crept up our spines.
Bonded through water and air sealed you and I for all of time.
A trust fall into the universe, we're flowing now...
Using our minds more than our mouths.
Getting in touch through telepathy,
even now I know you're hearing me...
I had no time for love,
and you had no time for men.
After one laid his hands on you and you said you'd never place your faith in any again.
But the universe laughed cuz it had other plans
and it's that exact energy that placed you right where I am.
And here we are easily swimming through stars and oh how I wish I could slow it all down...
A love story for the angels to marvel developed at the speed of light,
so beautiful and so profound.
I write into existence stories that'll last until the end of time.
Speaking of someone and no one, causing confusion in the minds of those who find it hard to enter into mine.
It's all about energy and I try vibrating high, so that I bring to life just what I write upon these lines.
The co-creator of my own life, diving deep into my pool of imagination just to keep my world a little more colorful and bright.
So I closed my eyes and wrote exactly what I seen inside.
A love story about someone and no one, all at the same time.
And what's left are crumpled up papers and rough drafts of deleted scenes...
Apollo Hayden
Written by
Apollo Hayden
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