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Dec 2018
Fire inside
like an uncontrollable flame
Emotions like Kerosene
The more I poured out it continues to rage
Started to rise till you could see it in my eyes and it brought on an irreversible change
Now look at me
Covered in ashes, tongue blackened with soot all over my face
I'm a wild fire when you push me
A sensitive soul but I ain't no p*y
If only you knew what you'd be getting into when you test me, maybe you'd tread a bit more softly
Even so, I know I still have much to learn as I stare at bridges that didn't have to burn...
Rummaging through ashes searching for anything left of any worth but its all just consequences in my hands
But I'm a loving man whose waters reach depth that one could never perceive, and so I'm misunderstood...
Just know I'm working on taming this flame inside
If you don't believe me, I wish you would...
Oh yeah, I'm cleaning up the inside
See the flames burn out in my eyes and the smoke begin to clear
IGNORance is ignoring the flames when knowing it needs tending to
but it's getting hot for even me so there's something I've got to do
So I quit fanning the flames and became the change by directing my energy to creative things
The fire is still lit but look what I've created with it
Words so powerful that they can rebuild a bridge
because the past is the past but this is the only way I can get over it...
Apollo Hayden
Written by
Apollo Hayden
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