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and i crawl with these degrees
and i dress real casual

and i break your pretty jaw

and in a cell i nurse my heavy wounds

on my chiseled shoulder

and i sit

wonder how

you got away with


wonder how im alive

because love

kills all
alyssa baby....l....
Each day is kindling
Night time consumed in desire

She is a matchstick
to my wild raging fire

Her thoughts are made of gasoline
Her touch is so hot

When she holds me
My whole world will rock

She is an angel with a robe made of fire
She licks at my flesh
and the flames shot higher

She is an angel
burning brightly in my might

She will devour me
trying to make ash out of the night

I will be the devil
To her earthly delight

But I refuse to burn
I wIll not ignite

She is an angel , a flame of delight
She is my angel
As we burn down the night
Metrical raindrops stream down my favorite
window ..
Cool , tidy , poetic gray cover shadowing the busy unkempt
world ...
Fussy Cardinals come clean in the channel
Pollen , pine needles and mans debris
collect on the washed avenues ..
Courthouse bells relay over the wet countryside ,
timid brooks become rivers for a day ..
Copyright March 31 , 2016 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
 Mar 2016 Alyssa Rose
lowering slowly
that yellow blade
descends on me.
 Mar 2016 Alyssa Rose
I didn't even
notice you
till you left
you did
slam the door
on your way out
that might have been it.
 Mar 2016 Alyssa Rose
Jumper cables please
feed me some energy
and I will rise
from my
DIY crypt
if you could
i'll owe you one.
I rode your car
But, it was too fast for me
You say you'd like me to feed your trees
Then, take your hat off sister
If you please
I told you about Elvis, *** bars, and kings
But you didn't want
To listen
Had to fight your own wars
Bragg about
Your male ******
So, come here now
Girl, knock down your trees
And you can come here
Doll, just listen to me
So, won't you come here doll
And listen to me
You can come here
Now, to feed the trees  
I rode your car
But, it was too fast for me
I have held
softly pulsing
newborn heartbeat fluttering
breath of love, dying
arc of a life, trying
not to cling
too tightly
to anything

I have touched
directly to my tongue
felt the jolt
spark my lips
so pure
I became

I have fought
with abundant faith
despite knowing
the human continuum
feckless tide
love or hate
maybe it really is
up to fate

I have radiated
divine conductor
electric soul
it flows in me
it flows in you
we are all
pure energy
clean-burning fuel
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