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Jul 2018 · 648
Sun and Moon
Alyssa Rose Jul 2018
Poets/Writers/Artists! I have started a literary journal called 'Sun and Moon' and submissions are OPEN. This is a space for new and emerging writers. Send your poems, short stories, and/or visual art to Feel free to inbox for more information!
Mar 2016 · 1.2k
Alyssa Rose Mar 2016
May your eyes never forget
the taste of me-
taken in,
in the humid evenings
of late July.

May your lips never forget
the smell of me-
pink skin catching
every glisten of sweat
condensing under
the hot sun.

May your ears never forget
the sight of your name
escaping in a gasp
from my pink lips,
my eyes wide open
never missing a second
of your perfection.
Feb 2016 · 875
Come Alive...
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
"Come alive..." he urged.

Those whispered words ached in my heart
night after night. I could never seem
to make sense of the request,
and he could never see that he was
the only thing keeping me strung together.
To him, I was miles away from
the look in his eyes. Except he refused to
reach out for me, and I was incapable
of crawling back on my own.
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
It's hard to imagine
that one day
we will be nothing
more than fossils.

Our only remnant
a dent in the dirt.
The people who find us
will know nothing,
only that our bones
have survived
of years.
Feb 2016 · 710
The Breath of Tomorrow
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
Walking on the
rough concrete,
I had the
sudden realization
of what I was.

I was never
fully formed.
No hand found
mine to hold,
nor could
my own
ever rest still
at my sides.

I was created only
to free fall
the breath of tomorrow,
from day
to sunny day-
a mirage of freedom
to my acquaintances.
Feb 2016 · 518
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
I will discover
a patch of
my blanket
that smells
like you.

I let my nose
linger there,
inhaling your scent
until the aroma
and the memories
wash over me

and my heart
can no longer
stay above
Feb 2016 · 440
The Sky Gives Way
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
We liked to watch sunrise-
backs pressed against
the damp hillside
landlocked to the
feeling of the moisture
soaking my shirt.

Our hands melted together-
and dawn's sky gave way
to the beginning of the day,
and the earth had never seemed
more alive.
Feb 2016 · 433
How Were We to Know
Alyssa Rose Feb 2016
How were we to know
that in our effort
to be extraordinary,
we would make only
careless, forgotten love.

How were we to know
you would be only
a freckle
on sun-kissed skin,
a whisper in the wind
not strong enough
to tickle my neck.
Dec 2015 · 536
The Space Between Nothing
Alyssa Rose Dec 2015
There is neither here,
nor there,

Only nothing.

There is not then or now,
what was or what will be.

Only nothing
and the space between.
Dec 2015 · 417
Hands, once more
Alyssa Rose Dec 2015
So steady,
never failing.

gently repairing
your fractured skin.

Knowing when
they're done
nothing could break
you again.

Like a diamond,
you are solid,
no longer the
glass you were
Dec 2015 · 411
Alyssa Rose Dec 2015
never steady,
always shaking.

grazing your
fragile skin,

afraid the pores
will crack
like glass,

afraid you will fall apart
after they worked
so hard
to put you
Dec 2015 · 371
Alyssa Rose Dec 2015
Sometimes you would light a cigarette,
just to put it out.

The end would ignite
for a second or two,
then you would step on it.

You liked the idea of letting things burn
but never burn out.

Instead, you snuffed them out
before they ever had a chance
to do anything
but go up in smoke.
Dec 2015 · 394
Alyssa Rose Dec 2015
Here I sit,
bare in my being.

Bleeding, grieving..

Patiently awaiting
the return
of what's missing.
Dec 2015 · 578
Languorous Delight
Alyssa Rose Dec 2015
Morning spent lying, gazing

turn into afternoons
snuggled in sheets
of lazy radiance.

Hands rest on skin
with languorous delight,

traveling amorously
with nowhere to be,

only knowing
where they want to go.
Dec 2015 · 883
Alyssa Rose Dec 2015
So many people wander
this earth aimlessly,

finding no peace
in the places they have been.

But in my travels,
I stumbled upon
the blue of your eyes,
the taste of your kiss,
and the warmth of your embrace.

I have wandered,
and I have found my home.
Nov 2015 · 528
Alyssa Rose Nov 2015
Oh, but asleep,
he was so beautiful.

No lines of worry
were left upon his face.

His lips showed
no signs of discontent
And his mind was free
from the burdensome chains
of this hollow world.
Nov 2015 · 582
Love Me Spineless
Alyssa Rose Nov 2015
Love me spineless.

Not spinelessly,
without will or integrity.

But love me so hard and so fiercely
there are no bones left in my body.

Love me to where my vertebrae know no home,
where my limbs tremble when you're near.

Love me senseless.
Nov 2015 · 493
Alyssa Rose Nov 2015
Firm years cannot find her kneading heart

Oh, gently, times stood staring

Figures, handsome and graceful, moving.

Nov 2015 · 512
Alyssa Rose Nov 2015
I want this. Yes, I want this.
God knows how bad.
Do you? Do you want this?
I would claw out my heart
and give it to you with a smile.
Do you see that?
Do you see me?
Do you even ******* see me?!
Do you see me wasting away
with the effort of loving you?
Do you see these fingernails?
Do you see my ******* chest?
Do you see how empty I am?
Oct 2015 · 879
Riders on the Storm
Alyssa Rose Oct 2015
The clouds roll over
and over
and over
until it is only
clouds we see.

We're lost, and
it's raining.
The road is wet
and it is soaking
our pant legs through.

Riders on the storm.
That's us.
The bass thumps,
the drums beat,
and that's us.
Riders on the storm.
Oct 2015 · 358
eight months from now
Alyssa Rose Oct 2015
You are initials in the sand
under a warm June sky

Living and breathing

the ocean
that tries to wash you away.
Oct 2015 · 473
A Room Without Walls
Alyssa Rose Oct 2015
The door slammed
knocking a few transparent tears
off of its hinges.

The door has slammed
But tonight...
Tonight was different.

That soft, lingering rattle
kept with it
the deep, consuming ache
of those,
once again,

left behind.
Oct 2015 · 716
drift, die, repeat.
Alyssa Rose Oct 2015
I walk down the
skipping in
and out
of the spaces
between the

wishing that maybe
I was someone a little
more visceral.
a little more raw.

But I will float on.

much like the
pieces of the wind
in and out
of the spaces
between my
Oct 2015 · 1.5k
writing utensils.
Alyssa Rose Oct 2015
I have no wisdom tonight.

Maybe it's this bright orange pen.

Like it's ******* all of the energy

From my mind

Into the color of its ink.

Anything's possible, right?

Sep 2015 · 949
September 20th, 2015
Alyssa Rose Sep 2015
I love you.
To all of the stars
and back.
Because to the moon
is not far enough.

I love you.
To the dawn of creation
around God
and back.

I love you.
More than any quantitative
or qualitative measurement,
I love you.

I love you
more than you
will ever know.
Aug 2015 · 934
Alyssa Rose Aug 2015
There it was,
written so plainly
on your delicate face.

I could see it in your eyes,
wide eyes, intent on driving me mad.

I could see it everywhere,
in lips slightly parted, and
in ragged breaths never fully taking shape.

But above all else,
I could see it in your eyes.

Orbs deep brown,
over every curve of me.

Months had passed,
but there it was,
that heartbroken, blind desire
alive, again.

Living and breathing
in those deep,
Jun 2015 · 619
long forgotten.
Alyssa Rose Jun 2015
I remember our first kiss.
How I was so embarrassed,
So reluctant,
to let my lips to find yours.

And now I chuckle
at the handprints revealed
in my car's
foggy windows.
Jun 2015 · 393
five days.
Alyssa Rose Jun 2015
under the night sky

our backs against the windshield

we forget to breathe
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
Alyssa Rose Jun 2015
to you,
I was but a shadow
in the night.

Jun 2015 · 286
Alyssa Rose Jun 2015
the sun rose with a vengeance.
then you opened your eyes,
and put the sky to shame.
Jun 2015 · 442
Alyssa Rose Jun 2015
I'm leaving.
Taking with me
the only
you have ever
I'm gone.
There will be
when you wake.
May 2015 · 485
why is the sky blue
Alyssa Rose May 2015
In the end
when our bodies
are weathered,
flesh decayed,
when we are
mixed with soil
and bugs and
roots of plants
still living,
I pray,
it is your bones
beside mine.
May 2015 · 333
my room at 8 o'clock
Alyssa Rose May 2015
Let your leg fall against my leg.
I'll rest my head on your shoulder.
No music.
Only the sound of your breath and mine
mixing in the quiet space
that runs between here
and the rest of our lives
May 2015 · 446
Alyssa Rose May 2015
I will kiss you in a storm.
Lightening and all.

I will kiss you when the raindrops become puddles,
and when the puddles become a flood.

And while the flood sweeps us away,
I will kiss you in the space
between the cresents of the waves.
May 2015 · 344
Alyssa Rose May 2015
I will kiss you anywhere and everywhere.

I will kiss you after your morning shower,
when your lips are warm and damp.

I will kiss you in a crowd,
behind your ear.

I will kiss you alone,
paying close attention to your safe, safe hands
and your short, square fingers.

I will kiss you at night,
on the small of you back
when it peeks from beneath your shirt
as you reach to turn off the bedside lamp.

I will kiss you in a storm.
Lightening and all.

I will kiss you when the raindrops become puddles,
and when the puddles become a flood.

And while the flood sweeps us away,
I will kiss you in the space
between the cresents of the waves.
Mar 2015 · 699
scary movies.
Alyssa Rose Mar 2015
I wish you were here with me.
Your arm around my shoulder,
fingertips tracing nonsense
across my skin.
My head on your chest,
knowing that the monsters
dreamt by the moving pictures
could not possibly reach us
because we have created
a fortress of oblivion
within the confines
of the blankets keeping us warm.

Keeping us together.
Mar 2015 · 350
Alyssa Rose Mar 2015
I was a fool .
I was a fool
to have thought
I could have
wanted anything
other than this.
other than
Mar 2015 · 653
Alyssa Rose Mar 2015
This night is you.

Your eyes,
under this moon
and these stars,
than the sun
on its warmest day.

This night is us.

Our fingers
tell the moon a story
of how to fill
the empty space between.

This night is me.

My heart pounding
as all the little stars
gather together
in my stomach
while you run your fingers
down my arm.

Time continues,
but we are here,


shining brilliantly forth
into our night.
Feb 2015 · 487
holes in dirty carpet
Alyssa Rose Feb 2015
Distance is a funny thing, isn't it?
You're there.
I'm here.

I can pace,
and pace,
and I can gather miles in my soles
pacing these halls,
             these stairs,
             these empty rooms.

But my footsteps
can only burn holes
in ***** carpet.

They can not
carry me
to you.
Feb 2015 · 351
Three A.M.
Alyssa Rose Feb 2015
the cool fire
burning in those
blue eyes
is all consuming,
setting aflame
everything in which
you cast your
gaze upon.
Alyssa Rose Jan 2015
Surrounding me, dying souls.
Infested souls.
Sunken souls.
Souls that are drifting, floating.
Souls trapped by the grip of the enemy.
Innocent, handcrafted souls.

They're coming home.

I'm being suffocated by the weight of this mad, mad world.
I am weeping, adding salt and water to the flood of my children returning from the battle raging beneath my Heavenly sanctuary.

All because of a declaration.
An act of malice guiding unfit soldiers into the strangling hands of war.

Souls that never had a chance to live out the lives I set before them,
now stand before me.

The only thing I can say to their questioning eyes is this:

beauty is born from destruction. styles and rhythms and words will emerge from these malevolent years.

Lives that were stolen by signatures
and trenches
and gas
and bacteria ridden bugs
and all things not made by my gentle hands,
Will be replaced by a stronger Lost Generation,
Who will turn this world, page by page, nearer to the world I intended for my children.

This is actually an assignment I had to write for class. A World War One narrative. So I decided to write it from God's perspective.
Jan 2015 · 469
Who'll Stop the Rain?
Alyssa Rose Jan 2015
Perhaps, I'll
be a cloud.

I'll drift and
I will roam.

I'll collect crystals
of cold nothing and

I will never be enough
to stop the rain.
Jan 2015 · 490
Sometime Around One O'Clock
Alyssa Rose Jan 2015
When the
takes over
and grinds
your bones,
skin, and
useless, insignificant,
easily forgotten
pieces of
organic matter,
that's it.

That's exactly it.  

You find yourself.
Jan 2015 · 1.0k
Alyssa Rose Jan 2015
shimmy along.
i'll lace
my chucks
watch you
while I
back into
the nothing
Jan 2015 · 2.5k
Alyssa Rose Jan 2015
Let's defy gravity, baby.

Let's defy that *****
until her forceful hands shake us
back to reality.

We'll rise above this dreary world
and play leap frog among the stars.

We'll smoke one with the moon
while he
spills secrets about the Sun.

We'll get drunk off faith
and throw a prayer or two up ahead
for the Man Upstairs.

When the magic fades,
We'll hold one another as the law comes back into effect
and we slowly drift through the clouds
claiming lazily
that the moon prefers Southern Comfort.
Alyssa Rose Jan 2015
Forgive me,
I can't ever remember your name.
Although your existence brings me comfort
on slushy days
when the winter sky is grey.
Walking your roads,
boots crunch gravel,
securing the smell that long ago
seeped through your wood,
into my sole.
Jan 2015 · 714
Judas' Kiss
Alyssa Rose Jan 2015
Perhaps the truth
turned oblivious.

And the boy
knew to whisper

Dark shoulders
a moist
Jan 2015 · 578
Caress Darkness' Cheek
Alyssa Rose Jan 2015
Touch awake the

Her outgrown,

Jan 2015 · 384
All This and Heaven Too
Alyssa Rose Jan 2015
Flimsy hands honor our night.

perfectly insistent.

kissed his voice.

Leave what you promised.
No. 1

Jan 2015 · 466
Alyssa Rose Jan 2015
Welcome to my web, baby.
Better get comfortable.
I'll spin you,
Ensnare you in my thread.
Until you are nothing but juice in my core.

Ehhh... Just a random little thing... I don't even know...

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