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 Sep 2016 alicia
Liis Belle
You text me,
Wishing me happy birthday,
Asking me how I’ve been,
And all kinds of other cloying ****.
And when I see you,
You smile and talk sweetly,
Your words like saccharine,
Artificial and with a bitter aftertaste.
As if nothing ever happened,
Or as if you don’t remember.
I smile sweetly back,
A sugary glaze that I paint my lips with,
But I’m murdering you inside,
Your blood and tears like sticky candy canes,
Because honey, I remember
 Sep 2016 alicia
Jim Marchel
Before she goes to sleep at night
She puts a noose around her neck
To give herself a reason to stop
Tossing and turning and thinking
About the last time she
Was safe in her own skin.

Instead of tucking herself in
Under blanket and quilt
She tucks a knife into her chest
To remind herself of her guilt
And her shame and the pain
She faces at the dawn
Of each new day.

She threw her pillow in the trash
Because comfort wasn't something
She thought belonged in her life.
Now she rests her head
On a loaded Sig .40
And finds solace in the touch
Of cold steel against her cheek.

She always said she couldn't sleep
And now *she can't stop.
"Wake up the dawn and ask her why
A dreamer dreams she never dies"

"Champagne Supernova" - Oasis
 Sep 2016 alicia
Jim Marchel
How can somebody who doesn't know me
Define me?
Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.
 Sep 2016 alicia
Cara May
 Sep 2016 alicia
Cara May
I had Daisy in my hand
but I let her wilt.
because I was too busy searching.
now that she's gone,
she might be the one I'm looking for.
Daisy - friend
 Sep 2016 alicia
3 times I have seen you.  
twice before dark and once in the stars.
twice while the sky was a flaming orange painted by a setting sun.
Jellyfish ghost in the sky.
Like tiny little moons they glowed bright.
I then met with such a peace.
A peace that could calm a raging storm.
The third time I saw all of you was late in the night.
Stars were leaving in the sky.
No longer would they make our constellations.
But all of you stayed behind.
Jellyfish ghost high in the black sky.
You took the place of all the stars now gone.
3 dreams
 Sep 2016 alicia
Kristie Townsend
For Frances-Lily Mills who was born on 27th September 1995
6 July 2012 at 01:16

Eyes so blue
Ginger hair too
Chubby cheeks
***** that leaks

Short fat fingers
Small button nose
Smell that lingers
Stubby little toes

A daughter to love
A child to hold
Sent to me
To teach and mould

Written by Mum
 Sep 2016 alicia
plugged into nutrients
I **** natures breast
waiting the cocooning
of the wooden coffin.
To be buried deep in
of the
 Sep 2016 alicia
We all are refugees
temporarily sheltered
on the road, homeless.
 Sep 2016 alicia
the hour glass in your mind
the falling sand
silently marks off the time.
 Sep 2016 alicia
Shawn Adams
 Sep 2016 alicia
Shawn Adams
Your words put my mind through this vortex
A fool indeed
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