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Cruza el sol la ventana
Anticipando el atardecer

No tardará en irse
Pues no es aquí a donde pertenece

Su luz alcanza a llegar
A una esquina vacía


Que no se cruce una nube
Ni salgan aves a escena

Aquí dos muros y un suelo
Se han rociado de infinito
(marzo 2014)
The sound of your sneakers
going through the hall.
[ ]
Distance will not run out
Therefore I will not remain empty

It is a plan to continue like so, without rushing
of whom only thinks about arriving

I stay here, smooth and belated
Seeing the rhythm choose what it becomes

I free myself of peaks and I learn
that to love is to spread impulse

To renew me, to surrender without thirst
to give oneself entirely until being one

But distance does not run out like so
nor the light or the silence they give us

I stay here, serving to her the rhythm
that perhaps is more rich to disseminate the most vital
Translated by Wistful Wanderer (
[ ]
No se agotará la distancia
Por lo tanto no me quedaré vacío

Es un plan a seguir así sin la prisa
De quien sólo piensa en llegar

Me quedo aquí suave y demorado
Viendo al ritmo elegir cómo hacerse

Me libro de cúspides y aprendo
Que amar es que se esparza el impulso

Renovar al yo entregarse sin sed
Darse por entero hasta ya no ser uno

Pero ni así se agota la distancia
Ni así la luz o el silencio nos adoptan

Yo me quedo aquí sirviéndole al ritmo
Que acaso es más rico diseminar lo vital
(mayo 2014)
[ ]
They are beautiful
Our bodies like so
Barely illuminated

Watching you I fix nothing
And by misfortune
Me in the air

Nothing changes*
After love
That expects to find us

So beautiful
Your body between mine
Separate sweets

By them it happens
The innocence
*Of feeling united.
Translated by Wistful Wanderer (
[ ]
Son bellos
Nuestros cuerpos así
Apenas iluminados

Mirando tú fijo nada
Y por desgracia
Yo en vilo

Nada cambia
Después del amor
Que supone encontrarnos

Tan bellos
Tu cuerpo entre el mío
Dulces separados

Por ellos pasa
La inocencia
De sentirse unidad.
(mayo 2014)
There’s shadows and there’s truth
And there’re places I can’t reach
Oh, there are bright scenes
So shiny so real
That’ll never occur.

My voice to you is clatter
Filled with eerie sounds
Pretending to be words
Pretending to be significance
Deftly interconnected.

Have you also noticed
There’s always a taste of loss
Every time we keep talking
Instead of kissing
Instead of simply stay still?

Sorry about this nostalgia
I only want to have less
Only want to stop gaining
Feel you not with the skin
But by being entirely you.

Want to hear you as a verse
Ready to form a universe
Ready to claim beyond language
Spitting all purposes
Collapsing time, going ahead.

Let me loose the meaning
Beside your worthwhile hips
Let me be as a cell
Able to raise a galaxy
Let’s fulfill silence*
                                          *Let's arise sphere.
(29-10-2014 (¡My 3rd poem written in english! Pleae let my know if something is misspelled. Thank you.))
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