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Loving someone else is like loving a whole new universe.

Your body is a universe itself.

Beyond that, your body has other universes.

Your cells, your bones, your veins.
Everything has a universe itself.

It would be life's greatest gifts to intertwine your universe with mine.
The slam of the door
The scream
The blood on the walls
Something was taken
If I wore prettier clothes
Would you like me?
If I wore makeup
And wore fancy clothes
Would you accept me?
Would you only have me if I was pretty?
Did what was inside matter?
Did you have to change me?
So I could be perfect?
This is a poem about being yourself
Tell me if u like it!
Snow tickles my face
Glitter buries everything
Why on Halloween?!?!?
Constructive criticism welcomed. Repost if this happens to you every Halloween.
We all want that
kind of love.
A love that lasts a lifetime.
I think we love
who we do because
we see ourselves
in them.
I refuse to write you a love story
by myself because
we must write it
Every woman should bathe herself
then look in the mirror au naturel and say,
"My body is beautiful" because
we forget sometimes that the only person
we need to please is
If you think questioning the world around you
is bad,
try **ignorance.
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