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Oct 2014
There’s shadows and there’s truth
And there’re places I can’t reach
Oh, there are bright scenes
So shiny so real
That’ll never occur.

My voice to you is clatter
Filled with eerie sounds
Pretending to be words
Pretending to be significance
Deftly interconnected.

Have you also noticed
There’s always a taste of loss
Every time we keep talking
Instead of kissing
Instead of simply stay still?

Sorry about this nostalgia
I only want to have less
Only want to stop gaining
Feel you not with the skin
But by being entirely you.

Want to hear you as a verse
Ready to form a universe
Ready to claim beyond language
Spitting all purposes
Collapsing time, going ahead.

Let me loose the meaning
Beside your worthwhile hips
Let me be as a cell
Able to raise a galaxy
Let’s fulfill silence*
                                          *Let's arise sphere.
(29-10-2014 (¡My 3rd poem written in english! Pleae let my know if something is misspelled. Thank you.))
Alberto Espejel Sánchez
Written by
Alberto Espejel Sánchez  Mexico City
(Mexico City)   
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