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I have cared for the one's who would not care for me. I always wondered if it was all my fault. Though I was left alone with no reasons so I have decided the mistakes are my own. I could not think of reasons of why people should stay. Why should a fool like me deserved to be loved anyway? I am broken and there's no hope in fixing me. Let people just remember me as part of their history.  But I do hope even though they left, I have once made them happy. For their time was short but it made a difference to me. I hope you understand what you meant to me even though I meant nothing much to you.
In fear of losing people but still being the one who gets left behind so maybe it's me
Amazing how in the comfort of your company alone,
Made me oblivious to the voices in my head.
But now that you’re already gone,
Your sound is the hardest thing for me to soon forget.
Was it worth it?
finding peace and serenity in the the drugs you consume?
But leaving you feeling alone and empty in the corner of you room
right after?

Depriving yourself from any sort of self care
just to numb out the pain you can't bare?
Did it help you get better?
Did it help and save you from sending that letter?
Or was it just an excuse to forget how it felt, to be abandoned
for another?

Forever cursed, stuck in this never ending loop
unless you realize what you crave for is growth.
Flushing out the poison that you fill yourself with
and finally know your
                                          Self worth.

My wretched little life
Consumed by pity.
Trying to open my eyes,
I feel the weight.
Why bother standing
Here in this blistering cold?
My soul's worthless
Too old.
I'm always shivering,
Constantly battling
Deluded musings
And babblings.
Maybe I've gone sane,
Maybe I'm numb to the pain
Of normalcy.
  Oct 2018 Shafiq Zafri Zakri
Why do you
Hurt me why
Do you manipulate
Me why don't
You love me
I gave you
My love but
What you do
Is make me
Scared of you
I don't like
You I am
Tired of you
Hurting me using
Me why don't
You love me
You used me
You used important
Things to get
My attention but
You don't just
Tell me you
Want my attention
I hate that
You used me
You scared me
You scarred me
No one can
Probably heal that
Pain you gave
Me putting up
Walls but what
Will I do
If someone tries
To hurt me
It's unknown
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