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Xyns Apr 2020
Clinging losely
To whatever you have left for me

I talk to myself

Why are you here?

I don't understand

You say you love me
The years prove it true

But, God, I'm ugly

Utterly void of any virtue

I swear I'm dying inside.

I know you can't save me

But let's pretend
If only for a moment
That you and I are real

Am I enough?

I don't feel so
I never do

You don't know what I see

Mirrors aren't kind to me

God, I hope you know me.
Xyns Dec 2019
I thought I was in love with you

Turns out I was only a fool

So I took a fall from Grace
Landed flat on my face
Left struggling to find my place

But that's okay; I can play too

It's just a game, and I'm feeling cool
Xyns Dec 2019
All I have to do now
Is sit here with this sinking feeling in my chest
Thinking how I wasn't enough
Even when I did everything and gave my best
Hating how I was invisible
And how nothing gives my pain a rest
All I wanted was you
But I see now that was too much to expect
Xyns Sep 2019
Tired of going to sleep crying
And confessing my love
Just to be told I'm lying

Tired of doing my best
But never being enough
And never finding rest

Xyns Sep 2019
Even in the darkness
I still see you

Even in the sadness
I still think of you

Even when I’m sleeping
I still dream about you

Even when it’s over
It all begins with you

It’s always you
  Jun 2019 Xyns
I had coffee and a cigarette for breakfast
So yeah I'm doing fine
I've become good at taking weight off of other peoples shoulders
Searching for happiness in everything
Xyns May 2019
Remember when you wanted me in your bed?
Now you rush off for your morning coffee instead..

Remember when a hug and kiss was never enough?
Now our room is inactive and our hearts feel scuffed..

..I miss you..

Do you miss me?
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