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 Nov 2020 Umi
Keith Wilson
 Nov 2020 Umi
Keith Wilson
Every line of this artful picture
showing smoke
rising from the floor
stealing to the surface
 Nov 2020 Umi
 Nov 2020 Umi
What if that hope
which determines the certainty of your existence
in this world tomorrow
ends up being the Imposter?
Just don't waste your present in order to make sure your future is secure. Cause who knows if you'll even get to see a new day tomorrow or not. It's just a matter of that hope we persist within us so don't let that hope take over you completely!
 Sep 2020 Umi
Piyush Sharma
People always fell in love...
No one rises to love,
Cause when you're down... feeling low,
With darkness around deep and shallow,
Love won't demand your last breath,
It'll help you not to be afraid.
It won't demand you to rise for it,
It'll help you rise, smiling along your soul.
Just so you won't ever feel alone.
But when it leaves, and you perceive its significance,
When you took it for granted...
Instead of realizing that it mattered.
It just leaves you broken....
With your soul frightened and shattered.
I may not be absolutely perfect in terms of LOVE...
But its just what I felt and learnt from my momentousness,
And penned what I could.
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