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Nov 2014
Two very large steps forward
Was a bit too fast for our country
It exposed our sad truths

Racism trumps good sense
It doesn't matter how far
Obama brought us
Out of Bush's mess
He is demonized for being black
Oh but how our officials deny
Such accusations...

The majority of us are in fact
Yes (Although it angers people)
Religion and superstition
Share the same definition
The belief in something with no proof

The separation of church and state is an illusion
It bleeds through our government
In the most illogical ways

I believe there is a high probability
That a higher power exists
Christianity and Islam
I don't believe
Everyone who doesn't share my beliefs
Is doomed to an eternal suffering...

I believe in peace, mercy, compassion
And dignity
For all my fellow earthlings
My hope is that all find meaning
In the only thing that is for sure
The here and now...

As slow as the process is
Evolution exists
It saddens me when we take large steps backwards...
Written by
Traveler  58/M/Traverse City Mi.
(58/M/Traverse City Mi.)   
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