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Thulani Khumalo Apr 2020
You decide if we should live or die.
You hold the keys of our Souls
At thy will, beneath the earth we may lie
At thy decree, beneath the Sun, like trees, we sprout.

Blessed Lord, Make us Remember
Lest we forget.
© Thulani Khumalo (2020)
Thulani Khumalo Mar 2020
I feel .....

With each passing day
Memories fade
The distance ever widens
Our minds going astray.

Are we still in love?
Or are we just waisting time.
Maybe we are not in love anymore
Thulani Khumalo Mar 2020
They say how you start a race is how you finish it
Maybe that's why my life is like this
Started of in tears, a blood chilling scream
Covered in filth and maybe even ****
Hips cracked and flesh tore
When I was birthed my race started ofd in pain
Maybe that's why pain clung to me like a bad rash
Cry so I can close my eyes the same way I cried to open them
I sleep and wake up more exhausted
From the torn flesh to a life torn apart
I'm torn apart inside
I light it up till my eyes ******
And turn my nose to Mt Everest to escape
All I ever do is find myself high on the worst low I can be
Ego tripping and mind glitching
Jhene said "baby I was born tired, getting more tired"
I'm tired too gotta keep moving
But I'm tired of being tired
I'm boxing a tough opponent
Round 10 life been getting all his jabs in
I'm all cried out but I can't tap out
So I wait cause my body new but my soul got arthritis
Think this soul thing is broken
OK maybe not broken  but mine ain't working right no more
So go on one more jab is all I need
Put your body into one more jab
I hope you can knock me the **** out
Sometimes pain is all we know

— The End —