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Alyssa Paul Mar 7
Theres a lot of things that I want to say to you

So much so that I overthink,
           I start to worry
I start to panic
           I start to go into this endless cycle of What if's

I tell you I love you

    but as a friend                              

I tell you how much you mean to me

   but as a friend

If I told you that I loved you more then a friend
Would you love me back?

When I bother you with my problems
           am I being to much?
am I being annoying?

Do you actually hate me?            
you don't
                       because you have already told me you loved me
As a friend
But is that a lie?
                         Are your drunken spurs truths?

Do you regret what you say when you're sober?
                                              You never tell me that when you're sober.

I say you're a great friend, you're a great listener, a good person
     because you are

But I want more

and that is why
                            I want to say
                                                   I love you

but not as a friend
What if I told you the truth?
Alyssa Paul Oct 2017
The hairs on my arm rise,
Shivering everywhere
Teeth clattering
Breath fogs up in the air.

A blanket of cold wraps around,
seeping through the winter jacket all the way to the bones

Feet and hands starting to feel numb
Cheeks and nose are red
Ears are protected from the fluffy hat.

Boots crunching on the ground
Jacket is stiff with the cold
mittens failing at keep the hands warm

everything is cold,
so cold you can't feel a thing

gets harder to move
legs are getting numb,
****** of pain with every step

slowly getting tired
wanting to stop
but knowing that you can't

Cold is everywhere,
Wind starts to pick up
Makes everything worse
closing your eyes hoping that it wont make you colder.

A light in the distance
          but it's far away
                                                                                very far away

Everything is numb now,
The cold is there but now its starting to get taken over by heat
very hot heat
almost painful

Arms are frozen
Legs are burning
Lungs are sore

Wind is getting stronger
but it doesn't matter anymore
  May 2017 Alyssa Paul
Brent Kincaid
You elected a crazy person
For most of the offices.
You applauded a dictator.
And that is just what he is.
You cheered for a proven liar.
And failed to fact check him.
You voted for a misogynist
And against all of the women.

You elected a bankrupter
To handle all of our money.
You voted for an adulterer.
And seem to find that funny.
You voted for a cheat and liar
And ignored the facts against him.
You trusted a major swindler
Won’t vote him back to the pig pen.

You pretended he was a businessman
When his businesses mostly failed.
You ignored all his crimes in office
When he should have been jailed.
You made your stupid excuses
And stayed home instead of voting.
You listened to Fox and Breitbart;
Shared the crap they were quoting.
Trump, GOP, cheat, liar, swindler, adulterer, poetry, Kincaid
Alyssa Paul Nov 2016
I'm a lonely being
        Who craves the touch of others
It seems that I will live a lonely life
         I have friends and family
but I don't have anyone to call my own
      To have some one to hold
                To kiss          
                      To say I love you
"You will find someone some day" They say

I know

           But every once in while I would like to be assured
That someone will be there

             even if it's just for a little while.
  Nov 2016 Alyssa Paul
You swear your glass to be half empty.
When I contradict, you refute.
So I'll poor my half into yours
And end this dispute.
Alyssa Paul Nov 2016
I'm feeling Upsetti
          Can't eat spaghetti
I'm 100% sure I failed my midterm.
  Oct 2016 Alyssa Paul
Jude kyrie
When Love Walks In and takes you for a spin
Jude Kyrie

Even when I was a little boy
in grade school.
I knew what love looked like.
She wore glasses
and had two long pigtails
I carried her books everywhere.
She treated me
like her puppy at home.

In high School
I met love again.
Love  was more like a woman now.
But still a little girl inside.
Her softness was forming.
We looked into
each other's eyes
love and I.
Under starry nights,
And prom dances.
I bought love a corsage
Love kissed me for the first time.

In college, love was a grown woman
Full of ideas and opinions.
Love stopped wearing lipstick.
And started calling men *******.
I said to love I am a man --I think
Love took me to her bed
She said not you the others.
And then left me for another guy.

After college.
I married love she was different
She wanted to build a nest.
Where we could raise a family.
We had three kids love and I.
And I got left behind somehow.
I became the father of loves children.
And loves husband and breadwinner.
A bunch of labels.
Love stopped
seeing me as a man.
I nearly died of loneliness

After the divorce
I was  forty-five.
I found love again.
She was older wiser did not fall for
the cries of men easily.
She took no wooden nickels.
But I loved her .
Love said we do ok for retreads.
I told love she was beautiful
Even when her eyes were red
From crying of her lost love.
Then she wept
perhaps once too often.
And love  left me.

It's been awhile since love left.
But I know she is out there somewhere .
sipping coffee in Starbuck's in Seattle
Watching the tree light
in Washington's square.
Sunbathing on a beach in LA.

You see when love left me.
I left the door open.
I whispered softly.
Bye Love, thanks
for coming to see me.
Don't be a  stranger love
come back soon
I love it when you are around.
Ahhh Love
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