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Shilpa Panigrahi Dec 2019
My troubles were
all shades of dark
and goodbye was

And he walked in
with a handful of incense
with the ease of transparency
in his eyes
Shilpa Panigrahi Oct 2019
You are my delayed dream
waiting to occur
on a merrier October night
Shilpa Panigrahi Oct 2019
Your arms are but the extensions of my sky which I always feared to have fallen short of
Shilpa Panigrahi Dec 2018
Some of us
are just
a free meal to
Curious brains
Lustful eyes
Hungry egos

Know your worth
and become good appetizers
to the ones
who value you
Like a feast
from paradise
Shilpa Panigrahi Dec 2018
Nothing can extinguish
the fire
in her soul
but another soul
with the same
intense flames

— The End —