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 Oct 2020 Cmi
Sarita Aditya Verma
Sometimes sappy
Mostly happy


The sappy tries
Happy has its own time

Give them their space
Know yours well
The boundaries and fences
Keep them flexibly strong
Thank you all at Hp
For reading my work here
For all the support
Sorry to have not replied to the last few  of my  posts here
Will surely do it soon
Hope,  you all are doing well 🙏
 Oct 2020 Cmi
Sarita Aditya Verma
Moulds and mold
Shape it right or let it rot
Meanings to words
As you seek
 Oct 2020 Cmi
Sarita Aditya Verma

What burned brighter
The orange flame rising from
the evening lamp
Or in the backdrop
the setting sun in its orange home
Both wore a warm glow
The journey
Beginning to end
 Oct 2020 Cmi
Edmund black
 Oct 2020 Cmi
Edmund black
Miracles are answered prayers. Work hard. Love hard. Stay prayed up.
Relax, be good to yourself and enjoy your day lovebugs .
I, so admire y’all !!! Be great y’all! ❤️
I thank God for the people and places that bring me peace no matter what else is going on around me. This year has proven to be challenging in a multitude of ways, but I've maintained my peace despite it all. I've had to learn to channel my inner peace when people and situations challenge me to do otherwise. And when all else fails, I close my eyes and return here in joyful anticipation of returning once again. Keeping peace and love in my heart!
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