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Jul 2021 · 183
My love for you
Cmi Jul 2021
I leave
My flame of love on
Letting  it travel to your
Shivering heart
Let it embrace you
Let it feel
My love for you
May 2021 · 224
Cmi May 2021
Enjoy life
Do what you gotta do
Don’t ignore the sobbing soul within
That yearns something deep
Listen to
May 2021 · 166
See me in unseen
Cmi May 2021
See me in unseen
Hear me in silence
Feel me in your soul
Embrace me in your breath
I am always in you
Around you
Mar 2021 · 364
So far yet so close
Cmi Mar 2021
When you are far
You feel close
Because your soul
Travels to me
When you are close
You feel too far
Because your ego travels to me
Rather let you be far
And love your closeness
Feb 2021 · 114
I want to set myself free
Cmi Feb 2021
Freedom comes from giving ♥️
Imprisonment comes from taking

Keeping this love
In me has been painful
I can’t breathe
Neither can  I live
Nor can I  die

To hold your love inside is
my sweet torture.
Perhaps giving it
To  the one who needs it
Is sweet release.

I don’t need to hold on anymore.
Taking makes  me  a prisoner
Giving sets  me free
I want to give your love away
To the one who needs it

Set me free from your *******
Your memories and your thoughts.
I want to live alone
I want to go back where I was
In my own light
In my own solitude
I want to give your love away
I want to be alone
In my own light
In my own being
Feb 2021 · 194
Please don’t pull me
Cmi Feb 2021
“I am happy
in the cave of my own heart with  
The  light within
Don’t come to see me
I am fine with my solitude
Stirring my silence
To the chaos of this world
Please don’t pull me  “
Feb 2021 · 246
Cmi Feb 2021
Heart is the ocean of creations
Love is the boat
Takes you there
Embrace love
Reach to your own heart
Pouring creations
To the world
Making the existence
So proud
Feb 2021 · 300
Be Authentic
Cmi Feb 2021
It’s easy to be authentic
It flows
It gives you a joy
It’s your natural state
No resistance
But surrender to the self
Be authentic
Enjoy life
Cmi Feb 2021
I am the sky
You are the cloud

From above  I watch you
Floating changing
Images ,colors  and sizes of yours
Being affected by the  weather
Sometimes you fall as heavy rain and hale with gurgling  Thunder of anger
Sometimes being warned
With my love You are  angelic white
and spread the sweetest hidden smile
You keep dancing  With your mood

From above
I keep watching you
I keep embracing you
I am way higher
I am way bigger than
Anything else
I just watch
I I just give space
That’s all I do
For whatever
You want to be
Am there
Unchanged ,Unhidden
Always present
Yet your dark cloud of ego and
Anger covers me
Nothing exists
But pain and sorrow
At that time
I just smile
Saying  this shall too pass
Because you don’t stay
“ ONE”
you keeping  changing  
And I don’t
But just watch
I am the sky
You are the cloud
Jan 2021 · 522
Just empty
Cmi Jan 2021
Find the hidden self within
Know the self
Find the lost self
Let the trapped self
That Trying to gasp  
Let the self breathe
Let all emotions flow
Let it breathe
My dear
Let it live
Let it flourish
Let it spread
Let it radiate
Let it come
And let it go
Empty yourself
“Let it come
What’s hidden  
Your anger
Let come
Let it go
It comes
Because it’s there
Once it’s gone
There will be nothing left
But your true self
That’s pure love and peace
You feel it
Let whatever hidden
Surface up
Let it come
Let it go
Be empty
And then
Come to me
We both will be empty
And ready to merge
as one
Let it come
Let it go
My dear
Let it go
Oct 2020 · 94
Follow your heart
Cmi Oct 2020
Follow your heart
Follow your conscience
It takes your foot step
To the right destination

You created already
My dear
Just let the heart
Be your guide
Destination itself
Will arrive

Oct 2020 · 107
I am just a mirror
Cmi Oct 2020
I am just a mirror
You see in me
A reflection of
What is in you.
If you are love
I am love.
If you are bitter
I am bitter.
If you are bliss
I am bliss.
If you are pain
I am pain.
I am purely a reflection
Of you
I am just a clean mirror
You see in me
What you are in you.

Oct 2020 · 129
You are my love
Cmi Oct 2020
When  my eyes long to see you
And you are not found
You are my tears

When my heart yearns to
Feel your love
You are at the distant
You are my pain

When my eyes
Finally find you
You are my joy
When my heart feels you
You are  my bliss
In the waves of  your love
You are my pain
You are my blessing
After all
We both live beyond
Playing game
Of pain and blessing
In this physical bodies
you are my  eternal love
In my heart
I had forgotten to feel
I love you

Oct 2020 · 110
I wait
Cmi Oct 2020
I wait for the sun to set
I wait for the darkness
To envelop the whole sky
I wait for the stars to come out
I long to fall asleep
That’s the only way
I get to see you Indeed

Oct 2020 · 139
Enjoy this moment
Cmi Oct 2020
Enjoy the precious bubble of moments
It keeps changing
Not two bubbles
Are the same
They keep changing
Learn the value
Of someone's presence  
At the present moment
And enjoy
Cause memories only
What we possess

Oct 2020 · 106
All true lovers are poet
Cmi Oct 2020
“True lovers are
All great poets and the artists
Heart is the reservoir of
infinite creations Of love
Only Your lover
Or your love for her/him
Guides you in the depth of your heart
Where lives the infinite love “

Oct 2020 · 106
Flowers of creations
Cmi Oct 2020
“Each time you are embraced
By the sweetness of solitude
Let your flower 🌺 of
Creations nurture you “

©️ Seema
Oct 2020 · 131
You shine
Cmi Oct 2020
I know  your secret
I feel your essence
I have already heard
Your countless poetry  in my soul
From the core of your heart

I see the hidden treasures
Shinning through
Your cracked heart
I hear you singing
The sleeping songs
In The deep silence of night

Your infinite creations
Buried  beneath your emotions
I was waiting to quench
my thirst with your  stream
Of  love in words
I waited so long
Now please let them
Let them grow
How brightly you shine
That only
The world wants to know
Aug 2020 · 88
Both hurts
Cmi Aug 2020
I hurt in your absence
Because I miss you
I hurt in your presence
Because you hide your
True self
Both hurts
Aug 2020 · 324
I came to you
Cmi Aug 2020
My soul heard your calling
I came back to you
Burning all the scriptures
Breaking the walls  of cultures
I came to take you  Where you were not
Where you had forgotten to visit
To take you ,to your deeper self
You had forgotten to visit
I didn’t come to  give you physical duties
I am not your karma
I am your suppressed self
I am your pages that can’t be torn
I am your love that lives  Inside of your heart
I am your soul that roams Inside your body
I am your abandoned self
That tries to breathe in you  asking  for life
I am your forgotten self
That wants to be remembered  & loved
I am just  a denier self that lives
Inside Of you
Came to remind you  your  own soul’s calling
To visit the hidden self  Within you
You were denying for years
To let the piled up emotions Gush as words
I came to empty you  I came to love you
I came to give myself
To you
I came to kiss your wound
I came to love you
That’s all I can give
My love
My soul to you
You can’t find me  in physical body
Words and forms are too small
To describe me
Find me in infinite
Call me as nameless name
Search me In placeless place
That’s inside you
As your breath  

Aug 2020 · 77
Thank you
Cmi Aug 2020
Thank you for
The depth
You made
Me dive in
Thank you
For the love
You made me feel

Thank you
For your
Heart space
For taking me in
Thank you
For your presence
In the journey of my soul
I love you  eternally

Jul 2020 · 108
When I miss you
Cmi Jul 2020
Can I fly and
meet you up in sky ?

Can I die
And see you in soul
Cause this world is a lie

Nowhere you are found
Sitting in the corner
I just want to cry

Jul 2020 · 120
Never ending desire
Cmi Jul 2020
Glimpse of our memories
Floats in my  mind
Everything dissolves
Including my presence
In the crowd
Yearning always burn us
Never ending desire
Where heart
Constantly churns
The only way
Is to wait
For the soul
To merge together

Jul 2020 · 113
Cmi Jul 2020
Trusting the heart
Makes everything possible

Jul 2020 · 124
Your presence
Cmi Jul 2020
No needs of words
No needs of hugs
Just being with you
Feeling you
Brings my being
To the center
From abroad

Jun 2020 · 112
I want your real self
Cmi Jun 2020
Give me your torn
And ripped heart
The one that is
Full of infection
Of betrayal
And loneliness
I will cure it
With my love
I will nurture
With the balm
Of my kisses
Give your
Perfect heart
To someone else
I don’t need it
I need your
I need your pain
Not the joy
I want your
Hidden tears
Not the fake smile
I want your
True  loneliness
Not the company
Of contract
That breaks
And fades away
With time
I want your
Not the polished
I want your real self
That is sleeping
For years
I want your
Real self

Apr 2020 · 100
Let this restless be
Cmi Apr 2020
Let this
Restless be
Let this fire
Let this
Heart yearn
Let just
In me
Longing for you
Until for eternity
Our souls
Will see

Apr 2020 · 110
Living as one
Cmi Apr 2020
The moment
We saw each
Pieces of us
Were exchanged
Neither you acknowledged
Nor I
Living in the incompleteness
Life flew by
String of our love kept
Pulling us
Until we united
As one
Living in each other
Now days go on

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