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Nyx Mar 2018

A girl that I know is brighter then the rest
She has golden highlights dyed into her hair
She's got pale blue eyes that reflect the world
And she's got a gorgeous smile that makes her glow

The girl that I know is quite small
She's around 5'3 which is like nothing at all
She likes to state that This way im closer to hell
But I laugh it off and it's all quite swell

The girl that I know is fairly easy going
She's quiet and sweet and somehow outgoing
She sarcastic, witty and a bit of a flirt
But in all honesty she is secretly hurt

She's got a few boys that she strings along for fun
But that's all platonic to all except one
It was her little secret, at least for awhile
Until her best friend told everyone within a mile

In a split instant the whole country knew
People knew her business and her reputation grew
People began to think that she was surely a ****
But you dont know her at all so keep your mouth shut

Her best friends a hypocrite and we all knew that well
Without realizing it, she had made her life hell
Telling her boyfriend everything is good and all
But there comes a certain point where there is a line to draw

This girl that I knew had no more secrets, none at all
As she told me this, her tears fell like a waterfall
how ******* dare she!
she's your best friend I exclaim
How could she do this, Has she no shame

The girl that I know isint like the stories
She's overreacts about little things and gets quite worried
she's bright, brave and fairly clever
She's a black belt, a sensei, she's so much better
She complains about her three buttons while everyone else has four  
And she talks about her life and about the simple things she adores
So how is it that people still call her a *****?

We go to the gym and then eat pizza instead
We watch barbie movies and fall asleep in her bed
We talk about life on an old rooftop
While eating buckets of ice cream till we have to stop

I know the girl better then she knows herself
I know the stories better then anyone else
I know the scars hidden deep within her eyes
And I know and have seen the tears that she has cried

So how can the world be so cruel?
When all that's she's done is just gone to school
She talked and became friends with some guys
So how can people create such lies?

All people think its their right to judge
But what right does it give you to hold such a grudge?
You say its just a joke everyone spread rumors
Let's me hear you say it again, when its your turn as the loser
So tell me then, is that to your humor?     .
Nyx Aug 2019
It’s the way she talks, the way she walks
It’s how her hair flows in the wind
There are so many things I don’t know where to begin

Her smile, saying it’ll be worth while
Her eyes that glisten with mischief
Her body and curves
It’s how she acts that gets on my nerves

And of all the people of the world
You are the one I fear the most
I’m so afraid you will take everything
Then unconsciously you’ll boast

It riddles me with fear
You spark a harsh light in my heart
Pitting holes within my stomach
Tearing me apart

And all because I’m jealous
Jealous of only you in this world
And whenever I look at you I think
I’ll never be enough

Poem after poem I write
Trying to extinguish this fright
But my insecurities keep me company
You set me on fire with your “light”

I’ll never get over this complex
This deep rooted thing of you
Feeling Inferior and worthless
No matter how many say it’s not true

Because thinking of it always makes me feel blue
All on top with the fact that I’m losing you

What a pitiful mess
Just lay me to rest.

I’ll never measure up to her
No matter how hard I try
All I do is meaningless
When in a moment she can ****** it away
Just like all the rest, over and over again
and the more she takes the more I break
Until I simply can't handle it anymore
Nyx Dec 2018
When I awake in the morning
You're the first thought on my mind
Going through each day
Wishing you would be mine

Planning dates within my head
And places I would like to bring you
Little things to show my love
Whenever you feel blue

And a smile graces my face
With a simple text from you
And I hope that messages from me
Bring happiness to you too

And at night I lay awake
As my mind refuses to sleep
Its constantly thinking of you
I've fallen in far too deep

All I can think about is you
As it seems I've fallen
But thats not such a bad thing is it?
Invading my thoughts each and every day
How did this even happen ahah
Nyx Dec 2018
Pull on those strings that unviel our past
Taking small little peeps
wishing it would last
Sceaming and crying
Longing for her embrace
As we look on from afar
Our hearts begin to race
The play must go on no matter the pain
As we run though each scene
the show has brought you fame
Though the attention you do not want
And the glory all for naught
When she can't even look your way
Or spare you a single thought
I stare from within the crowd
As they walking out one by one
Till only you and I are left behind
When the final scene has been done
Then you too bow and leave the stage
And alone I sit remenising again
Alone in the audience
Where a crowd once screamed your name
Though never again shall I hear those cheers
Of those voices reduced to mere whispers over the years
Nyx Jan 30
Am I kind?
Am I good?
Am I all that you think?
Or am I just a curse
Such an awful little jinx
Chewing up your soul
Leaving you broken links
Rueing the day you choose me
Drawing you to the brinks
Cursing my name under breath
Sighs in anger and defeat
Growing tired of this self-hatred
Sipping on poison-filled sweets
So silence the roaring cries
Of this good person that you seek
As they are nowhere to be found
I am but another selfish freak
Nyx Jun 2018

Am I evil For feeling something I shouldnt?

For knowing the truth
The unerving fears
The roaring rivers
Full of my lonely tears

Am I evil For stealing away your light

I took you away
Rid you of this personal hell
As this place was like a jail
Within it you silently dwell

Am I evil For wanting to be yours?

I wanted you
That's all I ever asked
Even though for you
My memory is long passed

Am I evil For longing to hold you tight?

To hide you away
Hidden quietly within my arms
Though you were difficult to contain
As you were your own storm

Am I Evil
For loving you with all my might
For allowing you to fly
And letting you fill my mind each night

Am I really that Evil
For giving you my heart
Or are you the evil one
For breaking it apart

Maybe I am Evil
For trying to give you the blame
For reasoning with myself
Saying its not just a game

Am I Evil... Or is it you?
My minds driving me insane
Trying to figure out who is who, thought
We both held the key to each others chains

Could it be that we both are evil
As we each had a role to play
That our fragile yet manipulative souls
Were the thing that lead ourselves astray

It seems that
We are both Evil

Nyx Jul 2018

They say you're a Monster
A vile villain, A Hideous Beast

And that might be true
You've painted a fearsome picture
An image that chills people to their very core
Guarding your soul in deceit
Surrounding yourself within a den of lies
though the whispers of the shadows
This power bestowed from above
But you love this Fear
The fear that you create
That stirs the souls of the weak
And kills everything made in the name of love
I'm standing here with you
I should be afraid
I know.
You expect me to tremble
To cower at your feet
But this fear wont stop me from seeing
It wont stop me from unveiling the truth
The reality behind that mask that you wear
This power and persona that you've fabricated
Is hiding the real you within there
You may not be forgiven for everything you've done
But I'm willing to stand by you, I'll stay with you
I'll promise you that I'll never run
And though I may fear the consequences of seeing
And in a fleeting moment you could tear me apart
but this fear that beats simply wont stop me
It wont stop me from finding your Heart

You're more than
A Monster shrouded in lies.

People build up an image to protect themselves from getting hurt and though through protecting themselves they hurt others and paint a cruel image of themselves for the world to see
Deep down underneath all of that you can see who they truly are
They are what you call a Monster shrouded in lies
They've made themselves into a monster and the life they live is all a lie
Nyx Aug 2018
I would like to write a poem
Just to scare you so
Cause you said you were weary
Of the poems that we sow

You're afraid of being immortalized
Within the scriptures that we write
You're afraid of the things we'll say
Scared it will leave a nasty bite

The words that we pour out
Are the retellings of our soul
The life that we have created
Our personal bible that makes us whole

You're slightly disturbed that we write
But also partially flattered
Though you would prefer to be left out
In case we leave you in tatters

You told me as you read through
A poem about yourself
"I have to be weary of what I say"
Relax, dont get too full of yourself

We write from the heart
unleashing monsters of all Kinds
Through we gain a sense of control
Control of the insanity of ones mind

Through poems of endless words
Letters strung together by string
A silver tongue out to express
A mind field of eternal sins

Beautiful phases of our love
Cut out from our still beating hearts
Each poem carefully crafted
As the world begins tearing us apart

Dont fault us for our creations
For this is our escape
eternalized within this site
Filling our voids
Its the Perfect shape
Its kinda hypocritical considering I did write a poem about a Convo we had
Nyx Apr 2018
A ring that was once hers
Has now become mine
You gifted it to her
She gifted it to me
To her its such a small insignificant thing
But to me it means the world and so to it, I cling

Its small and dainty
With a silver flower upon it
A small pink gem
Glistening from the center
Worn down by time
Its lost its bright glow
But till now I still wear it
Where ever i may go

Its quite odd and strange
that I love it so dearly
A bond of a ring
that wasn't destined to me
It was a promise
That sealed your love to her
Yet holding it now
I can only wish
It were meant for me

This small feeble thing
That no longer holds meaning
Shall remains in my possession
An insignificant ring
Idk where i was going with this one ahah
Nyx Jun 2018

A seemingly ancient photograph
Capturing a perfect moment in time
Eternalising our friendship
Sealing us in our prime

A photo taken in the spur of the moment
As an attempt to follow a new "selfie" trend
Within the seats of a worn down minivan
We all sat and laughed as friends

At the young ages of 11 and 12
Still quite young and naive
We drove around the endless fields
Laughing and singing as we were free

We called ourselves The Gang
Though we rarely did anything wrong
The six of us were so close back then
It was the only time I felt like I belonged  

Stopping the car behind the willow tree
With its branches drooping low
Rays of sunlight shining down
But at that time we didn't quite know

Let's take a picture

A black iPod touch
Was the thing to capture this moment
we all posed with the peace sign
In time we are forever frozen

This picture that at the moment meant nothing
It was all just meaningless fun
But now we see that during that time
It was the last day that we were together as one

Our lives have all gone different ways
In complete opposite directions
We haven't seen each other in years
We no longer hold that same connection

The photograph sits within my room
My most treasured possession I own
etched into the bottom of the frame
The words that we once promised

We'll meet again someday

This is honestly a picture taken so long ago that I can barely remember it,
2012 and having no clue how to take a selfie
Nyx Sep 2018
A sliver tongue
Graced with the beauty of song
Is able to spit poison
If you do them wrong
Strung together words
matched to a rhythm
igniting our souls
through a wondrous musician
Floating gently
As if your about to fall
then opening your eyes
there is nothing there at all
Flowers bloom
beautifully one by one
eventually they wither
As we all become undone
Wings that can soar
That can fly through the sky
Clipped off by humans
who would rather watch us die
Fighting a battle
becoming rough and torn
keep coming back even stronger
otherwise you'll be gone
Fascinating how
the world tears us apart
though somehow we manage
To protect our beating hearts
Nyx Apr 2018

We fight like cats and dogs
That we know is true
But this time is different
This is our final Que

I will admit I am wrong
I've overreacted, I did
I instantly assumed the worse
I treated you like a kid

I understand where your coming from
You only had the best thoughts in mind
I can't fault you for what you did
I shouldn't have been so blind

For this time I am in the wrong
This time I aren't to be forgiven
Because I wrote a poem
To which by anger, I was driven

But its clear this fight
Isn't like the rest
Its not in black and white
As our rawest emotions have been expressed
Which is causing quite alot of distress  

This fight isn't just because of what happened
Its not because of what I just did
Its clear that our built up emotions caused this
This is just the tipping point
Of all those things that we hid

This time is really quite different
We wont forgive and forget
Because I was wrong but so were you
But now all that I'm saying seems like a threat

This time we were both in the wrong
And so is everyone involved
Don't get me wrong
I don't expect you to come running back
I never once did
Just wanted to inform you
I understand your point
But mine were also quite valid

So maybe now isn't the time
That the two should be together
For future reference maybe some day
We can possibly make things better

So I guess this is our final goodbye
As we are neither ready to come back and try
For our fates and selves, have brought this upon us
So in the end, Its funny that
both of us are trying to play the bad guy.
I was planning to post this yesterday but we were both consumed with hurt and anger still
But I believe that this needs to be said
I understand you're point of view and I was mostly in the wrong, and I know sorry isn't what you want to hear, So I'll stay silent and leave you alone.
I believe its best that we had time apart
Nyx Sep 2018
Cold kiss of the night
Caressing the skin
Hearts a race
Awaiting the battle to begin

Bats in hands
Hair tied back
Leather jackets on
Ready for the attack

Killer instinct ignited
Burning with rage
Betrayal among one
Is the creation of a rampage

The moon high above
As a witness to many
Dedication to the kin  
Such actions can be deadly

To stand together as one
As comrades and friends
To the rest be weary
As this may be your bitter end

As the bruises begin to form
And blood begins to fall
The last of their pack retreat
Be it run, limp or crawl

Running away
Tail between their legs
Our Reputations precedes us
known by the streets dyed in red

Unveiling our faces
Before the morning dawns
Vanishing to nothingness
Disbanded and gone
Nyx May 2018
Berry Boo my lovely
Fly back to me
Return to the fields of honey
Cross the river of gold

Berry Boo my darling
Its nice to see you again
Its has been far too long
Due to this pouring rain

Berry Boo my sweetheart
This round was far too rough
It has barely been a week gone by
But we both have had enough

Berry boo my Princess
We both really are such pains
We overreact and fight over things
But it seems we are bound in chains

Berry Boo my dear
I love you so dearly so
History keeps repeating itself
As then next time we will surely know
We be back
Nyx May 2018
Hey Mr, Could you tell me
Whats the best way to die?
There are so many different reasons
I don't know which one to try

Should I, Slit my wrists in a vertical direction
Watch the blood drip down, As a desperate need for affection
The blood draining from my body to surround me in a crimson red, would I finally then feel happiness spread

Should I, Overdose on drugs? Illegal or Prescription?
Feel the nausea and vomiting decay my body, As nobody ever listened.

Should I, Drown myself in the bathtub? Or the pool to make it public
The crushing pressure of my lungs collapsing, As if i am absolutely nothing. A burning feeling will spread through my chest as if I am to burst
But dont look down into the depth cause surely you'll feel worse

Should I, Step onto the highway? With all the cars at top speed
Allow the pain of my bones breaking, As I only wanted to be needed
The impact could still render me alive, But in a world of agonising pain, then everything I had done will surely be in vain

Should I, Light myself on fire? Or torch me and my home
Let the searing flesh melt off of me, As I was always left alone
They will hear my screams for miles to come, but know that it was me
As my charred corpse will remain, forever left unseen

Should I, Hang myself in the closet? Let my mother find me dead
Feel the tightening rope cut short my breath, As nobody heard what I said. My limp blue body will dangle down with a note left by my bed

Should I, Jump off a high building? A tall place with strong winds
For a moment I can fly away, before I splatter across the ground leaving nothing but my outline and some red

Should I, Shoot myself in the head? Allow myself to pull the trigger
A gunshot will echo, I'll fall to the ground, Then I would finally be dead.
I wouldn't feel a single thing just the hurt of those before me
It would be instant and over in a second, that way their tears wont bore me

So Mr, Could you tell me
The best way that I can die?
You've played this game before
So hurry there is no need to lie

Hey Mr,
Its not like you actually care
Whether I personally live or die
So hurry up and tell me
As he's waiting for me in the afterlife
What is the best way to die?
Nyx Apr 2018

You're playing a game
A dangerous one at that
You're trying to hurt me
But we simply cant have that

You're trying to play it cool
Attempting to pull the strings
Turning everyone against me
But its clear you cant be king

Everyone knows wiser
Their loyalty stands with me
So watching you "wrek" my life, is quite amusing I believe
Cause in the end I know the game,
But you're still quite naive

I'll sit back and watch
Leaving my cards perfectly clean
Giving you nothing to do or say against me
But it appears you're far too keen

No war is ever won
when one is blinded by rage
Its clear you've become your own demise
Trapping yourself within a stone cold cage

All you're assassination plans have failed
Trying to tear me from my friends

she hates you
He knows the truth
I'll reveal to them your lies

I make my move, and plan it well
By being straight forward and honest
I reassure them, express my feelings
Leaving with I love you and a promise

Each word becomes undone
You're tarnishing your own image
I want to start ****
You said, but even your friends think there is a limit

Informing me of you're plan
Their looking at you with pity filled eyes
The more you struggle the more you do
The more they loosen their ties from you

So please calm down, and step aside
I don't want to be responsible for your anymore of those tears you cry

You've hidden a rat within my midst
I know full well who it
So to that rat, I do understand
But its about time you Quit

So in this game of love and war
Where all things are fair
I believe that you should stop yourself
Otherwise beware
What are they trying to do?
Can't they see that the more they try and hurt me the more its just backfiring upon themselves?
Nyx Apr 2018
Staring into the fire
As the flames crackle and pop
The elegant dance of light
That seems unable to stop

Unleash your deepest secrets
As you sit around the flames
For those who shall surround you
Will soon forget your name

Alcohol and spirits
Fill your body and mind
Though around the bonfire
You will feel yourself unwind

The people here will listen
Strangely they will care
And for some odd reason
Everybody else will share

A peculiar bonding moment
With strangers you just met
What is it about this fire
That makes nobody seem like a threat

No faces to be matched
With the words that they pour out
No contact info exchanged
For this moment will be blacked out

So come sit around the bonfire
And begin to pour out your soul
Because for this fragile moment
Your story can finally be told
What is about bonfire that makes people have such deep talks and feel so calm?
Nyx Nov 2018
I've lost my sense of happiness
I've lost my point in life
As I stare upon my phone screen
Not a single message lights
And I cry and I cry
Dont stop me
From attempting to fill this void
I smile and I smile
Dont fault me
For letting myself be destroyed
I'm alone right now
Watching it all pass me by
As people change and move on
I stand idoly to the side
Its tearing me apart
Demon clawing at my soul
Dragging me down into the abyss
Buried deep below
These chains tightening
Its harder to breath
Don't try and save me
Its pointless as I have the key
Its comforting these shackles
As at least I have a place I belong
When the world around give me no purpose
Its me that has to somehow live on
Even when all the friends I have leave
And I've been beaten and deceived
I've always been alone
There is no one I can trust
A mere passing fancy blinded by lust
And it appears to me I've grown too reliant
On the birds that perch upon my window
Keeping me company but only for awhile
Before flying away back into the sky
Where they belong
Unlike the caged bird with her wings clipped off
Singing softly to those who listen
while the owner merely sits back and watch
In the cage she is happy
As she knows no other life
Unlike the free birds
Who know how to fly
Nyx Oct 2019
Throwing my phone against the wall
Hearing it go off another hundred times
Catching a glimpse of my reflection
With a bitter chuckle, I think to myself

God, I'm such an ugly crier

Yeah... this isn't a good look for me
Gonna go back to bottling it up
Ya yeet
Nyx Mar 2019
Like a brightly colored bird
She's flaunting her feathers
In futile attempts
trying to make herself feel better
Luring them in
So gentle and soft
While the fallen look on
And I can't help but scoff
Another victim to the bird
Who pecks away at their lives
Yet they can't see through
All her truths and the lies
No sanity in the cycle
Just more victims and tears
I've grown numb to these actions
Which have repeated through the years
At one moment their everything
They seem to get lost
But by the end they sit silently
Weighing up the cost
And cry to me they will
And comfort them I say
Its not the first time this has happened, don't worry you'll be okay
And she sings and she sings
Lulling all around
Fake or reality?
All I hear is noise filled sound
As I've grown tired of the songs
That this bird seems to squark
Oh pardon me, I mean sings
You see an elegant beauty dancing
I see a headless chicken prancing
And with all the damaged its caused
I think its about time we had some chicken soup.
Nyx Aug 2018
We are
Simply like
Coffee and Vanilla
One so Bitter and One so Sweet
Though together we make quite a treat
Nyx Sep 2018
Its clouded within my mind
foggy and dimly lit
As if I'm floating on a cloud
Or sinking into the sea
As if everything around me is meaningless
Passing me by without a seconds glance
Surrounded by faces laughing with glee
Muted voices and blurry sences
I'm watching it from a silver screen
I raise my hand to reach out
To feel the warm of an affectionate touch
Gracing the faces my hand goes straight through
Like rippled water its cold and cool
Emotionless expressions and tightly pursed lips
All in dark colours, greys and blues
Its a hopeless feeling of being so lost
What can I do except sit back and watch
Doors wide open there is no lock and key
There is only this reflection sitting besides me
Holding my hand, boney and thin
He whispers to me with a raspy voice
Tell me dear what is your true sin
To which i reply
I'm unwilling to let people in
A barrier between them
Keeping them at 10 feet
Empty glass eyes gazing at the screen
I don't have the time, to sit there and weep
To which i suppose is why I stay here with you

A malicious grin stretched across his face
Dark Blue orbs filled with a sadistic appeal
To which i find comfort within them I yield
Then stay with me behind the curtains of the show
Because surely by now you realize
I'm never letting you go

I know.

Nyx Dec 2019
Crunching on a lollipop
Sends shivers down my spine
”To enhance the flavour” you say
Whatever helps ease your mind

Enjoying the sweets
Emitting a pleasant scent
While pondering of these feelings
Beating around my chest

Holding on tight
Fingers entwined
Knowing well I am his
And that lollipop cruncher is mine

But just like those hard candies
He crushes between his teeth
I wonder...

Will my heart be just like those
Strawberry flavoured sweets?

Nyx Jun 2018
Silence my darling
I'll keep you safe
hide you away
You won't have to show your face

I'll wipe away your tears
Using the back of my hand
Its okay love
Things dont always go as planned

I'll hold you tightly
Within my arms
Its warm and gentle
I'll wait till your calm

A gentle kiss on your head
As you drift off to sleep
Enough crying for the day
Its okay to be weak

This happens again
Over the weeks
We sit together with ice cream
As you continue to weep

You slowly move on
Growing strong and independent
Then you leave me
As you are no longer dependent

Go have your fun
Let lose and party
Do everything you wanted to
Be upbeat and quirky

Do as you will
Put on your brave face
Cause I know you will always
Return into my embrace
Nyx May 2018
Years fly by without a moment too soon
Our childhood is gone, Like a hazy sunday afternoon
We are no longer the same, children no more
We've grown up now, We aren't as close as before

I wanted to protect you from the world
I wanted to make things right
But It seems no matter how hard I try
You always look at me with spite

I wanted you to look up to me
I wanted to seem so cool
But every time I open my mouth
You treat me as if I am a fool

I wanted to help you
I wanted to treat you the best I can
But when I offer you help
You act as if you are a man

I wanted to change the past
I wanted to show you I can be kind
But whenever I show you love
Your response is always unkind

I know its time to stop pretending
To stop treating you as a kid
I know that you've grown up too
That nothing now can erase what I did

After everything we've been through
After all the damage we've done
Don't let growing up
Become the thing that makes us undone

So to my dearest little brothers
Even though you've grown so tall
Please don't forget me
I am your big sister after all
Nyx Jun 2018
Its finally done
At the break of dawn
everything we had
Now riddled and gone

After all that we were
The torment and lies
Corrupted hearts entwined
And our toxic love dies

It hurts deep within my soul
My heart begins to cry
How many times
Must I have to die?

Why is it that
They never decide to stay
Our all to them we give
Though they leave at the end of each day

Piece by piece
We give ourselves away
To fill the broken voids
Of people who have swayed

Smaller and smaller
We are dying inside
Trapped but willingly
caged from the skies

A Hefty price we happily pay
To see a simply smile upon their face
In return we are left with nothing
We gently fall from grace

Love and affection
thats all we ever wanted
Use us, Abuse us
Then leave us forgotten

Hush now be silent
another has come along
Maybe you should ask them
Before blaming them for being wrong

Open up and let them in
Let them see what's truly beneath
Show them what you truly hide
Behind that beautiful mask you keep

Broken and wounded
My dear little heart
But its okay to try again
This time you wont fall apart
Nyx May 2018

I'm over you
I can move on
I'm determined now
I've changed

Your Number
D e l e t e d
Your Texts
D e l e t e d
Your Photos
D e l e t e d

Erasing your very existence from my life
All physical evidence of you is gone
Yet I can't seem to shake you from my mind

Your Voice
U n d e l e t a b l e
Your Face
U n d e l e t a b l e
Your touch
U n d e l e t a b l e

Our memories.
U n t o u c h a b l e

Nyx Sep 2018

Don't be fooled

By the smile that seems graced by the sun
The aurora around her glow with radiance and flare
Behind it she hides lies that will send you on the run
She's cunning, malevolent and bitter
She will not be outdone

Don't be fooled

She's warm and kind
Loving and affectionate
She walks on broken glass
Till her feet begin to bleed
She'll hold back the tears as the pain kicks in
But look within her eyes and they are as deadly as sin

Don't be fooled

She plays games with your mind
What's the truth? What's the lie?
Nobody knows the reality
As she is especially sly
Is she putting on an act
Await those to fall in
Or she simple alone
Faking that diabolical grin

Don't be fooled

Her reality is different from you and I
Mind a scatter, broke pieces they lay
Destroyed by self or others
We'll never know
As this place is secured away
Like the land underneath the snow

Don't be fooled

Warm hands and cold hearts
Wreak havoc together
Destined to heal others while tearing them apart
love her, hate her and everything inbetween
She will find your stitching and undo each and every seam

Don't be fooled

Each line holds some truths and fair few lies
But the talent of distinguish which is which
I've seen many people who have tried
The truth is that not even she knows herself
So how is it possible for anybody else to know her true self

Don't be fooled

I can hear her voice quietly
whispers falling to deaf ears
You are a fool
but there is nobody here
Nyx Jun 2018

You threw me away
What was I meant to do?
So don't tell me that
I was the one that gave up on you

You Disappeared
Completely vanished from my life
Tearing my soul piece by piece
Cutting my heartstrings with a knife

Flaunting about your amazing new life
Telling me how the grass is greener
Manipulating me with those sugar coated words
Though those words couldn't taste any sweeter

Forgetting me, Running away
Thats the least you could do
Yet as I walk these lonely halls
Everything I see reminds me of you

The classrooms and paths
Our spot that was meant forever
broken wood and metal music
These held no meaning for you whatsoever

He's Gone and never coming back

I know that better than anyone
I've painted all our memories black
They've been poisoned by the eroding pain
The fear of my heart starting to crack

Its Pathetic to keep clawing
Trying to hold your place in their heart
Screaming and crying so desperately
When all they want is to be apart

At one point he did care
It wasn't all a lie

I guess to him, I'm just one of a million stars
That twinkle within the night sky

Reflecting on our good times
The times where he did cared
Though we are but strangers now
I miss the good times that we shared

I know that within his life
There is no place for me
Though I have given him my heart
Its now my turn to be free

So when you finally do realise
That my heart no longer belongs to you
Don't blame me for leaving
As you were the first to say Adieu.

At a certain point you have to stop putting your heart and soul into somebody who wouldn't ever do the same for you.
Nyx Oct 2018
Admire her
From behind the glass
Look on closely
She's holding her mask

Don't step to close
You mustn't touch the exhibit
She may break into pieces
As she is fragile and timid

Look upon her
With starry filled eyes
That innocent and purity
Its that trust which causes her cries

See the elegantly placed roses
Vines that surround her skin
Peer a little bit closer
The thorns are piercing in

She smiles so beautifully
Its gentle and bright
Its a wonder why her eyes
Hold such little light

Take a step back
You're in far too close
You're scaring her away
And there she goes

Back into her shell
Made of mirrored crystal glass
Look upon the surface and see
Your true self reflected
Try not to be brass

You will only see yourself
The longer you stare
And soon you'll believe
That's the only thing there

Hidden away
Behind the illusions of the mind
Its tucked away safely
Within her own elaborate design

Her own personal prison
Eternally trapped
Within an art gallery of foes
What secrets are hidden underneath that mask?
Unfortunately not even the artist seems to knows

Dont touch the Artwork

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