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Sneha shenoy Apr 2020
Ay!you ,I stay'd thee for him,
Thou both were inseparable like juno's swans.

Thou were Christened by his name,
seperation hath made you insane.
Why do you fleet the tym carelessly ? reasons you give are completely lame.

Thou bequeathed me with your pain,
Making me sob Secretly in rain.

He overthrew you wrestler grip,
Making u lovelorn❤ and u tripped..
Why did I banish thee?
Cuz I realized thou art not For mee..

I prithee forgive me,I tried to thwart..
but still I hath banished you "yes you my heart".....
#Collection - Life in a Finger Bowl
Sneha shenoy Mar 2020
Do I write to accord thy attention pal? assumption? Haha good one !!
Well something important has my attention
That's failed to reach this ironic world,
Pessimistic people,
materialistic unchaste thoughts,
Self designed tramatic catastrophes
That's Keeping us off the "secret";
Naa! Not the egeria's "secret",
Yes the "Abraham's secret";
that was christned as "secret"
Which is no more any secret
After being unravelled.😊
                    - ROSE
Sneha shenoy Mar 2020
"If he's not doing anything to keep you,why are you trying so hard to stay?" her friend asked...
True, he's not even putting in enough to toss it into his trash.The letter,Yes my letter,the one in his office drawers  laying even aftr years shows how idle he is.. idle out of love for her who presented it to him on a special occasion,that makes his dipmples grow deeper when he blushes remembering how idle he's been ever after he's been taking care of that letter
Sneha shenoy Mar 2020
Sweetheart today is chocolates day.
I promise once Ur with me,
Thou shalt taste all the flavours
Packed in a wrapper,
placed in  a "Golden cascade".
I'l always give u sweet candies .

But when thou art guilty of playing a prank on me ,
I'll pinch Ur *** unraveling the sour wrapper🤣

when u hit on a nostalgic dialogue,😭
I shall unravel a candy which is salty! love when we share a single candy and I'm crying out of happiness ,
tears yes my tears shall decide the taste 😂😋

My love Re thy sweet candies
My wrath thy........Haha love no I can't get angry on thee♥️
My heart,the golden cascade.
our marriage,A beautiful wrapper,when wrapped correct feels perfect,
With regards to ____
"The man who stole my golden cascade"
Sneha shenoy Mar 2020
Jack---What do you want my love ? Anything you need ask me😘

Jenny --I'll give you my bank account no. Pls transfer a small sum to my name not big amount though
Bank name : roseaxa heart bank

In the favour of : Mrs. Jack

Amount to be transferred:   all Ur Love Ur heart and undivided attention from you

Terms and condition: thou shalt not abandon this contract of roseaxa under any circumstances,doing so is subjected to heart break risks pls think before breaching 😘

Also this time u Abandon the contract the owner of the bank shall never talk to you 🥺🥺🥺😞

Last date to transfer amount : as soon as you read this

❌❌pls note that the amount once transferred is non refundable😉
Sneha shenoy Feb 2020
My moon although far,
Always with me.
Thee have not thyn own light,
But still Thou didst share with me
Only stars & no moon,
can there be one night ?
Moonlight always be my favourato
Moon be a special part of me.
Thee stare at me and I stare at thee
Hiding the rose, Shalt I go on my knee
I tell you I love you
I kno you ment for stars and not me.
Thou refuse to come down
Don't u say find ur sun &
love the sunshine,
Heads up prince,else falls ur crown
I want not sun but your smile,Divine.
No I'm not here to rip you off the stars
Breaking you from the cosmos
Or Usurp thy kingdom nor throw deciet..
Im here to see you wax
Though you may hide in clouds
I still kno you're there.
I stay here watching thee
Don't be stubborn I don't need sun
Before the sky turns grey,
It's important I tell you
"Moon it's me not you who's first to wane"..
Now you kno poem rhymes not
Cuz it's bout the timing and not the rhyming
In some time I be a memory alone
For I am  destined to wane.
Sneha shenoy Dec 2019
Melancholy ain't making me poetical,
Instead, more panglossian!
I need thy cwtch for now and
I'll show how the rest of it is played
with boisterous swagger
Kicking back those icy fangs.
*   Don't tell me there's a twist again!
         Come on! Burst the bubble!  *

Every bowl has its day Forget not!
Aaha now that's why i say:
The one in winter, most cosiest!!
Oh u didn't understand ?
It's ok. Don't have to !!
Not everything is ment to be understood
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