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Sneha shenoy Dec 2019
Life Some times hits the peak
so that we know how painful it is when u fall from that height back to where u started leaving you not just with a scar,lesson but also might cost you something more than a beautiful relation,
Yes that beautiful unfathomable realtion you had with others and yourself !
  Oct 2019 Sneha shenoy
Kafka Joint
is the world's biggest power,
being itself powerless.
Sneha shenoy Oct 2019
Most difficult phase of Life's exams? Anticipating results!!
After though hath given thy 1000%
& yet everything's fated to manifest from someone else's bowl...Sigh!
Bowl ? Yes the Bowl !!
The Bowl of Glistening Fortune ! Or
The Bowl of "Missed"Fortune !
Though doth eagerly wait à la russe to serve a finger bowl.
While enjoying the warmth of thy Bowl  thou shalt never understand,
thy bowl is equally fated to bestow someone's fortune.
The warmth of thy bowl can mean everything to another life,
Or the follies in thy bowl shalt punctuate before the life within sprouts  
Losing warmth inspite of not having any is the worst tyranny thou could be doing to another life in another bowl shame?Oh no I forgot thy shame Rests in peace within the society!
That's ok don't bother!
The Bowl is Resting in pieces
Lemons are for bowls, Artificial flavours are for taste buds # philosophyoflife
Sneha shenoy Jun 2019
Aapki Nawaazish dekh ke  nawab khud sharmaye..
Aapki Voh vasl aur shiddat uns me dekh ke Hayat tham jaye..
Kya kare? AAP ** hi mukthalif
Ye vo iztiraar nahi ** AAP soch rahae hai !
Ye justajoo hai vo khawabedaa inaayat pane ke liye ..
Mere sayonee ab kya khahe ,
AAPke un aakhon ke Noor ne hamare chain Ko  fanaa kardiya hai!
Sneha shenoy Sep 2018
She said true love doesn't exist $
$ You've lied to me ! $
$ Anne jeered my love   $
Haha,come here little Johnny James
Haven't you herd of "Princess tales"?
Remember,"True love never fails".
Maiden Miss Russia lost in her
La la land,
Fell for a prince of Persia,
who promised to take her hand.
They swore,courted,kissed intense,
But the fear of seperation shook them thence.
They still kept their battle on,
Hoping not to see each other forlorn.
$ Did they make it ? $
Haha! My little Johnny,
MR.JAMES -Persia lives with Mrs.James-Russia along with their munchkin little Johnny James..
$ Awww Mommy, I love you $
Sneha shenoy Jun 2018
Im seeing !    
The volatile relationships,
adiabatic karma,discrete life,
continuous self,abstruse universe.

I'm seeing!
The illusions of space - time,
Nurtured by life & shattered by death / enlightenment.

I'm seeing!
The Entropic mind,
Enthalpy (success) being the product obstacles (pressure) & the volumes of self that you discover.

I'm seeing!
Internal energy,the divine parameter that  decides your work done,
Impulse,the seraphic boon with an ravishing effect!!
Sneha shenoy Mar 2018
I  went on a mission searching Him.
Priests "he abodes house of worship";
Others "you 'll find him in idols";
Scientists "in atoms as energy";
Atheist "let it be.Your pursuit is futile".

Did it suffice me?It only deluded me.
One day, I stood before a mirror,
The secret was answered.

We are clothed with Power ,
fed with beliefs,moved by love.
The cord of Realization when struck,
the abstruse life begins to unveil
Abating the afflictions of the soul.
This cord & the universe resonate,
To give 13th cord of octave - "ecstasy".

Now this phrase is justified;
"The Budda in me spreads to the Budda in you to create peace & hapiness." *Yes he's in me
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