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22.4k · May 2014
Riot May 2014
if girls care so much about their hair
why do they take someone elses?
9.2k · May 2015
she's skinny
Riot May 2015
she’s skinny
her waist is the size of the outside of her mirror

her stomach is empty

when she breaths in 
she sorta stays there

but she’s skinny

she’s skinny
she cuts 
more than she eats
but she’s skinny

she’s skinny
she pretends her birthday makeup will change


but she’s skinny

she’s skinny

she can barley breathe**

*but she’s skinny
4.0k · Apr 2014
stereotype (Eminem)
Riot Apr 2014
we can all pretend we’re perfect
that church ain't worth it
that drugs and alcohol make us worthy
worthy of what a debate?
so what’s on your plate?
nothing but emptiness and hate
and that’s great
at least i know why you treat me this way
so here’s to saying i’m no different
drugs and alcohol
i’m with them
and i can’t change even if i tried
but wait
what do i have to change
you don’t even know me
but you pretend i’m the only one who’s gone through the worst
i’m flattered but
you see
i’m just a stereotype
trying to get past
but i get beat down by the headlights
i’m a drive by
trying to drive by my future
but i can’t
because my past is trying to tell me that i’m horrible
but i can’t
i can’t stand that people try to tell me who i am
i can’t stand that i’m horrible
for telling you who i am
and on land
i’m a bad influence
but in water
i’m the man
you don’t understand
that i’m a fish trying to find it’s way in the ocean
and those mistakes
are just my gills
i breathe them in and stop breathing
because someone is always pulling me out of water
it’s like the Mexican border
Protected by what's within
it’s a sin
for me to be where i’m supposed to be
but see
it’s not me
it’s the stereotype
and its trickery
it makes you think that you know me
but what you don’t see
so let me be
let me speak
i have to get it out of me
that hate in my gills shouldn't be there when i breathe
so go ahead and stereotype
but i’m not the only one who has to get something off my chest
but i’m the best
because I've made it through every test
and though you think you can bring me down
I've made it through every test
**so let me speak before you think i’m just the same as the rest
3.3k · May 2014
Riot May 2014
plastic smiles and denial can only take you so far
*but then you break when the fake facade leaves You in the dark
3.1k · Apr 2014
why can't...
Riot Apr 2014
why can't i just run away
why can't you just stay
why can't you believe me when i say
there is somthing i've never done
i'm not a victim of that way
why can't i just be who i am
just because i'm not famous
and know where i stand
why do you let people
**** there own people
has it really come to that?
having birthdays in hospitals
without their whole family there
because thier country
doesn't know who to fight
why can't we all help them there?
who else knows about the trubles
in syria
killing there owm
who else is acually going to
"save the children"
why can't we give those children
a safe home
save the children
3.0k · Mar 2015
Riot Mar 2015
I am a scenery
to be looked at from afar

when you're on a balcony looking out to new york
your eyes immediatly go to the buldings with the pretty lights
not even thinking about whats within them
and you're last glance is to the darkest spots
but if you looked at them closer you'd realize they count the most

and no matter how far to the edge you will be
you'll never be close enough to really look at me

you will never see the inside of my buildings
nor walk the dark spots in the depths of my mind
there was a time when i could call myself beautiful

*just look at all the pretty lights
the billboard saying "be who you wanna be"
but even if you're at the edge of your seats
you'll never get close enough to a scenery
2.8k · Mar 2015
cigarette smoke
Riot Mar 2015
inhale exhale
my God i'm scared to fail
i got to get some things off my mind
sombody spoke of healing with smoke
it'll hurt
but it's worth it for a short time

breathe in the war thinking the fight will fade away
when slowly your lungs start to deteriorate

walking though the clouds for a moment of relief
coming back to earth with an addiction and blacker teeth
breathe in the demons, breath out the light
repeat the cycle when you don't wanna fight

the cigarette smoke, the cigarette smoke
and where will you go when the demons come home
the cigarette smoke, you're holdng it close
and you can't let go

i never wanted this
thought that i owned it
but turns out that it owns me
i'm getting weaker, a heartache
a fever
this is burning down my family tree

breathe in the war thinking you're fighting for the wrong side
turns out you're in the middle of the fight

walking through the clouds for a moment of relfief
coming back to earth with an addiction and blacker teeth
breathe in the demons, breathe out the lies
like when they told you that you had to fight

the cigarette smoke, the cigarette smoke
an where will you go when the demons come home
the cigarette smoke, you're holding it close
and you can't let go

the demons creeping up on me
been so long since i could really breathe
sombody help me before i die

walking through the clouds for a moment of relief
coming back to earth with an addiction and blacker teeth
*breathe in the demons, breathe out the life
repeat the cycle because it's too hard to fight
the cigarette smoke, the cigarette smoke
and where will you go when the demons come home
the cigarette smoke, you're holding it close
and you can't let go
2.8k · Sep 2014
forget me not
Riot Sep 2014
i hide under my blanket
wondering when the angels will come back to me
i wait at the window in the middle of the night
and still feel the demon beside me

please don't forget me dear angel
please tell me what i have done
don't say it's something i did
because i did what has to be done

let the spots surround me in my nightmares
without any control
be the withered flower in my hand
the only need is to let go

if you don't want me dear angel
and forget to come to my side
i shall put a forget me not on the window
and pray that you remember to stop by
2.7k · Feb 2016
emotional abused
Riot Feb 2016
i don't know where to put you

your hands just under reach my skin
i'm not considered a victim
my bruises are on the inside
and the fault goes to me
i'm not abused

but yet

the thought of even adressing you makes me sad
"the dreams in which i'm dying are the best i ever had"
that line meant nothing until my sleep brought to my attention
my dad
i peel at my sanity
no more than a locked room
your words push me down the stairs
because they never speak the truth
especially when they force out the words *"i love you"

my emotions are confused
my emotions are unused
my emotions are scared to death of his
**emotional abuse
Riot Jul 2014
my friend asked me this question
and i pondered for a while
and then i thought to myself

answer: *******
let me explain

strippers jobs are to earn money by showing off there bodies and getting attention.

if i wanted attention, i would **** myself.
but instead
i hate myself

i do not want attention
i would rather be a *******

i want to be the one who is forgotten on the streets
the one who gets beat when they go to a meet and greet
the one who's only job
is to take out the pleasure of pleasureful things
the one who's only dream is to dream

a strippers job is to be loved
a prostitutes job is to **** it out of them
while ******* out their pride
and ******* their client

i could never be a stripper
i do not show off
but like a *******

i am forgotten once i give you what you want
2.2k · Sep 2014
Riot Sep 2014
if you died
we would all remember you
but too many great people
don't make it on the newspaper
because kim kardashian decided to name her kid
north west
2.1k · Nov 2015
Riot Nov 2015
somebody told me to reach for the stars
so i took them out of the sky and hid them in my broken heart
somebody told me that time heals all wounds
so all be waiting right here until i can finally be rid of these cuts and bruises
2.1k · Apr 2014
Riot Apr 2014
One two three four
Turn around and shut the door
Five six seven eight
You say you love me
But now it's too late…
my never ending story begins here.
when i was in 7th grade
i would go on webcam with my friends
so i could meet and and talk to new people
and the compliments did not end…
someone said
“show me a little more of your beauty”
i was in seventh grade
nieve i didn’t care
then 1 year later
a facebook message told me
that picture is still there
the man who sent this message to me
new everything about me
how he got that information
i don’t know
but on christmas break
i didn’t think anything of it
it was too late
for him to do anything
my life was great
but a knock knock knock at 4 am
change the way i felt
my picture was sent to everyone
i felt like i was in hell
this lead to anxiety
all the time i tried to hide me
didn’t want to go out in summer
because i knew that mistake would find me
and it did
it found me in different substances and alcohol
my anxiety got worse than it ever was before  
a year past and the man sent me the list of my new school and friends
just when i thought the torcher would end
but it got worse
this time it was a facebook page
the picture of my “beauty” was his profile
cried every night
lost my friends and respect again
walked down the hall being called names
being judged
i would never get that photo back
it was out there forever
so i started to cut
and i promised myself never
i had no friends
sat at lunch alone
so i moved schools again
just to be alone
but it was better this time
a month later i started talking to an old friend
he was a guy
we texted back and forth
and it was kinda nice
but then it got better
and he said he liked me
but he had a girlfriend
but he still liked me
so one day he said
“come over, my gf is away”
so like the teenager i was
made a mistake
got together
i thought he liked me
but just like every other
that mistake found me
one week later he texted me
“get out of your school amanda ”
his gf and fifteen others came to find me
her and to other just stood there and said nobody liked me
a guy said in the background
“just punch her already”
so she did
she threw me to the ground
and punched me
over and over again
but the worst part was it was taped
and i was left there
a joke in this world
nobody deserved this
this hurt of the world
i lied and said it was my fault
that i told him to do it
i didn’t want him to get hurt
and it’s no different if they put me through it
because i thought he liked me
there was one person in the world
who like me
but he just wanted what i could give him
so i just layed in a ditch all day
feeling like nothing was right
until my dad found me
and brought me home that night
i wanted it to be over
i wanted to stop the pain
so when i got home i drank bleach
and thought the pain would go away
it killed me inside but not out
so the ambulance came
and saved me
but i was still dead without a doubt
because on facebook
they said
she deserved it
i hope AMANDA is dead
and i tried so hard but i couldn’t get those words out of my head
and i didn’t want to press charges so i changed schools instead
just wanted to move on
but i was being tagged with pictures of bleach on facebook
how could i
they wanted me gone
a person
made a mistake
and on my story video
the comments
i could not take
the last words i read were
darwin at it’s best
but i’m just amanda
no more perfect than the rest
1.9k · Jun 2014
Riot Jun 2014
it's been a year I've though about doing it again
i'm trying not to think about it

it's been four years since my dad hit me
it didn't even hurt
but you know what they say
it's the thought that counts

i hate trying to speak when no one is listening
every time i say something
all you hear is a whistling
that's my father trying to find anything wrong
like when i told him i couldn't write a song
for the church i do everything for

i saw the look of despair
and from that day on
it was like i wasn't even there

i did an experiment
when i was 11
i would wait until everyone went downstairs
and i wanted to see who would notice first

but what once was an experiment
turned into something more
ever since i stopped
i found myself wanting more
and for now it's just a thought
but i wanna go back

**i really do
i almost made myself throw up at church yesterday (it was a family fit thing) the only reason i didn't was because there were people near the bathroom
1.7k · Aug 2014
Riot Aug 2014
i dream of your hand
holding mine
a love that was never there
the hand that was supposed to hold mine
is holding my arm tightly
please let go
you're hurting me
1.6k · Jan 2015
social media in creation
Riot Jan 2015
facebook:** let there be friends
twitter: let there be procrastination
youtube: let there be popularity
tumblr: let there be identity
myspace: let ther be new beginnings
google plus: let there be attention ******
skype: let there be real connection in a fake world
news: let there be war
blah therapy: let there be hope
hello poetry: let there be you
1.6k · Apr 2015
i waited
Riot Apr 2015
i waited for you to see it
i waited for you to care
i waited at your doorstep
to find that you weren't there

i waited for you to hear me
in the deepest parts of my soul
while you waited for me to speak
i waited for you to say so

i waited for you to notice
the smile i'd always fake
i waited for you to see it
i waited til i'd fade

i waited for years and years
for you to look through my lies
i waited for you to see it
everything i'd hide in my eyes

i waited for you to see it
i waited for you to care
i waited at your doorstep
*and found that you moved somewhere
1.6k · Jul 2014
Riot Jul 2014
i do not believe in confidence
confidence is never really there
it's the thought
if it was there
hate couldn't destroy it so easily
1.5k · Jul 2016
if i bleached my skin
Riot Jul 2016
I wonder what would happen if i bleached my skin
What kind of twisted world i would live in
If one day i decided to do what the world demanded
And strip my melanin

I wonder what would happen if i burnt my hair to a crisp
If barbie doll hair was on my birthday wishlist
If one day i suddenly looked like
Taylor swift

The problem with this fowl dream
Is that it’s forgetting one thing
The thing in which i live and breath
My sanity

If one day i bleached my skin
And society decided to let me in
I would have tarnished God's creation
For equality
unnecessarily demanding humane unity
And Maybe if i bleach my skin
An officer wouldn’t shoot me
But What should be happening is me taking a stand
And saying it’s not him against me
But us against the hatred that makes individuals choose me
Single me out because of my skin
Fearing me because i’m chock full of melanin
Saying #allLivesMatter instead of #blackLivesMatter because if we let one house burn the rest of the town wins
But at the bottom of this is was and always will be hatred
And just because your side of the boat doesn’t have a hole doesn’t mean we’re not all sinking
So i suggest you do something.
1.5k · Jul 2014
carnal chases
Riot Jul 2014
carnal chases carnal chases
memories of deadly faces
lusting after all i believe
i can't pretend i know anything
inner beauty
harvest returns
every second
burn by burn
carnal chases carnal chases
nobody remembers the pretty faces
1.3k · Apr 2014
Riot Apr 2014
once you have mine
i have to start over
trust is an addiction
and i'm trying to get sober
the trusted know you the most
and no one really knows me
i can't trust you with my life
because when i'm dead it'll be on me
my secrets are mine
and mine only

to me
trust is a bridge
you know i can cross to your side
but you can't come to mine
because two half's don't make a whole
they make another line
so maybe next time

i don't know why i'm like this
walking around with four walls around me

whatever happened to me
to make you untrustable to me
i know
i sorry
it's wrong
though i can't trust you
you can trust me
because *i
know that i can belong

but i can't let you have my trust
i can't start over
i can't get addicted again
*i have to get sober
1.3k · Jan 2015
from chains to handcuffs
Riot Jan 2015
eric garner says: i can't breathe

the black community says set my people free

travon martin says: stop following me

his gravestone is all the history we need

a little 9 year old sends a message to the man who shot her daddy

rumain brisbon says: i was just trying to get to my family

slave owners say: we're generations away
but we still have the memory of what we instilled in our family

slaves say: our childrens children will march in the white world and protest their meaning of "protect and serve"
we now have to take what we always deserved

life without fear of man

are you up to the task america?
black america
white america
us america
are you ready for the war?

**these chains are our past
and we will not let these handcuffs be out future
1.2k · Jun 2014
hide and seek
Riot Jun 2014
you tell me i don't talk enough about me
like i'm playing hide and seek
like my life is an open book

what if i opened it for you?
and then you changed the words?
just so you could be right?
1.2k · Jun 2014
on the chair
Riot Jun 2014
i was up there
on the chair
feeling underground

they said i was the underdog
they meant i was a hound
i was up there on the chair
feeling like a queen overthrown by the silence
but you still told me to dream

i was up there on that chair
thinking of the writing
everyday i was fighting for something i couldn’t do
i was up there on the chair
thinking of you calling us family
but telling me what i couldn’t do.

i was up there on the chair
thinking of my face
every single cut and bruise
now it’s the end of the race

i wish that i could speak, but speech is for the important

i was just there

nothing but a stare

waiting for you to say “i love you”

but i had to choose

i didn't’ want to take all the mental abuse

so on this chair i think of words

big small

or not there at all

everything you should have said

everything you shouldn't have said

when i asked

“if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?”

you said no

but you told me i was as strong as an oak

do you not here my fall?

are you not here at all?

“you wanted me to grow, but lowered my self esteem.

if you wanted me to be fixed

you shouldn’t have pulled me at the seams”

so now i’m up here on this chair, thinking of the words

all the silence

i just wanted to be heard



the chair

just like it does now

i fall

and yes you would hear a tree in the forest

**it cannot make it’s own fall
1.2k · Mar 2014
Riot Mar 2014
she always looked so beautiful but she never believed.
if her smile was a word it would be: free.
everyone wanted to be her
and though she could not see
whoever saw her new the meaning of beauty.
but she’d still go home
feeling “unworthy”
because the kids at school said she was “too curvy”.
so she went home everyday
trying to change who she was
all her parents told her was “high school is tough”
the blood in her bathroom now cleaned back to white
she covers her arm
“mom i’m going out tonight”
all she wanted was to forget
she only had one cup
and before you know it
she was wasted as
forgetting everything she knew about life and it’s wonders
getting into the pool some one is pushing her head under
but no one is there  
she's alone
and alone she can think
about the beauty that she never had
the beauty that was weak
and if only she had her mirror
she would say
"wow, that's me"
but another day goes by
without her being who she can be
she always looked so beautiful but she never believed.
if her smile was a word it would be: free.
everyone wanted to be her
but now it's too late to see
because the broken glass in her bedroom was the vary thing
that gave her beauty
your beautiful no matter what
1.2k · May 2014
Riot May 2014
stress is without the reassurance of humility
1.1k · Nov 2014
Riot Nov 2014
heart bleeding
i take a step up
here i am
i’m breathing
in this world it’s do or die
don’t touch me
i’m leaving
i never liked the taste of silence anyway
1.1k · Oct 2014
pretty little girls
Riot Oct 2014
pretty little girls
making it in the high heeled world
picture of health
when they’re really starving themselves
pretty little girls
looking at the scale and cry
perfect on the inside
makeup on the outside
pretty little girls
1.1k · Sep 2014
Riot Sep 2014
since she was 11
she knew
being abused isn't a punishment
it's a birthright
1.1k · Jul 2016
Riot Jul 2016
Learning to accept myself
the way God created me
that's my mission
My priority
1.0k · Sep 2014
chandelier by sia: stripped
Riot Sep 2014
i spend everyday wondering why i live
knowing there's nothing more to give

i live off of the face of the crowd
living life
laughing out loud

i'm nothing more than a "party girl"
who would care about me?
my friends show up in the middle of the night
knowing i'll be there waiting

i try to scream and tell them how i'm feeling
but all that comes out it is "lets get another drink"

123 123 drink
123 123 drink
123 123 drink
throw em back till i loose count

as reckless as it seems
who knows what i could do to myself and others

another sun comes up
who's in my bed this time?
does it really matter anymore
since i no longer have the courage to look in the mirror
i run and shut the door

123 123 drink
123 123 drink

123 123 drink
who cares to count anymore?

you won't recognize me in the night
i'm a bird that fly's
straight into the window
because that's all i'm capable of doing
wrecking everything
so i'll swing on the chandelier

until you can't recognize me in the daytime*

just hold on for tonight
986 · Aug 2015
I am not an open book
Riot Aug 2015
i used to be an open book. Everybody saw my horrible handwriting. My story was no secret, and it was no secret where i was going. I was an energetic kid, i told myself everyday how awesome i was, and i got happier and happier by the minute.

*It’s funny how i don’t remember these days. My childhood is a mere mystery, waiting to be solved. i don’t remember anything before i closed the book. i’m no longer open for reading…
977 · Sep 2014
tree rings
Riot Sep 2014
You cut open trees
For the broken rings
To determan age
Did you ever stop to think the rings are self inflicted?
That age has nothing to do with it?
970 · Jun 2014
who are you to...
Riot Jun 2014
who are you to tell me that i'm not good enough...
960 · Jan 2015
my facebook
Riot Jan 2015
this is my facebook
real facebook
instead of connecting with fake friends for numbers
i'm connecting with friends i never knew i had
people here pick me up when i'm sad
a community that breaks hoplessness and fads
a place where beauty doesn't mean perfect
my facebook is right here with everybody
theres no santas list
everybody has been naughty
and i don't put my life on display
i display my feelings
because no matter what
i know you won't judge
so i'll be the first to say

*i love you facebook
Riot Sep 2015
there are one thousand ways to say i love you
but the best
might just be
956 · Jun 2014
my life is a toolbox
Riot Jun 2014
my life is a toolbox
waiting to be discoverd
so someone will no whats inside
so that God can use the tools within
and cunstruct a better toolshed
922 · May 2015
Riot May 2015
the sun breaks through the clouds
a warm welcome on my skin
a smile breaks upon my face
a smile that stems from within
a memory of when we were kids comes passing by my lens
it's been a while
a long while
since we made crowns with dandelions
921 · Nov 2014
Riot Nov 2014
maybe Switzerland never to a side
because they never got the full story?
917 · Apr 2016
tumblr girl
Riot Apr 2016
i’m the tumblr girl who has deep conversations on any topic, but in real life, pretend i don’t understand poetry

i’m the tumblr girl who has a simicolon necklace, and pretends to have no connection to the meaning whatsoever

i’m the tumblr girl who is confident in every typed sunrise, every explained sunset, and her interpretation of the stars, but when nighttime comes i pretend to be afraid of the dark

i’m the tumblr girl who defines “emotional abuse” as “the failure to be a parent.” yet listens to the praise given to “such a strong family”

I’m the tumblr girl who will one day

just stop posting
Riot May 2014
look into my eyes
can you see what i'm saying?
884 · Jan 2015
breathe in, breathe out
Riot Jan 2015
i clench my fist hoping i've grabbed the last inch of air i could put behind my broken jaw

breathe in, breathe out

my mind attacks my memory like it's a world war with no allies

breathe in, breathe out

i remember you
i remember you?
since i was 8 i've tried to play God
and ended up admitting i'm a sinner

breathe in, breathe out

i brought you back from the dead
only for you to sit in your grave

we all did
we prayed for you

breathe in, breathe out

my memories don't lie
and i remember a change in you
and i thanked God with all my might that i could no longer blame you


breathe in, breathe out

if i could pray i would say: God help my dad so he doesn't die in a puddle of his own rage

*breathe in...
882 · Apr 2017
washed away
Riot Apr 2017
I'm being softly lifted off my feet
A spring fling beckons my gripped teeth
A lifetime seems slower during the day

But at the night I'm reminded
of the rippling waves
I've timed it
I have exactly 3 more years before I'm washed away
882 · Jul 2014
a bird without wings
Riot Jul 2014
as she takes her first step
into a dream
she wishes to be
in all the clouds she sees
wondering why her
a little sad bird
without wings
but still she sing

in a world of tests and hopeful rest
i believe that i will succeed
in a world of darkness
where hills have been heard
i'll still be here to sing

a caged bird sings for freedom
but i sing so i can sing
about the world that God has given
and i can see it
even with no wings

so she sings on the hills and she listens as the trees go
maybe you could have your way
just go over and ask that eagle

and she smiles as she sores through the sky

so through all the tests
and hopeful rest
she finally succeeds
after all the years of praying to God for the wings

and sometimes you don't exactly what you think you need
but he said that you can fly

**but you're too special for wings
882 · Sep 2014
i'm the girl
Riot Sep 2014
i'm the girl who tares herself apart
because she tries to find something she's missing

i'm the girl who is scared of her own mind
because i don't know how to control it

i'm the girl who used to cry herself to sleep
because i didn't know how to be "good enough"

i'm the girl who has a secret that will change everything

i'm the girl who gets stronger every fall

i'm the girl who makes jokes about things i really don't think are funny

i'm the girl who doesn't know what love feels like
but can give it to whoever needs it

i'm the girl who's more than an age

i'm more then what you think of me
865 · Mar 2014
standby bully
Riot Mar 2014
as you are reading this poem
another kid has committed suicide
another kid is being bullied
and there's another kid on standby.
another kid waiting for someone else to help out
another kid walks away
listening to their screams and shouts
someone will help out someday
this is how it happens
the kid who's abused at school
is the kid who's abused at home
and you wanna help out
but you wanna be left alone
and you think it has nothing to do with you
your not a bully
so it's not your problem
but you're worse then the bully
pushing them around
because your standing right behind them
you're afraid to stand up
because they'll push you back down
you're afraid to get their face out of the dirt
because they'll push your face in the ground
but the standby bully is the worst of all
you choose nothing
out of everything you could do
if you were on the ground
you wouldn't be thinking like that
would you?
so today
is another day
where a kid commits suicide
another kid is bullied
but it's safe for you
on standby
don't be a standby bully. do something
840 · Mar 2014
Riot Mar 2014
there is a wall separating you and me
a wall that only you can see
it's barrier is made of
pain, destruction, and misery
and you can't get past it
if it's all that you think
to get past it
all you need
is to say
this isn't me
i believe in a better day

if you say those words
there would be no misery
to be seen
so break down the barrier
come be with me
814 · Jul 2014
the first step to recovery
Riot Jul 2014
the first step to recovery
is not admitting you have a problem
**it's admitting you need help
807 · Oct 2016
For the birds
Riot Oct 2016
This is for the birds who take their time leaving cages
Who use all the strength in their brains to take them places
Who use all the strength in their beaks to cry out on their stages
And declare peace on the birds on the rescue mission to save them

This is for the birds who work alone
Who type alone on their computers
Give their life to social media users
But are still strangers to the ones who live at home

This is for the birds who shed a tear
When that anniversary comes around each year
Whether it be the last bottle you downed or the last blood stained floor you cleared
The last blood stained soul, in the mirror you feared
Even when all the birds around you ceased to cheer

This is for the birds whose nest was burned down to the ground
By the father who let a political party take him down
But still sits and waits quietly til the coast is clear
But still sits and waits in the fire while the rescue birds are here

And maybe does it burn
But maybe that’s how birds learn
By waiting for the coast to be clear
By being taught when to burn
And it pains me to say but
It’s pain that saves us when the soft and cushy world fails to give us what we’ve earned
The exposition of the truth
The key to the freedom birds so often chase after

But this is for the birds who take their time leaving cages
Who use all the weakness in their hearts to imagine places
Who would rather stay in than be alive on a stage
It’s really clear

That maybe what you wanted was a little bit of control
Because the nest burned down and you thought
“What would happen if I go?”
But the time to find out is right now
Right here
Taken from my website
798 · May 2014
Riot May 2014
What is awake?
A heart attack that you chose to take
An earthquake
Shakeing your mind into a sleeping state
But stay awake

Awake is keeping your mind from your lake
Your lake being the world you step into
Too late
Stay awake

Awake is a tear holding you back from free
Awake is abusing you
Beating you out of clarity
Awake is a chain
So come on
Go to sleep
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