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Rainbow Jul 2019
So what's done is done.
The tide has come, the tide has gone.
Washing away with it all the feelings.

A marage of repent, coupled with a lack of focus.
Almost as if jumping was your worst fear,
But you did it anyway.

Expecting forgiveness, why though?
You were the one who jumped...
You acted.
And now the lights have dimmed upon your soul.
Rainbow Jul 2019
I wish I could capture all of your tears.

The sadness in them seen with clarity.
I wish to treat them with love, warmth and sincerity.

Reasons big or small...
None constitute for your tears to fall.
Keeping the shimmer of happiness in your eyes is what I wish,
my love for your soul will never diminish.

I wish I could capture all of your tears and pour them into a loving cup.
For you to sip from when your heart needs a pick up.

                                                ~ Rainbow
Rainbow Jul 2019
Unreal, is the chemical you make me feel.
Having you in my life allows me to feel.

Although I will never truly be sure that I have you as mine.
I am and never will be good enough,
unreal that you allow me to try.

I am thankful that you allow me to love.
Unreal that you don't put up a fight or tell me I'm too much.

I may put you on a pedestal, please don't let that deter you...
For I'm just trying to prove the love I have is true.

I'm connected to you through an energy that I'm still tying to figure out.
Still not sure how we came about.

The fealing inside of me that I'm trying to reveal is that my opportunity to love you is simply unreal.

                                            ~ Rainbow
Rainbow Jul 2019
The darkness comes
and the sadness engulfs,
I stumble and fall with no direction
my heart is filled with an infection.

Still I crawl and crawl ,
no one knows why,
what is the reason that I still try?
I know it's to do with the retrospection.
My heart is still filled with that infection.

When I start to sink and gasp for breath
you are what I think of before my death.
soon it will become silent...
I open my eyes and see a reflection.
My sadness is a demonic deception!

From where do I draw my strength?
From your light is the answer they get.
You help keep my heart pumping.
You give me love that causes anticipation
Your love is my hearts infection.

                                    ~ Rainbow
Rainbow Jul 2019
Salty oceans and howling winds.
Sparkles and an angels chorus.
Tears that fall slowly in pain.
Tears that leap from joy.
Water droplets of emotion,
from the eyes of the one you love most.
You wield the power to create both.

                                       ~ Rainbow
Rainbow Jul 2019
We had a difference in worn materials.
A difference in astral languages.
Difference in heart spoken feelings.
We had a different way of loving.
Different is good right?

You wanted something different,
and that's okay I guess...
But don't leave empty handed!
Just want you to know that you made a

                                             ~ Rainbow
Rainbow Jul 2019
Welting roses surrounded by dead daisies.
Cold winds upon my chest that cause reflective pain.
Reminiscing about the love we once cherished.
Hoping I can find something I can love again.

I can't find the lost puzzle piece,
your reason for leaving.
Maybe I'm the reason that my heart is bleeding.
Am I looking for something that doesn't exist?
My one true love that can bring me sweet bliss,
But now I wrap up my wounded heart with words of comfort, and leave to plant a new garden.
With a dream that some day it will grow.

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