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  Mar 2018 Pyrhos
Snowflakes drawn the curtain,
The wind mutes everything in sight,
I shiver, knowing what is coming,
Whips of frost begin to strike.

My eyes have become mute,
Everything twists in a whirling haze,
The pain does not echo in my heart,
For it has become a burning blaze.

There is no such thing as a phoenix of ice,
Waiting to splendidly be reborn,
As this frozen flame inside of me,
Simply cannot burn.

All that is left to do,
Is to wait for an end to come trough,
Thoughts of light, hopes of fire,
Let them guide my last desire:
Let me die, as many times as needed,
My next life has already been seeded.
Pyrhos Feb 2018
Come walk through the grains with me
Sand shimmering like stars
Constellations of symmetry
See them join and split apart

Come watch over new stars with me
Sparks dancing in our eyes
Starlight like you could never see
Make our home among the skies

Come paint these skies blue with me
Hide and seek between the clouds
Dive right into a stormy sea
Roam unseen depths darkness enshrouds

Come make mountains move with me
Paint monumental worlds
A playground of pure fantasy
Watch your minds power unfurl

Come and wander this world with me
Adventure awaits the bold
Surmount a cliff or climb a tree
What mysteries do cities hold?

Come fly to the stars with me
Let's make this journey never end
I'll be the boat to your sea
All you will need is a pen
Pyrhos Dec 2017
A kingdom above with a maze below
An infinite land out of time
In forests they might yet still grow
In tunnels they slowly lose their mind

So much they fail yet they still try
Isn't hope such a wonderful thing?
A solemn tale weights on my mind
Let me tell you of this world's king

His rule with powers absolute
His judgement not so resolute
His kingdom teemed with untold dreams
His ethereal muse with devious schemes

Many roads sprawl through his kingdom
The heart of the land beats in time
Thorny is a path to wisdom
Thickets and mountains one must climb

Dark branches looming in the sky
Death comes for all, little king
Hands shaky and head held high
Mind weighed, now starts remembering

Beware of the false muse, my son
Treacherous are songs she sings
Lest you want to come undone
Don't succumb to your heart's swings

Grip them like a sword in hand
Let dignity be your hearts guide
Set your mind, don't let it bend
A kindred soul responds in kind

Mighty armies back at home
How he wishes they were here
On this quest each walks alone
Doubt seeps in and so does fear

Suddenly light's gentle blaze
Hope comes here in short supply
Eerie sight meets the king's gaze
He plunges forth, his soul awry

Fall awaits those gone astray
Tunnels invite all who come
False hope, waste and disarray
Prepare to fight or succumb

Creatures lurking in the depths
The less one looks the more they grow
Only eyes that finds their strengths
Can vanquish fears above and below

Now our kingdom sings a tale
Of the enraptured, trapped boy-king
Those brave enough heard him unveil
True nature of his suffering

    Whispers from beyond the veil
    A strange muse watching over me
    Her mask cracked, a familiar tale
    But everyone seems blind to see

    My heart is true and so is she
    My muse is watching over me
    My mind is broken, but it will heal
    My need is her embrace to feel

Walking in circles, empty space
'Til suffering is all that's real
Always striving for embrace
One that he would never feel
The very first one

— The End —