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  Apr 2016 Purab
loneliness has defined
this old soul.
Bittersweet melody
has tuned my way of

I don't know how much
my heart could stand
the weight and wait
for that simple moment,
that single spark
to feel alive
and stop breathing
the ashen smog of reality.
from ashen gray to ashen fields
comes, ashen smog...

do they care if I'm loved?

perhaps I'm too comfortable on my
own space and too confined to be bothered.

thank you for reading,
Purab Apr 2016
She sits in a dark room,with all her pain inside,holding a half empty bottle of wine.
An observation of mine.
Purab Mar 2016
He never felt so helpless before
like he's feeling today
And when he just needed someone
to share his pain with
there's no one today
And you too left when I needed you the most.
Purab Mar 2016
The life of him,
A saga of broken dreams.
The soul of him,
A shattered reflection .

His soul,lost in a misery.
Forced to a living,
that no one can understand.

He firmly believes in this quote-
"God help those
who help themselves"
Again he tries,
to reach a mile,
With his broken legs.
Never give up. Keep going.
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