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I have never felt
more confused
than I do now.

being prejudged,
pressure from teachers,
expectations from parents,
insecurities from media influence
or by comparing ourselves to others.
stumbling through
day by day,
low self-esteem,
peer pressure,
mood swings,
not feeling good enough,
constant tiredness
and emotions that
we don't even understand
are things that we,
as teenagers,
have to face every day.

Fighting to hold it together
whilst still trying to figure out
who we are.

Self-harm? "attention seeker"
Mental illness? "get a grip"
Suicidal? "cheer up"

They can be so ignorant.

I don't think
that some people realise
how difficult it is
to grow up
in a society
like this.
makes me so much
more content,
more peaceful,
more real
and more myself

it revives me,
it clears my head
and it keeps me grounded
but most of all
it makes me feel less alone

it comforts me
when no one else can.
I don't go a day without listening to some music, and I don't think people appreciate how dull life would be without it
I hope
That this year,
All will become clear
And I will discover
What I am
Meant to be doing here.

No more confusion,
Less doubt,
No rage to let out;
I really don't want
To get upset
Or to shout.

Twelve brilliant months
Would be absolute bliss,
I think we all desire this.
So I hope and
Plan to make
Some memories that I will miss.

With every year
That we depart,
We receive a new, fresh start.
Stay true to yourself,
Have some laughs and
Remember to always follow your heart.
I'm quite optimistic about 2014, I hope this will be a kind year to us all.
Why do some of us possess the habit
Of dwelling on negativity?

The sun still rises,
The birds are singing,
There are opportunities galore,
Perhaps a new beginning?
There are languages to learn,
More friends to make,
New people to date
And chances to take.
The change of the seasons,
Stories to write,
Oceans and cities
And warm summer nights.
There are places to visit,
Plenty of time to travel,
Ideas to develop
And secrets to unravel.

The Earth is still in orbit
And the stars still have their twinkle,
It's not worth getting hung up
Over finding a wrinkle.

Are the little things really that important?
losing your keys,
a few extra calories,
a bad hair day,
missing the bus.
Are they worth focusing on?
Look clearly
And ask yourself:
Do those things really matter
At all?
Do you think it is
the sun that loves the moon?
shining shyly, seductively,
enticing and craving
its constant adoration
and undivided attention?

Or perhaps it is the moon
that so desperately desires the sun?
whilst in orbit, always hoping to catch
a glimpse of its radiant beauty,
enthralled by its passion, its strong
and irresistible magnetic pull?

I wonder if their love is challenged by the stars?
striking, dazzling, beautiful,
infinite onlookers, ever-watchful in the sky,
twinkling dangerously, a flirtatious third party,
competing with the sun
or trying to outshine the moon?

Despite their temptation,
the stars fail to weaken or change
the lovers, the moon and sun,
and eventually fade into insignificance.
random. extended metaphor for human love, with the stars representing interference/difficulties in a relationship
As her pupils involuntarily dilate,
butterflies squirm excitedly in her stomach
and her heart rate soars
whenever he is near.
And when he isn't,
her body desperately craves his touch,
whilst her (somewhat sensual) thoughts
are of nothing else in the world but him.

Is this love? or lust?

When he catches a glimpse of her
an uncontrollable tingling erupts somewhere,
- and I think you know where -
as he shoots darting glances her way.
In her absence, irrepressible fantasies
race through his mind,
the blood pulsing heavily through his veins;
wild and on fire at the thought of being with her.

Is this love? or lust?

Both are compelling and all-consuming
and they sometimes merge together,
but they are different emotions.
They should not be mistaken for each other.

Sometimes I feel that the word love
is said too much
or carelessly thrown around
and this makes me sad.

It should be used carefully
so that it doesn’t lose its meaning
or value.
It should remain powerful.

Hormones and desire fuel
but it is not the same as
the more passionate and
unconditional emotion of
I just think that sometimes, to save people from heartache etc, people should distinguish more clearly between love and lust. Don't say 'I love you' to someone unless you absolutely MEAN it.
Genuine intellect is often falsely understood.

Brainpower cannot be measured by grades or exam performance,
Nor from one's tone of voice or accent,
Or the complexity of their vocabulary.
It is not always proportional to the size of an income,
The exclusivity of a school,
The grasp of understanding of trigonometry or algebra,
Or one's apparent IQ.

Difficulties and struggles do not make you unintelligent,
They make you human.

Clarity of insight,
Being a good judge of character
and showing an understanding beyond thought
indicate subtle brilliance.

Having an aptitude with words,
Knowing how to comfort, to console,
Delicacy and precision
And showing empathy to emotions
Signify the intricate beauty of the mind.

Intelligence is sensitive, and has a certain elegance.
It is knowing, but not saying.
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