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Holly Sep 2014
As her pupils involuntarily dilate,
butterflies squirm excitedly in her stomach
and her heart rate soars
whenever he is near.
And when he isn't,
her body desperately craves his touch,
whilst her (somewhat sensual) thoughts
are of nothing else in the world but him.

Is this love? or lust?

When he catches a glimpse of her
an uncontrollable tingling erupts somewhere,
- and I think you know where -
as he shoots darting glances her way.
In her absence, irrepressible fantasies
race through his mind,
the blood pulsing heavily through his veins;
wild and on fire at the thought of being with her.

Is this love? or lust?

Both are compelling and all-consuming
and they sometimes merge together,
but they are different emotions.
They should not be mistaken for each other.

Sometimes I feel that the word love
is said too much
or carelessly thrown around
and this makes me sad.

It should be used carefully
so that it doesn’t lose its meaning
or value.
It should remain powerful.

Hormones and desire fuel
but it is not the same as
the more passionate and
unconditional emotion of
I just think that sometimes, to save people from heartache etc, people should distinguish more clearly between love and lust. Don't say 'I love you' to someone unless you absolutely MEAN it.
Holly Jun 2014
Do you think it is
the sun that loves the moon?
shining shyly, seductively,
enticing and craving
its constant adoration
and undivided attention?

Or perhaps it is the moon
that so desperately desires the sun?
whilst in orbit, always hoping to catch
a glimpse of its radiant beauty,
enthralled by its passion, its strong
and irresistible magnetic pull?

I wonder if their love is challenged by the stars?
striking, dazzling, beautiful,
infinite onlookers, ever-watchful in the sky,
twinkling dangerously, a flirtatious third party,
competing with the sun
or trying to outshine the moon?

Despite their temptation,
the stars fail to weaken or change
the lovers, the moon and sun,
and eventually fade into insignificance.
random. extended metaphor for human love, with the stars representing interference/difficulties in a relationship

— The End —